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Delta State: Assah Federated Community Struggle With Dilapidated Road Conditions


The people of Assah Federated Communities in Ewu Axis, Ughelli South L.G.A, Delta State, are facing a dire situation as their road remains in a state of disrepair, posing significant challenges to daily commuters and residents alike.

Despite being in a deplorable condition for decades, the road in Assah Community has not received the attention it desperately needs for improvement. The ongoing wet season exacerbates the situation, making it nearly impossible for travellers, especially elderly individuals and pregnant women, to navigate safely.

It was gathered that in a bid to address the longstanding issue, an open letter was penned to the immediate past Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency Sen. Dr. I.A. Okowa, on September 26, 2022, appealing for urgent intervention in the construction of the Assah Community road. The letter, authored by Henry Ejenavi Egedegbe, an Advocate of Peace and A Crusader for Good Governance, highlights the community’s sense of neglect and frustration over the lack of basic infrastructure and amenities.

Residents lament the absence of government-functioning properties in the area, including electricity, clean water sources, and adequate healthcare facilities. The dire state of primary and secondary school buildings further compounds the challenges faced by children in accessing quality education.

Despite previous protests and promises of action from government officials, including Governor Okowa, no progress has been made in addressing the community’s grievances. The lack of road access not only hinders economic activities, such as transporting agricultural produce to urban areas but also contributes to the overall decline in living standards for residents.

As calls for assistance grow louder, community members urge Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, the State House of Assembly representative, Hon. Festus Eseoghene Utuama, and other stakeholders to prioritize the rehabilitation of the Assah Community road and address the pressing needs of the residents.

The plight of Assah Federated Communities underscores the urgent need for government intervention to improve infrastructure and uplift the quality of life for all citizens, particularly those in underserved rural areas.

Delta State Governor Pursues Partnership with UAE to Boost Economic Growth


In a strategic move aimed at positioning Delta State as a global commercial hub akin to Dubai, Governor Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has embarked on a mission to foster collaboration with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in various sectors, including Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) and tourism.

Governor Oborevwori underscored the significance of partnering with the UAE during a courtesy visit to His Excellency Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi, the Ambassador of the UAE in Abuja. The discussions centered on exploring investment opportunities, enhancing tourism, hospitality, and fostering developmental partnerships between Delta State and the UAE.

In a statement shared via his official X handle, Governor Oborevwori expressed optimism about the potential benefits that the newfound relationship with the UAE could bring to Delta State. He highlighted the importance of involving technical teams from both entities to develop a comprehensive working plan aimed at maximizing mutual benefits.

The governor’s proactive approach reflects his commitment to driving economic growth and attracting foreign investments to Delta State. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the UAE, particularly in sectors such as tourism and hospitality, Delta State aims to enhance its global competitiveness and stimulate economic development.

Governor Oborevwori hinted at forthcoming good news for Nigerians, signalling potential breakthroughs resulting from the collaborative efforts between Delta State and the UAE.

As Delta State continues to forge strategic partnerships on the international stage, the governor’s initiative holds the promise of unlocking new opportunities, fostering economic prosperity, and solidifying Delta State’s position as a key player in the global arena.

Historic Homecoming: Oba of Benin Welcomes Return of Stolen Ancestral Stools

The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, was engulfed in joy, dance, and celebration as two looted royal stools were ceremoniously returned to the palace, marking a significant moment in the restitution of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

The revered monarch took custody of the artefacts, which were looted from the Benin Palace during the punitive expedition in 1897, during a heartfelt presentation at the palace in Benin City. The Director-General of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), Mr. Olugbile Holloway, represented the Nigerian government during the event.

Addressing the Benin Throne, Mr. Holloway pledged the commitment of the NCMM to collaborate closely with the Benin Royal Court in preserving and showcasing Edo heritage. He emphasized the importance of returning these artefacts to their rightful home, acknowledging the significance of Benin’s cultural legacy not only to the region but to Nigeria as a whole.

In a symbolic gesture of gratitude, the Oba of Benin danced joyfully alongside his chiefs and members of the Royal family to traditional Benin rhythms, expressing his overwhelming appreciation for the repatriation efforts. He offered prayers to the Almighty and his ancestors, acknowledging the contributions of the German government, the Federal Government, and the NCMM in facilitating the return of the stolen artefacts.

In a historic moment, Oba Ewuare II personally presented a symbol of peace and blessings to Mr. Holloway, symbolizing the unity and goodwill between the Benin Kingdom and the Nigerian government in the preservation of cultural heritage.

As the drums resonated with the heartbeat of Benin culture, the event served as a poignant reminder of the resilience and enduring spirit of the Benin people, reclaiming their stolen legacy and celebrating their rich cultural heritage for generations to come.

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Oritsefemi Claims Godfather Status Over Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido

Nigerian singer Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele, widely known as Oritsefemi, has stirred controversy with his recent assertion that he serves as the godfather to some of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, including Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido.

In a candid interview with Chude Jideonwo, Oritsefemi boasted of his pivotal role in the early careers of these renowned artists, asserting that he had already achieved financial success in the music industry before they rose to prominence.

“I had already made money from the music industry when some people were sleeping,” Oritsefemi declared, highlighting his seniority and influence in the industry.

He claimed to have played a mentoring role in the careers of Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido, stating, “I encouraged them. I’m like their godfather.”

Oritsefemi went further to reveal instances where he provided support to these artists, including offering accommodation to Burna Boy in his Lekki mansion during their earlier days in the industry.

The singer’s bold statements have sparked reactions across social media platforms, with some questioning the authenticity of his claims and others expressing surprise at his self-proclaimed godfather status.

Oritsefemi rose to fame with his remake of Fela Kuti’s “Double Wahala” song, earning accolades and awards for his rendition. His contributions to the Nigerian music scene have been recognized, with nominations and wins at prestigious events such as the City People Entertainment Awards and the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

As debates continue over Oritsefemi’s assertions, his remarks have added a new dimension to discussions about mentorship and influence within the Nigerian music industry.

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Tension Escalates as Ex-Lawmaker Caught on Video Slapping PDP Youth in Delta

A dramatic altercation unfolded at the residence of Austine Chikezie, former House of Assembly member for Aniocha South State Constituency in Delta State, as captured in a trending video that has sparked outrage across social media platforms.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at Chikezie’s Ejeme residence in Aniocha south local government area, showcased a confrontation between Chikezie and a Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholder identified as Mr. Abaja.

In the viral footage, Chikezie, known for advocating “equity” in the local government area, was seen assaulting the PDP stakeholder amidst tensions surrounding the party’s primary election to select a councilorship candidate for Ejeme Ward 8.

The video depicts Chikezie demanding the departure of the PDP youth from his compound before delivering a slap, an action that incited outrage among onlookers. Despite attempts by others to prevent retaliation, the altercation escalated, with Chikezie appearing prepared for physical confrontation before ultimately stepping back.

The underlying cause of the altercation stemmed from disagreements over the imposition of a candidate on the ward, a move opposed by party stakeholders, including the assaulted PDP member and other irate youths present.

Social media users swiftly condemned Chikezie’s actions, expressing disappointment and questioning his suitability for leadership roles. The video, lasting 3 minutes and 56 seconds, circulated widely, depicting Chikezie clad in a brown short-sleeved shirt and ash pair of jeans trousers during the altercation.

As tensions remain high following the emergence of the video, the incident underscores deeper rifts within the local political landscape and raises questions about the conduct of public officials in the electoral process.

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Health Workers in Hot Water: Doctor, Nurses Arrested Over Missing Placenta, Umbilical Cord

In a shocking turn of events, five health workers, including a doctor and nurses, have been apprehended by the Kwara State Police Command following the alleged mysterious disappearance of the umbilical cord and placenta of a newborn baby in Oke-Ero local government area. The incident reportedly occurred at the cottage hospital in Iloffa last Sunday, sending shockwaves throughout the community.

