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Senator Ned Nwoko Promises Comprehensive Development in Anioma Townhall Meeting

Senator Ned Nwoko recently convened a Town Hall meeting with leaders and residents of Delta North, reaffirming his commitment to effective representation and governance excellence.

Addressing the audience in Asaba, the Senator outlined his three primary responsibilities encompassing legislative initiatives, project execution, and empowerment endeavours.

During the meeting, Senator Nwoko shared insights into his legislative achievements, which he attributed to his resounding electoral mandate. Notably, the Senator emphasized his efforts towards revitalizing the Okpai power plant to ensure adequate electricity supply for Delta North.

He also reiterated his commitment to completing the Ogwashi Uku Dam project to address the water and irrigation needs of the agrarian Anioma region.

The Senator further disclosed his initiation of a skill acquisition program benefiting 260 individuals, each receiving financial assistance of 150 thousand Naira. He pledged to expand such empowerment initiatives in the coming months.

Throughout the Town Hall meeting, various speakers, including esteemed personalities, youth representatives, and women advocates, lauded Senator Ned Nwoko for his unparalleled commitment to the welfare of Anioma and the nation. They acknowledged his remarkable achievements in the senate and pledged unwavering support for his continued endeavors.

Senator Ned Nwoko assured the community of his profound understanding of their challenges and aspirations, and he stressed his role as a senator for all constituents residing in Delta North, regardless of political affiliations.

The event’s highlight was the inauguration of the Senators’ liaison office on DBS Road, Asaba, a notable milestone and initiative.

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