The suspects, identified as Dr. Ajibola and nurses Rukayat Adeloye, Aishat Awolusi, Peace Alabi, along with ward attendant Toyin Adewunmi, are currently in detention in Ilorin after undergoing interrogation. Sources revealed that elders from the Odo-Owa community intervened to prevent irate youths from setting fire to the hospital premises in response to the alarming situation.

Narrating her ordeal, the distressed mother of the baby, Mrs. C.B Williams, who teaches English language at Orofa High School, Odo-Owa, expressed her shock and disbelief when the medical staff failed to produce the placenta and umbilical cord after delivery. Despite explanations suggesting the placenta might have been disposed of mistakenly, Mrs. Williams remained adamant, demanding accountability from the hospital staff.

Supporting his daughter’s concerns, Mr. Rufus Sanya, Mrs. Williams’ father, voiced suspicions of foul play and urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind the disappearance. He emphasized the gravity of the situation, stressing the need for justice to prevail for the sake of peace and closure.

When contacted, spokesperson for the police command, Ejire-Adeyemi Toun, confirmed the incident, assuring that the authorities have initiated a discreet investigation to unravel the mystery surrounding the missing placenta and umbilical cord.

The unsettling incident has raised serious questions about the integrity of medical practices in the area, prompting calls for transparency, accountability, and justice to be served. As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers and assurances that such negligence or misconduct will not be tolerated in the future.

House of Representatives Calls for Landlord Regulation Amid Housing Crisis


The House of Representatives has taken a significant step towards addressing the housing challenges faced by residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by calling for the regulation of house rents and activities of landlords in Abuja.

This resolution, made on Wednesday, was prompted by a motion presented by Rep. Emmanuel Udo (PDP-Akwa-Ibom) during a session at the House in Abuja. Rep. Udo emphasized the need for an inclusive rental system in Nigeria, aimed at easing the housing burden on working-class families and providing affordable options for low and middle-income earners.

Highlighting the current situation in the FCT, Rep. Udo expressed concern over the arbitrary increase in house rents, which he described as burdensome for residents. He cited staggering figures, revealing that one-bedroom self-contained apartments command rents ranging from N1 to N1.5 million, while larger accommodations fetch even higher rates, ranging from N2 to N5 million. These exorbitant rates, he argued, exacerbate the financial strain faced by civil servants and artisans, particularly amidst economic challenges such as fuel subsidy removal, currency devaluation, and tariff hikes.

To address these issues, Rep. Udo proposed the adoption of a monthly rent system, which would provide tenants with flexibility, better cash flow management, and stable income streams. Additionally, he called upon the federal government to take proactive steps in constructing affordable housing units for civil servants in Abuja, thereby alleviating the pressure of high rental costs.

In response to the motion, the House resolved to task the committee on FCT with investigating the arbitrary increases in house rents within the territory. The committee is mandated to propose effective policies for regulating the activities of landlords and to report back within four weeks for further legislative action.

This move by the House of Representatives signals a commitment to addressing the housing challenges faced by residents of the FCT and underscores the importance of implementing measures to ensure affordable and accessible housing for all.

Burna Boy Gratefully Acknowledges Musical Mentors: 2Baba, D’banj, Timaya, and More

Burna Boy, the acclaimed Afrofusion singer and Grammy winner has publicly expressed gratitude to several music industry big names who have significantly impacted his career trajectory.

During a recent Instagram live session, Burna Boy took a moment to pay tribute to the artists he admires and respects in the music industry. Among those mentioned were iconic figures such as 2Baba, Timaya, D’banj, Larry Gaaga, and Wande Coal.

Burna Boy credited Timaya, whom he referred to as his “number one OG,” for showing him brotherly love and providing invaluable advice. He reminisced about visiting Timaya’s house in 2012 and being inspired by his success and wisdom.

D’banj received praise from Burna Boy for financially supporting the visuals for the song ‘Won Da Mo’ in 2013, a gesture that left a lasting impression on the Afrofusion star. Burna Boy also lauded 2Baba for his musical prowess and for collaborating with him early in his career.

Larry Gaaga was recognized by Burna Boy for standing by him during challenging times, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and support in the music industry. Additionally, Burna Boy mentioned Wande Coal, acknowledging their close relationship and mutual respect.

Reflecting on the term “OG,” Burna Boy emphasized that these artists, alongside 2Face Idibia, hold a special place in his heart due to their musical influence and personal interactions. He stressed that their contributions to his career are deserving of lifelong respect and admiration.

Born Damini Ogulu, Burna Boy rose to prominence with hits like ‘Like to Party’ from his debut album ‘L.I.F.E’ (2013). In 2020, his fifth album ‘Twice As Tall’ earned him a historic Grammy win in the Best World Music Album category, solidifying his status as a global music icon.

Burna Boy’s acknowledgment of his musical mentors underscores the importance of mentorship and camaraderie in the music industry, highlighting the bonds forged between artists who support and uplift each other on their journey to success.

Governor Oborevwori’s Media Aide Called Upon Journalists to Drive M.O.R.E Agenda for Delta State Advancement


Comrade Norbert Chiazor, the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Media, has called upon journalists to play a pivotal role in advocating for Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s M.O.R.E agenda, aimed at enhancing the development of Delta State.

Chiazor made this appeal during his visit to the Indigenous Correspondent Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Asaba.

Acknowledging the crucial role of journalists in grassroots development, Chiazor commended the Indigenous Correspondent Chapel for their unwavering support and dedication to grassroots reporting. He emphasized the indispensable nature of journalists in bringing stories from the grassroots to the forefront, asserting that without their efforts, essential narratives would go untold.

In his address, Chiazor, a former Delta State Chairman of the NUJ, urged journalists to leverage social media platforms to combat the spread of fake news and biased reporting. He stressed the importance of upholding ethical standards and professionalism in journalism, emphasizing the responsibility of journalists to deliver accurate and unbiased information to the public.

Highlighting the significance of journalistic integrity, Chiazor emphasized that journalists are uniquely positioned to tell stories without distortion or bias. He urged journalists to continue supporting Governor Oborevwori’s M.O.R.E agenda and cautioned against accepting tokenism from politicians, which could compromise the integrity of the profession.

Addressing recent financial disbursements by the government, Chiazor clarified the release of 40 billion Naira for retirees’ payments and the approval of 5 billion Naira for civil servants’ promotion arrears. He also commended Governor Oborevwori for prioritizing the completion of projects initiated by previous administrations, affirming the government’s commitment to infrastructure development.

Additionally, Chiazor revealed plans for a journalist training program proposed to the governor’s office, aimed at enhancing journalistic skills and professionalism in the state. He announced the initiation of an award of excellence to recognize and reward hardworking journalists for their contributions to society.

In response, Comrade Nkem Nwaeke, the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, expressed gratitude to journalists for their support and urged them to create opportunities for themselves rather than relying on token gestures from politicians. He encouraged journalists to remain diligent and dedicated in fulfilling their constitutional duty to inform and educate the public.

Responding, Comrade Kenneth Orusi, Chairman of the Indigenous Correspondent Chapel, applauded the efforts of Comrade Norbert Chiazor and Comrade Nkem Nwaeke, expressing appreciation for their support and encouragement.

Delta Assembly in Turmoil: Omonade Suspension Linked to Plagiarism Claim

The Delta State Assembly has suspended Matthew Omonade, the Member representing Ughelli North 1 Constituency, amid allegations of plagiarism. Instead of citing “gross misconduct” as the reason for the suspension, investigations have revealed a different perspective on the situation, suggesting that Omonade may have valid concerns.

According to reports, Omonade claims that a Bill he sponsored was plagiarized and presented as an Executive Bill without his consent, which he views as intellectual theft. He alleges that he submitted a Bill concerning the generation and distribution of electricity in Delta State to the Speaker for inclusion in the legislative agenda, but it was not listed for discussion. Subsequently, the same Bill appeared on the House floor as an Executive Bill, without Omonade’s name.

Omonade’s protest against this perceived infringement led to his suspension, although the House maintains that it was due to gross misconduct. A five-man panel has been constituted to further investigate the matter.

In response to inquiries about the suspension, the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker confirmed the establishment of an ad-hoc committee to investigate the issue but declined to provide further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

The suspension of Matthew Omonade, who also is the chairman of the House Committee on Public Petitions has sparked controversy within the Delta State Assembly, prompting discussions about legislative ethics, accountability, and the treatment of lawmakers’ intellectual property. As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await the outcome of the committee’s findings, hoping for a fair resolution that upholds the integrity of the legislative process.

Recall, that the Delta State House of Assembly, in its sitting on Tuesday, May 15, took a decisive step by issuing a suspension order against Hon. Matthew Omonade, the member representing Ughelli North 1 State Constituency, for alleged gross misconduct.

The suspension order, officially declared by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor followed a motion raised on the floor of the House by the Majority Leader, Hon. Emeka Nwaobi of Aniocha North. The motion, which was supported by the Chief Whip of the House, Hon. Perkins Umukoro of Sapele, was unanimously adopted by the House.

The motion, titled “MOTION OF BREACH OF PRIVILEGE,” cited the violation of Order VI Rule 19(1) of the Standing Orders of the House, as well as the House of Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Law, Cap H6, Laws of Delta State, 2008. It accused Hon. Omonade of willfully and falsely perverting the proceedings of the House on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

In response to the motion, the House resolved to suspend Hon. Omonade from the service of the House for 14 legislative days due to his gross misconduct. Additionally, he was instructed to hand over all government properties in his possession to the management of the House.

Furthermore, an Ad-hoc Committee was constituted to investigate the alleged misconduct. The committee, chaired by the Majority Leader, Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, includes other members such as the Chief Whip, Perkins Umukoro, the Deputy Chief Whip, Fred Martins, Minority Whip, Alapala Ebitonmo, and the member representing Ika North East, Marylyn Okowa-Daramola. Mr. DS Olorogun, the Deputy Clerk, Legislative, serves as the Secretary of the Committee.

The Speaker directed the Sergeant-at-Arms to escort Hon. Omonade out of the Hallowed Chamber in accordance with the provisions of the House of Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Law, Cap H6, Laws of Delta State, 2008 and the Standing Orders of the House

Government Taskforce Takes Stand Against Illegal Land Occupation in Delta State


Chief Frank Omare, Chairman of the Delta State Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands, addressed concerns regarding land encroachment during a recent press briefing held in Asaba.

Omare said that government approval for building does not equate to land ownership, highlighting ongoing efforts to reclaim government lands encroached upon by individuals.

He said the committee’s primary objective is to investigate instances where government lands have been unlawfully occupied and to facilitate their retrieval for the benefit of the Delta State government. Omare revealed that over 150 individuals had occupied government lands earmarked for Dennis Osadebe University.

Before demolition activities, Omare said the committee conducted town hall meetings to educate affected parties. However, allegations of government intimidation and harassment have surfaced, which he also dismissed as baseless blackmail attempts.

Omare accused community leaders and youth of facilitating the illegal sale of government lands to individuals. He stated that despite warnings issued by the Ministry and the taskforce, developers persisted in their unauthorized activities, disregarding official notices.

Moreover, Omare revealed that none of the developers possessed valid Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) for the lands in question. He emphasized that the Encroachers had occupied almost half of the 502 acres of land belonging to the university, underscoring the magnitude of the encroachment issue.

Addressing concerns about investor relations, Omare clarified that the taskforce’s mandate does not entail driving away investors or engaging in witch-hunts. However, he highlighted instances where Ministry officials allegedly approved land allocations to developers without proper authorization.

Omare cites a gazette endorsed by former military administrator Group Captain Ibrahim Kefas over two decades ago, the C of O, and other documents relating to the University land.

He reiterated the task force’s commitment to reclaiming unlawfully occupied government lands, emphasizing the importance of upholding legal procedures and regulations in land transactions within Delta State.

Pathologist Unable to Determine Cause of Mohbad’s Death, Autopsy Reveals

The autopsy report of late music sensation Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, has left many questions unanswered as the pathologist could not ascertain the cause of his death.

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Wahab Shittu, addressing journalists after the Coroner’s inquest on Wednesday, disclosed that the toxicology test conducted on Mohbad’s body revealed that the cause of death could not be determined due to decomposition.

Shittu explained, “According to him, the cause of death cannot be determined. He gave a lot of reasons. He said by the time they conducted the test, the body had decomposed and that they couldn’t determine the cause of death.”

The pathologist suggested that the death might be attributed to a reaction to certain drugs administered before his demise. However, he could not definitively link the drugs to Mohbad’s passing.

Director of Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre, Richard Somiari, during the coroner’s inquest, stated, “We expected to get the first set of autopsy results in three to four weeks and re-confirm to authenticate the cause of the death.”

Somiari further assured the public of stringent security measures and monitoring of samples to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the autopsy results.

Mohbad’s untimely demise at the age of 27 on September 12, 2023, has stirred controversies on social media, with speculations surrounding the circumstances of his death.

I Am Not An Enemy To Delta State Government – Obi Elunor Laments

Obi Mohammed Nduka Elunor, who lives in the Anwai Community has lamented that he did not have a hand in the land transactions at the ongoing demolition of illegal structures at ‘Musa Camp.’

The Obi while addressing journalists in his Palace at Anwai, said he did not have hands in the illegal activities surrounding land encroachment which brought about the ongoing demolition of Illegal structures at the Dennis Osadebe University, Anwai Asaba.

He said those peddling allegations and lies making the rounds, that he is behind the encroachment of the school land is a deliberate act of deception, by mischief makers who are looking to make him look bad to the Government of Delta State.

According to him, he is not against the order given by the Governor for those going against the law, the lands on which people encroached to build Illegal structures belong to Dennis Osadebay University, Asaba. Adding that the land was one of the prerequisites for the accreditation of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University.

According to him, he is the leader of the Muslim faith in the state, the 1st Vice National president of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria; a Community/Traditional leader, a PDP stakeholder and leader and a very senior legal practitioner, he can never be found on the opposite side of the Government in Delta State.

He said, “Let them investigate the facts before calling my name, if there is any way or document that they found my name wanting that I encroached the school land let it be displayed but if not, I will urge that my name be cleared”

“One I am a Senior Lawyer and a religious leader, not just within the state but nationally. Two, I have my family and I have my children and I also lead a community of more than a thousand individuals and all of a sudden some mischief makers want to drag my name. “This is very unacceptable”

“There was a misunderstanding with the Vice Chancellor of Dennise Osadeby University, due to the investment I have in the school land, we have gone to the Police and DSS, and he has written to the Governor, a lot of petitions against me and wherever we go, they will tell him I am innocent.”

“I am a PDP man, I have a special love for the immediate past governor, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and in extension, this present Governor is my alma mater because we attended the same University.” Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria, which makes me proud to see one of our excelling.

“I see the Governor as part of me, if I look at him I see myself, that is why am in support of everything he is doing to restructure the state and there is no way I can do anything or go against anything detrimental to this present administration. I don’t have any reason, he said

“I was co-opted into an earlier committee set up by the Governor to recover these lands, after an initial investigation that cleared me of all these lies.”

“Encroachment on the University land is not in the best interest of Asaba because I am an Asaba title holder and this is my immediate community. It is my prayer for the school to expand and bring progress to the community, and even become a federal institution, he stressed.

In the same vein, the Chairman State Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands, Chief Frank Omare, said, the government is not doing anything to hurt anybody because approval to build does not confer ownership of land on anyone.

“Yes, times are very hard but there are laws and what we are doing is enforcing the law to recover this land from the grabbers.”

Omare said the demolition action was a state government directive and not meant to witch-hunt anybody.

“When we turn in our report, you will see that Governor Sheriff Oborevwori is doing everything possible to accommodate Deltans but through the proper way.

“This is a government land for the University. Once government takes a decision it may be slow but surely it will come to pass.”

Ogomegbunem Michael Mojume Withdraws Candidacy for Aniocha North LGA Chairman


In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Ogomegbunem Michael Mojume has announced his decision to withdraw his candidacy for the position of Aniocha North Local Government Area (LGA) Chairman.

Mr Mojume said the decision comes after extensive consultations and deliberations with the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the region.

Expressing his loyalty to the party, Mr. Mojume stated that he is stepping out of the race entirely, opting instead to support the party’s chosen candidate. He extended his gratitude to the leadership of the PDP in Aniocha North LGA, acknowledging their guidance and support throughout his political journey.

In particular, he highlighted the mentorship and leadership qualities of Prince Uzoma Idaboh, his leader in Ward 5, as invaluable to his development as a political aspirant. Mr. Mojume pledged to devote his political machinery to ensuring the success of the PDP candidate in the upcoming LGA elections.

As he bids farewell to his aspirations for the LGA chairmanship, Mr Mojume expressed optimism for the future, hoping that it brings prosperity and success to all involved.

Mr. Ogomegbunem Michael Mojume received Hon. Emma bazim Chinye during a thank-you visit

Delta State House of Assembly Suspends Hon. Matthew Omonade for Gross Misconduct


The Delta State House of Assembly, in its sitting on Tuesday, May 15, took a decisive step by issuing a suspension order against Hon. Matthew Omonade, the member representing Ughelli North 1 State Constituency, for alleged gross misconduct.

The suspension order, officially declared by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor followed a motion raised on the floor of the House by the Majority Leader, Hon. Emeka Nwaobi of Aniocha North. The motion, which was supported by the Chief Whip of the House, Hon. Perkins Umukoro of Sapele, was unanimously adopted by the House.

The motion, titled “MOTION OF BREACH OF PRIVILEGE,” cited the violation of Order VI Rule 19(1) of the Standing Orders of the House, as well as the House of Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Law, Cap H6, Laws of Delta State, 2008. It accused Hon. Omonade of willfully and falsely perverting the proceedings of the House on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

In response to the motion, the House resolved to suspend Hon. Omonade from the service of the House for 14 legislative days due to his gross misconduct. Additionally, he was instructed to hand over all government properties in his possession to the management of the House.

Furthermore, an Ad-hoc Committee was constituted to investigate the alleged misconduct. The committee, chaired by the Majority Leader, Hon. Emeka Nwaobi, includes other members such as the Chief Whip, Perkins Umukoro, the Deputy Chief Whip, Fred Martins, Minority Whip, Alapala Ebitonmo, and the member representing Ika North East, Marylyn Okowa-Daramola. Mr. DS Olorogun, the Deputy Clerk, Legislative, serves as the Secretary of the Committee.

The Speaker directed the Sergeant-at-Arms to escort Hon. Omonade out of the Hallowed Chamber in accordance with the provisions of the House of Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Law, Cap H6, Laws of Delta State, 2008 and the Standing Orders of the House.

This move underscores the commitment of the Delta State House of Assembly to upholding discipline, integrity, and accountability among its members, ensuring the effective functioning of legislative processes for the benefit of the people of Delta State.

Integrity Group of Delta State, MORE Agenda, and You Matter Charity Foundation Ambassadors Launch “The Chronicles of Governor Sheriff” Bulletin


In a cooperative effort to foster integrity and advocate for effective governance in Delta State, the Integrity Group of Delta State, alongside the MORE Agenda and You Matter Charity Foundation Ambassadors, is preparing to unveil a groundbreaking bulletin titled “The Chronicles of Governor Sheriff.”

The Integrity Group comprised of Deltans both within the state and across the diaspora, is deeply committed to advancing the growth and progress of Delta State through the promotion of quality leadership and good governance practices. Their overarching goal is to elevate Delta State to the esteemed status of the Texas of Nigeria, advocating for the triumph of only the most credible candidates in electoral contests.

In a joint statement issued by the Chairman/Convener of the group, Dr Oke Idawene, and Hon. Barth Ozah, the Director of Media and Communication, the group reaffirmed its steadfast determination to combat subpar leadership across all levels of governance in Delta State.

Parallel to these efforts, the MORE Agenda and You Matter Charity Foundation Ambassadors have aligned themselves with a similar vision, emphasizing the pivotal role of endorsing sound leadership to ensure democratic dividends for the people of Delta State. They have pledged their unwavering support to His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, and Sir Monday Onyeme in their quest to propel the state to unprecedented heights of prosperity and development.

The forthcoming bulletin, “The Chronicles of Governor Sheriff,” scheduled to be launched on Wednesday 22nd, May 2024, at the Unity Hall Government Hall Asaba, is anticipated to function as a conduit for transparency, accountability, and progress under the astute leadership of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori. It will offer comprehensive coverage of the administration’s accomplishments, hurdles, and aspirations, furnishing citizens with invaluable insights into the governance dynamics at play.

With an unwavering commitment to championing quality leadership and democratic principles, the collaboration between the Integrity Group of Delta State and the MORE Agenda & You Matter Charity Foundation Ambassadors is poised to wield significant influence over the political landscape of Delta State. Their collective efforts ensure that the voices of the populace are not only heard but also duly represented, thereby facilitating the realization of the citizens’ aspirations and interests.

NECO Releases Timetable for 2024 SSCE Examinations


The National Examination Council (NECO) has unveiled its timetable for the 2024 internal Senior Secondary Schools Examination (SSCE) nationwide.

This disclosure was made in a statement issued on Monday by Hajara Ali, the acting director of registration at NECO.

According to the timetable, the SSCE examinations are scheduled to take place from June 19 to July 25, with practical papers kicking off the assessment process.

In a bid to maintain the integrity of the examination, NECO emphasized the prohibition of electronic communication gadgets within examination centers. This includes devices such as iPads, smart wristwatches, and glasses. The statement underscored the importance of adhering strictly to the time stipulated on the question paper, warning that any deviation would not be tolerated.

The statement also emphasized that candidates failing to participate in the practical papers (paper 1) would consequently not receive results for the subject.

Last week, NECO announced the digitalization of the recruitment process for examination supervisors and assistant supervisors. This initiative, applicable to both the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the SSCE internal and external, marks a shift from manual recruitment to an online system.

The move towards digitalization aligns with NECO’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and transparency in its operations, ensuring a seamless and standardized examination process across the board.

See the Timetable for the examination.

Former Lawmaker Advocates Transfer of Local Government Elections to INEC


In a recent interview in Abuja, former member of the House of Representatives, Sam Onuigbo, made a compelling case for the transfer of the conduct of local government elections from State Electoral Commissions to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Onuigbo, who represented the Ikwuano/Umuahia North and South federal constituency at the Ninth National Assembly, emphasized the need for this change during the ongoing Review of the 1999 Constitution by the National Assembly.

Mr. Onuigbo’s proposal garnered support from various quarters, including prominent politicians and rights activists like former governors Adams Oshiomhole, Nasir el-Rufai, and Shehu Sani, who have been vocal about the necessity of making local governments truly independent.

The current system, according to Onuigbo, is marred by the manipulation of local government elections by governors, leading to an imbalance in the electoral process. He argued that entrusting INEC with the responsibility would introduce a competitive spirit and reduce such manipulation.

Moreover, Onuigbo stressed the importance of ensuring true autonomy for local governments, including control over their financial resources. He criticized the practice of governors overseeing a state-local government joint account, which, he claimed, hampers the judicious use of local government funds.

Advocating for increased resources for local governments, Onuigbo highlighted the potential benefits in terms of infrastructure development and the delivery of democracy dividends. He also emphasized the crucial role of local governments in addressing climate change, suggesting that greater resources would enable them to play a more active role in climate change policies and actions.

To encourage local government participation in climate change mitigation efforts, Onuigbo cited the inclusion of the Chairman of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) as a member of the National Council on Climate Change. He underscored the importance of inclusive decision-making in combating climate change and ensuring that all stakeholders are involved.

Onuigbo’s call for the transfer of local government elections to INEC and the empowerment of local governments reflects a broader push for institutional reforms aimed at strengthening democracy, enhancing transparency, and addressing pressing issues such as climate change at the grassroots level.

Chief of Staff Exposes Bribery Attempt to Impeach Rivers State Governor


The Chief of Staff to Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers State, Edison Ehie, has made a startling revelation, alleging that he was offered money to orchestrate the impeachment of the governor.

Speaking in the Ahoada East area of Rivers State over the weekend, Ehie disclosed that he turned down the bribe despite pressure from unnamed individuals. He stated that he refused to accept the money, which led to him being declared wanted by authorities.

The revelation comes amidst a turbulent political climate in Rivers State, with reports of attempted impeachments and unrest within the State House of Assembly. In 2023, Ehie was declared wanted by the police in connection with the invasion of the State House of Assembly, which was followed by an explosion that rocked the assembly building in October of the same year.

The Martin Amaewhule-led lawmakers had reportedly filed criminal complaints against Ehie with the Rivers State Police Command concerning the invasion and arson of the assembly chambers by unidentified perpetrators. However, Ehie’s recent disclosure sheds new light on the events surrounding the political turmoil in the state.

While Ehie did not reveal the identities of those who offered him the bribe, his refusal to accept it underscores the challenges faced by political figures in maintaining integrity amidst pressures to compromise principles. The allegation raises questions about the extent of corruption and political maneuvering within Rivers State’s government and the lengths individuals may go to in pursuit of power.

Organized Labour Occupies BEDC Headquarters Over Tariff Hike


The headquarters of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC, Plc, has become the focal point of a labor dispute as organized labour stages a sit-in protest against soaring electricity tariffs.

Led by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), members of organized labor took control of the distribution company’s head office on May 13th. Their demand: a rollback of electricity tariffs to previous rates.

Speaking to reporters outside the office’s entrance, Comrade Odion Olaye, the Edo State NLC chairman, outlined their stance. Labour members mobilized as early as 6:00 am to enforce the shutdown, acting on directives from the national labour body.

Olaye stressed that the NLC’s primary demand is for the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and the DisCos to revert tariffs to 65 per kilowatt-hour. He affirmed that the occupation will continue until this demand is met.

Furthermore, Olaye disclosed a directive from the national body to shut down the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), underscoring labour’s firm stance on the issue.

Also in a corrolating stance, the BEDC office in Asaba was similarly shutdown by NLC and TUC Delta State Councils, led by the Delta State Chairman of TUC, Comrade Bolum Martin Nwachukwu JP.

The occupation of the BEDC headquarters underscores the mounting tension between labor and regulatory authorities over the affordability of electricity, signaling a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate surrounding energy pricing and consumer rights.

Benin Palace Chiefs Rally in Support of Oba Ewuare II Amid Legal Dispute

In a remarkable display of unity and solidarity, palace chiefs representing various groups, alongside members of the Benin royal family, priests, priestesses, and well-wishers of the revered Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare II, gathered at the premises of the Edo State High Court on Sapele Road. Their presence symbolized unwavering support for the Oba and the palace amidst ongoing legal proceedings initiated against the monarch.

The legal action was initiated by two suspended Enigies (Dukes), leading to heightened tensions within the Benin Traditional Council. Allegations of misrepresentations of the Palace of the Oba of Benin prompted the Council to take decisive action, resulting in the banishment of several traditional functionaries.

The show of solidarity at the courthouse underscored the deep-rooted respect and allegiance that the people of Benin hold for their traditional ruler. Palace chiefs, royal family members, and religious leaders stood shoulder to shoulder, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to upholding the dignity and authority of the Oba and the centuries-old traditions of the Benin Kingdom.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the unity displayed by the palace chiefs and supporters serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of the Benin community in times of adversity. Their collective presence sends a powerful message of solidarity and determination to preserve the cultural heritage and integrity of the Benin Kingdom under the wise leadership of Oba Ewuare II.

After Tragic Loss, Nigeria Army Withdraw From Okuama Community In Delta

The Nigeria Army has completed its withdrawal from the Okuama Community in Ughelli South Local Government Area of the state following the tragic loss of seventeen of its operatives on March 14th.

Governor Oborevwori made this announcement during a press conference at the Government House in Asaba, the Delta State Capital. He revealed that the decision to withdraw was reached after extensive discussions and cooperation between the Delta State Government and the Military Leadership.

With the military’s departure, the Governor assured the people of Okuama that they can now safely return to their homes and begin the process of rebuilding and reintegrating into their community.

Governor Oborevwori expressed gratitude to President Bola Tinubu, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), and the Nigerian Army leadership for their understanding and support. He also commended the National Assembly members, distinguished Nigerians, traditional rulers, and other leaders who stood with the state during this challenging time.

Acknowledging the Nigerian Army’s compassion towards the displaced persons, Governor Oborevwori affirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to enhancing peace and security in the state as outlined in the MORE Agenda.

Furthermore, following an assessment of the community on April 20th, 2024, the state government initiated the establishment of an Internally Displaced Persons camp at Ewu to facilitate their rehabilitation and transition.

The tragic incident on March 14th, which claimed the lives of four military officers and thirteen soldiers, led to the military’s occupation of Okuama Community for seven weeks.

Legal Battle Ensues: Student Takes EFCC to Court Over Detention

Nineteen-year-old Oluwateniola Omidiji, a third-year Nursing Science student at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, has taken legal action against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for her alleged wrongful detention.

According to reports, she was apprehended on April 26, 2024, by operatives of the EFCC’s Lagos zonal command from her school premises. The detention stemmed from a business deal her late mother, Mrs. Omoniyi Omidiji, conducted in 2020.

The incident led to Oluwateniola missing her school exams as she spent several days in custody due to the EFCC’s inability to locate her mother. In her lawsuit filed at the Federal High Court, Lagos, with the suit number FHC/L/CS/759/224, Oluwateniola claimed that she was held by EFCC operatives over a debt allegedly owed by her mother to Mr. Charles Nwoko from a business transaction.

Nwoko asserted that he invested ₦100,000,000 into Mrs. Omidiji’s business in 2020, in which Oluwateniola is a partner, before Mrs. Omidiji traveled abroad. EFCC’s investigation at the Corporate Affairs Commission revealed that Mrs. Omidiji used a company named Elisto Global Services Limited to receive funds from Nwoko.

Despite being a minor at the time of the business partnership, Oluwateniola has been implicated by EFCC due to her role as a director in Elisto, as claimed by her mother. Her lawyer, Chijioke Emeka, SAN, is advocating for the enforcement of her fundamental human rights, seeking ₦10,000,000 in damages for the breach of her rights to dignity, liberty, fair hearing, and freedom of movement.

Comrade Williams Ugbo Declares Bid for Aniocha North Chairmanship


Comrade Williams Ugbo, a member of the People’s Democratic Party Ward 5 in Aniocha North Local Government Area, has announced his candidacy for the chairmanship position in a bid to address longstanding issues of marginalization and insecurity.

Ugbo made his declaration at the PDP Ward 5 office in Ogbe Akpu, Issele Azagba on Tuesday, where he highlighted the lack of representation for Issele Azagba despite its active involvement in local government affairs.

Citing his management expertise, he pledged to tackle pressing issues such as insecurity, agriculture, healthcare, education, and human resources if elected.

In an interview with journalists, Ugbo emphasized the need for unity within the party leadership to overcome challenges and ensure effective governance. He positioned himself as a candidate with a fresh perspective and a track record of community engagement, underscoring his commitment to inclusivity and open-mindedness.

Ugbo’s candidacy signals a potential shift in leadership dynamics within Aniocha North, as residents look towards candidates who prioritize grassroots development and equitable representation.

With the DSIEC elections on the horizon, Ugbo’s campaign is likely to gain significant traction as he appeals to voters looking for a candidate with a strong vision for the future of the region.

Omu of Obomkpa Conferred As Doctor of African Traditional Culture From USA

HRH Queensly Ifechukwude Uzoka, the Omu of Obomkpa has bagged a Professional Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Management from the Holyghost Theological College International USA and Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Monroe, USA.

The investiture ceremony took place on 20th April 2024 and attracted guests from far and near as political personalities graced the ceremony amidst pomp and pageantry.

Investing the honour, most supreme Ecumenical International Primate Prof, Chuks R. Echenim said, HRH Queensly Ifechukwude is honoured in recognition of her activities that do greatly underscores the significance of the Holyghost Theological College International USA and Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Monroe, Louisiana USA.

Prof. added that her outstanding commitment to non-discrimination and equality throughout her career as the Omu of Obomkpa including most recently, her staunch efforts securing organisations to push for various religions to evolve a peace and cooperation treaty.

HRH Queensly Ifechukwude, became a special representative two years ago when Graceland University Conferred her with the degree of “Doctor of Divinity” two years ago.

Omu of Obomkpa was recognised for her outstanding academic and professional accomplishments.

This honour according to a statement yesterday was a testament to her hard work and dedication to nation building and her focus on religions and cultural activities.

It said felicitations from across the globe have poured in for HRH Queensly Ifechukwude for these remarkable achievements.

HRH Queensly is a distinguished academic and trailblazer in the field of cultural and religions affairs, administration, management, political and philanthropic endeavours.

Investing the honour, most supreme eminence, Ecumenical International Primate Prof, Chuks R. Echenim said Omu of Obumkpa was honoured in recognition of her activities that do greatly underscores the significance of the school.

Prof Echenim maintained that, she has worked courageously with various Organizations to preach peaceful coexistence, peace practicing and peace living between faiths and the ways and means to combat injustice to men and women

Also at the ceremony, Dr. Sir Tivlumun appreciated HRH Queensly Ifechukwude for interest in pursuing the priorities and agenda of the committee on Africa Indigenous Religions.

Responding, HRM Queensly Ifechukwude said “ I want to give thanks to God, It’s not just a great achievement, this for me, is a call to focus on the dreams and visions of the United Nations Inter-faith and Harmony, and in earnest, plan and establish an award for Inter-faith Unity for Peace Revival and to be a good Ambassador .

She however commend the management of Holyghost Theological College International USA and Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Monroe, USA for honouring and recognizing her respectively.

Man Accused of Setting Landlord’s Residence on Fire


A 35-year-old man, Dickson Peter, faced charges of arson and felony at the Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court in Ibadan after allegedly setting his landlord’s house on fire.

During the court session presided over by Magistrate Mr. M. Mudashiru, Peter, unable to enter a plea due to the court’s jurisdiction, was remanded in the Abolongo Correctional Facility, Oyo Town. The remand awaits legal counsel from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The Prosecution Counsel, Insp. Femi Oluwadare, stated that on April 18, around 12:30 am, Peter allegedly unlawfully ignited a fire in his landlord, Cepas Okeme’s residence, causing damages estimated at N6.5 million. Additionally, the blaze extended to the adjacent property owned by Bose Ali, resulting in property losses valued at N3.5 million.

Oluwadare emphasized that Peter’s actions violated Section 443 of the Criminal Code Laws of Oyo State 2000.

The case is adjourned until July 23, 2024, for further legal proceedings.

Oza of Onicha-Uku Promotes Education: Scholarships Offered at Awareness Event


In collaboration with the Advocate For Good Governance in Nigeria, Chief Peter Onye Ejiniwe, the esteemed Oza of the Onicha-Uku kingdom, spearheaded a remarkable public awareness event aimed at secondary schools throughout Aniocha North.

The event, held at the Comprehensive Secondary School in Onicha-Uku, Delta State, had the theme “Education Cannot Wait,” emphasizing the crucial role of education in personal, communal, and national advancement.

Chief Peter Onye Ejiniwe highlighted the significance of education as a cornerstone for a brighter future, urging students to remain dedicated and virtuous while pursuing their studies. He emphasized the need for parental guidance and encouraged parents to nurture their children towards becoming exemplary individuals.

As a show of generosity, the Oza of Onicha-Uku pledged scholarships for the top two students from SS3 to the university level, along with a competition offering scholarships to outstanding students from participating schools. His motivation stemmed from a desire to fill the void he experienced growing up, where such motivational interventions were scarce.

Mr. Monday Ojoma, Director of Programme at the Advocate For Good Governance In Nigeria, echoed the call to ignite students’ passion for education, urging them to prioritize learning.

The principal, Mr. Onainor Fidelis, expressed his appreciation for the initiative for positively influencing students’ perspectives on education, noting its impact in reshaping their attitudes towards learning. He also highlighted the school’s security challenges, appealing for support from the government and stakeholders to address these issues.

Miss Egwuyenga Victory, speaking on behalf of the students, expressed gratitude for the enlightening experience, affirming that education is indeed the pathway to success.

The event concluded with the distribution of writing materials to students, with notable figures from various sectors in attendance, including representatives from the Health Authority, Parent-Teacher Association, and esteemed community leaders.

Lady in Custody for Dumping Child in Well: CP Olufemi’s Update on Delta State Police Efforts

On the 2nd of May 2024, the Commissioner of Police, Delta State, CP Abaniwonda S. Olufemi PSC, held a press briefing at the Delta State Command headquarters, where he highlighted some of the Command’s achievements over the period under review.

During the briefing, CP Olufemi provided an update on the successes recorded by the Command, including those in Ughelli, which was attributed to the strategic deployment carried out in the area.

CP Olufemi said some of the achievements recorded in Ughelli was due to the strategic deployment done in that area. According to him the squad, currently stationed in Ughelli through a high density operation, has so far successfully arrested six suspected kidnappers, recovered one Pump action gun, three berretta pistols, one revolver pistol, one locally made cut-to-size gun, and they have also rescued three kidnapped victim so far.

The CP said “On 26/4/2024, at about 0900hours, the Command got intelligence report that some suspected kidnappers were hibernating at Okuno, Orogun Ughelli North LGA, where they were hiding alongside some of their kidnapped victims, I directed the DPO Abraka Division to lead Police operatives to their hideout. The DPO swiftly mobilized police operatives alongside members of the Abraka vigilantes, and hunters group, stormed the bush and engaged the suspected kidnappers in a fierce gun duel during which one of the suspect sustained serious gunshot injuries while others escaped. One AK-47 rifle, and eleven (11) rounds of 7.62mm ammunition were recovered. The two kidnapped victims (name withheld) were rescued unhurt and have been reunited with their families, while the injured suspect was taken to the hospital where he gave up the ghost while receiving treatment. Manhunt for the other fleeing suspects is ongoing.”

“On 28th of April 2024, a case of infanticide was reported at Oleh Division, that a suspect named Sofia Nkwor ‘f’ aged 24yrs from Isoko south LGA, dump her child of one year and one month old in a well along the road in Araya community Isoko south LGA. Children who went to play around the tree discovered the abandoned child floating on the well. The mother Sofia Nkwor ‘f’ aged 24yrs was immediately arrested and she stated that she dump the child on 26th April 2024. Suspect is in custody and investigation is ongoing.”

“On 11/04/24 at about 1632hrs following information received from an informant that his unregistered Toyota Corolla Saloon Car was stolen from where it was parked beside F&T Plaza Oruwhorun and that the said Toyota Corolla car was sighted along Eku/Warri Road by Oha Junction in Okpe LGA. On my directive, the DPO Orerokpe swiftly mobilized patrol teams alongside members of Oha local vigilantes and one Dickson Omage “m” age 47yrs of Post Office Road Effurun Warri was arrested and the car recovered with a master key. Further investigation and interrogation of the suspect led to the arrest of two other suspects one Samson Ekwunwa ‘m’ age 40yrs and one Kanebi Michael ‘m’ age 39yrs in Benin city on 19/04/24. The two suspects specializes in removing old chassis/engine numbers and replacing them with new ones before putting the vehicles for sale and equally demobilizing vehicles with car trackers. A total of twelve (12) suspected stolen vehicles have been recovered from Benin City and Warri respectively. Investigation is ongoing.”

“On 25th April 2024 at about 1100hours, the Command received an intelligence report about a suspect who produces fake alcoholic drinks in Bomadi. I directed the DPO Bomadi Division to work on the intel and ensure that the suspect is tracked down, arrested and brought to book. In compliance with my directive, the DPO Bomadi division led operatives to the hideout where one Chiemenam Adigwe ‘m’ aged 45yrs a native of Akpo community in Aguata LGA, Anambra State was arrested with over hundred bottles of Gordons, Chelsea, Eagle Schnapps and McDowell’s recovered. Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect mixes ethanol with water and adds flavor to it, then package these fake drinks in empty bottles of Gordons, Chelsea, and McDowell’s which he usually buys from Onitsha. Suspect also stated that when he supplies to his customers, he tell them he usually order the drinks from Onitsha. Suspect is in custody and investigation is ongoing.”

“Sequel to a case of kidnapping reported at the ‘A’ Division, Ughelli by the husband of a kidnapped victim (name withheld), who was abducted along Isoko Road Ughelli by unknown hoodlums demanding for Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#2,500,000) as ransom for the victim’s release, I detailed the special team in Ughelli to go all out for the suspected kidnappers and rescue the kidnap victim.”

“On 22/4/2024 at about 1430 hrs, the team alongside members of the vigilantes stormed Eruemukohwarian Community in Ughellli North LGA of Delta State suspected to be the hoodlums hideout. On sighting the teams, the hoodlums took to their heels, abandoning the victim who was rescued unhurt. However, after a painstaking investigation, two (2) suspects; Edafe Akporere ‘m’ 27 yrs of Eruemukohwarian Community in Ughelli North LGA of Delta State and Igho Midiraya ‘m’ 34 yrs of Uvwianughe-Agharo in Ughellli North LGA of Delta State who were later identified as the gang leader, and tricycle rider of the syndicate respectively were arrested. The suspects has been identified by the victim. Effort is been intensified to arrest other fleeing members of the gang.”

“On 24/04/2024 at about 1100hrs, the command’s crack surveillance team while on observation patrol within the Ogwashi-Uku area, flagged down a suspicious motorcycle with three (3) male occupants. On sighting the team, they took to their heels but after a hot chase by the team, one of the suspects was arrested with a bag. Upon search of the bag, one Locally Made Pistol was recovered. During the course of investigation, a search warrant was executed in the premises of the suspect during which two (2) additional locally made Pistols and four (4) live cartridges were recovered. Investigation is ongoing”

“On 26/1/2024, at about 2030hrs, the DPO Orerokpe division received a distress call from a tricycle rider that three young men who chartered him for a drop to Ugolo community in Okpe LGA stabbed him on his head and his back before snatching his tricycle. On receipt of this complaint, the DPO led policemen to the scene and combed the area in search of the hoodlums. Acting on a technically generated intelligence, on 18th April 2024, the tricycle was recovered in Katsina State and the suspect; one Suleiman Umar ‘m’ aged 28yrs was arrested. Further investigation and interrogation of the suspect led to the arrest of two of his gang members namely; Mohammed Sani ‘m’ and Surajo Yakubu ‘m’ all of Hausa quarters Warri. Investigation is ongoing.”

“On 24/04/2024, at about 1445hrs, operatives of Eagle Net Special Unit while on routine patrol along Ovirigor Road Ughelli, flagged down a motorcycle. Upon search, a sizeable quantity of weeds suspected to be Indian hemp was recovered. This necessitated the arrest of the 38yrs old motorcycle rider, Orji Timothy of No. 21 Olotu Street Ughelli. The operatives further extended their search to the suspect’s residence, where a Locally Made Double Barrel Pistol with Two Live Cartridges, Twenty Sachets of 100mg Tramadol, One Sachet of Swinol, and Two Cutlasses were recovered.”

“On 22/4/2024 at about 0300 hrs, the DPO Ovwian Aladja division received a distress call that a suspected armed robber in Udu attacked and stole a motorcycle from the owner in Udu LGA. The DPO swiftly mobilized and led a team of Police operatives to the scene, cordoned off the area and one Anthony Odumegwu, a 44yrs ‘m’ was arrested and the motorcycle recovered. Suspect is in custody and investigation is ongoing.”

“In conclusion, I am assuring Nigerians in general and Deltans in particular that the policing strategies adopted in Ughelli will be replicated in other areas where we might be having similar challenges. My promise to the good people of Delta State remain the same which is to ensure that Deltans sleep with their two eyes closed.
For any distress situation that bothers on security, kindly report at the nearest police station, or the command headquarters through the Control room numbers on 08036684974, 08125958005, and 09053872287, thank you and God bless.”

Oborevwori Pledges to Address Worker Concerns at 2024 Workers’ Day


The Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, has announced his intention to establish a committee to examine the demands of workers for salary increases, given the current economic hardship in the country.

Speaking at the 2024 Workers’ Day celebration at the Cenotaph in Asaba, the Governor praised the state’s workers for their support of his administration and the prevailing industrial harmony throughout the region.

He also affirmed his administration’s commitment to the welfare of the state’s workers, promising to investigate the issue of workers who were inadvertently omitted from the payment of promotion arrears. He noted that these were legitimate demands and that his government would deliberate on how best to address them within the limits of available resources.

Governor Oborevwori acknowledged that some persons were inadvertently omitted from the payment of promotion arrears and assured the workers that he would look into the matter. He highlighted his administration’s determination to deliver meaningful projects through aggressive infrastructural development, as evidenced by numerous bridges, flyovers, and road construction and reconstruction projects, as well as building and renovating schools and healthcare facilities.

The State Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Goodluck Ofobruku, on behalf of his Trade Union Congress counterpart, Comrade Martin Bolum, delivered a joint address in which he praised Governor Oborevwori for attending the Workers’ Day celebration in person and for his commitment to the welfare of workers and pensioners in the state. The labour leader also expressed appreciation for the payment of promotion arrears owed to workers to the tune of N5.6 billion but appealed to the Governor to consider those who were inadvertently omitted from the payment, whose entitlements, they said, amounted to N800 million.

The 2024 May Day celebration, held under the theme “PEOPLE FIRST,” was a festive occasion featuring a march-past by various affiliate unions in the state. The Governor solicited the continued support and cooperation of the workers to achieve the economic prosperity and improved standard of living he envisions for all Deltans.

Delta’s Senior Civil Servants Inaugurates New Excos, Prioritizes Workers’ Welfare and Unity


The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, Delta State branch, recently held an inauguration ceremony for its newly elected executives across various units.

The state chairman, Comrade Bolum Martins, led the inaugural proceedings, emphasizing the importance of workers’ welfare, selfless service, and unity within the association.

Comrade Martins urged the new executives to prioritize the interests of the workers and engage in diplomatic negotiations with the government for improved welfare.

He noted ongoing efforts to address issues such as wage disparities and allowances, expressing confidence in the governor’s support.

Martins charged the newly elected executive to always uplift the association by ensuring selfless service to the workers of Delta State. He encouraged them to promote a conducive environment for the workers in the state, stating that peace and progress go hand in hand.

He also advised the executives to always put the interest of the people first, as they were elected to serve the people. He further urged them to carry out their duties with utmost loyalty to both the union and the people who elected them.

Regarding presenting the worker’s needs to the government, the state chairman emphasized the use of superior arguments and diplomacy to negotiate for the welfare of the people. He emphasized that senior civil servants of Nigeria are members of management and, therefore, have more information than people may think.

Comrade Igbokwe Chukwuma Igbokwe, the deputy secretary-general, also underscored the significance of unity in advancing the association’s goals. He noted the role of organized labour in advocating for societal issues amid political transitions and emphasized the importance of holding together for the interest of peace and the members.

Comrade Igbokwe also pointed out that unions now play a significant role in providing leadership and making demands in Nigeria since the opposition parties are nowhere to be found. He urged the association to concentrate on the issues that affect the masses, not on leadership tussles.

The event was a milestone for the Delta State branch of the association, highlighting the return of peace and the need to prioritize workers’ welfare and unity.

Cubana Chief Priest Faces EFCC Charges for Naira Abuse, Court Date Set

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is set to arraign Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, before the Federal High Court in Lagos on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

It was gathered that Okechukwu faces accusations of abusing the Nigerian currency.

According to the EFCC’s prosecutor, Senior Advocate of Nigeria Rotimi Oyedepo, and seven other lawyers representing the commission’s chairman, Okechukwu is charged with three counts of allegedly spraying and tampering with naira notes at a social event, violating the Central Bank Act of 2007.

The charges, filed on April 4, detail instances where Okechukwu allegedly tampered with N500 notes issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. One count relates to an incident on February 13, 2024, at Eko Hotel, where Okechukwu purportedly sprayed the notes for two hours during a dance at a social gathering.

The second count dates back to 2020, alleging a similar offence during a social event in Lagos, where Okechukwu again sprayed N500 notes for two hours.

The third count accuses Okechukwu of a similar offence in January 2024 during another social event in Lagos, again involving the spraying of N500 notes.

Okechukwu’s arraignment before Justice Kehinde Ogundare underscores the EFCC’s commitment to enforcing financial regulations and combating currency abuse in Nigeria.

Man Slaps Girlfriend at Birthday Party Over Cutting of Cake


A video circulating on social media has shocked viewers as it captures the tumultuous moment a birthday celebration turns violent when a man physically attacks his girlfriend.

The viral footage, shared by the Leo Bloggers, depicts the couple attempting to cut a birthday cake. However, tensions rise as it appears the woman’s cake-cutting technique does not meet the man’s expectations, leading him to forcefully smash the cake onto her face.

The situation escalates further as the man delivers a harsh slap to the woman’s face, prompting intervention from concerned guests before the altercation worsens.

Initially hesitant to retaliate, the girlfriend eventually responds by delivering a retaliatory slap to her partner, resulting in chaos as attendees step in to diffuse the confrontation.

Watch the video:

DSS Accused of Persistent Harassment: Lanre Arogundade’s Rights Under Threat


The International Press Centre (IPC) expresses profound dissatisfaction regarding yet another instance of harassment directed at its Executive Director, Mr Lanre Arogundade, by officials of the State Security Service, commonly known as the DSS, at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

A statement released by the International Press Center on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 states “The incident of Thursday, April 11, while Mr Arogundade prepared to board a late-night Air France Flight to Berlin, Germany to participate in the respective general meetings and conferences of the African Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX) and the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) would be the umpteenth of such unwelcome development.

“Mr. Arogundade is a renowned journalist, advocate for social justice and democracy, former Chairman of the Lagos State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists and former President of the National Association of Nigerian Students. We believe these roles and positions should not warrant his unending torment by the DSS.”

“Mr Arogundade recounted the encounter in a Facebook post: “I was harassed by DSS officials for about 40 minutes because they claimed my name was still flashing on their watchlist despite the declaration two years ago by the Director General of the State Security Service, Mr Yusuf Magaji Bichi, that my name had been removed when he met a delegation of the Nigerian chapter of the International Press Institute (IPI) led by Musikilu Mojeed.”

“Mr. Arogundade additionally informed IPC management that the senior DSS official to whom he was referred threatened to bar him from travelling unless he produced his old passports describing the request as “bizarre and ridiculous”.

“IPC holds that the persistent harassment violates Mr Arogundade’s right to freedom of movement while undermining basic democratic principles.”

“IPC hereby calls on the Director General of the DSS, and in particular his men and officers at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport to desist from further harassing Mr. Arogundade.”

How a Power Struggle in the Niger Delta Led to Fatalities in Okuama

Investigations into the tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of 17 soldiers in the Okuama community of Ughelli South LGA, Delta State, have unveiled a hidden truth surrounding a feud between illegal oil bunker Endurance Okodeh, also known as Amangbein, and a powerful cartel of illegal oil bunkers.

An investigation conducted by the International Centre For Investigative Reporting (ICIR) revealed that the conflict escalated when the leader of the cartel, ex-militant Government Ekpemukpolo, commonly known as Tompolo, who operates a private security company, sought to assert control over the Niger Delta creeks. Tompolo allegedly warned Amangbein, an ally of a sitting governor in the Niger Delta, to refrain from illegal oil activities, a demand perceived by Amangbein as oppression.

It was gathered that Amangbein, originally from the Igbomotoru community in Bayelsa State, emerged as a vocal critic of Tompolo and former Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) boss Patrick Akpobolokemi. Their rivalry extended into the Okuama/Okoloba land dispute, adding fuel to the already tense situation.

Military authorities targeted Amangbein as the suspected leader of the militant group responsible for the soldiers’ deaths, who were deployed to Okuama to rescue Anthony Aboh, an alleged associate of Akpobolokemi. Aboh’s connections to the former NIMASA chief, including the alleged construction of a mansion on disputed land, triggered the deadly confrontation.

Amangbein, with roots in Okuama through his mother, fled to his paternal community in Bayelsa State following the military’s raid on Igbomotoru, which resulted in injuries and property damage.

Initially, the military attributed the soldiers’ deaths to the illegal bunkering business. However, the Okuama community countered, claiming the soldiers unlawfully raided the area under the pretext of apprehending Aboh, whose lifeless body was later discovered floating in the Forcado River near Ayakoroma community.

The recovery of Aboh’s body intensified the tensions, fueling accusations and counterclaims between the communities involved. The tragic incident underscores the complex interplay of interests and power dynamics in the Niger Delta region, where disputes over land, resources, and allegiances often result in violence and loss of life.

Ekiti Court Sends Thief Behind Bars for 27 Years: N2.3m Theft Conviction Stands


In a significant ruling, the Ekiti State High Court, Ado Ekiti Division, has handed down a 27-year prison sentence to 22-year-old Dipo Femi for his involvement in conspiracy, burglary, and theft.

Femi’s sentence, which will be served concurrently from the date of his arrest, includes seven years each for three charges (totaling 21 years) and three years each for two charges (totaling six years).

The case against Femi was brought before the court on July 19, 2022, comprising five counts related to conspiracy, burglary, and other offenses, as stipulated in Sections 421, 324, and 302 of the Criminal Laws of Ekiti State, 2021.

According to the charges, Femi, along with accomplices who remain at large, unlawfully broke into the shops of Victor Mark, Clement Moses, and Samuel Lucky at Oke Ureje, Polytechnic Road, Ado Ekiti, on March 14, 2022, at 5:30 a.m. They stole various items, including clothing, jewelry, footwear, cash amounting to N200,000, perfumes, body spray, and fez caps, valued at N2.150m.

During the trial, the prosecutor, Kunle-Shina Adeyemo, presented four witnesses and submitted the defendant’s statements and bond as exhibits. Femi defended himself through his counsel, Chris Omokhafe, without calling any witnesses.

In delivering the judgment, Justice Blessing Ajileye affirmed the prosecution’s case, stating, “I will not hesitate to hold that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt the basic elements of stealing against the defendant and I so hold. In counts 1, 2, and 4 (conspiracy and burglary), the defendant is convicted and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment each. In counts 3 and 5, the defendant is sentenced to three years’ imprisonment each. The time of the imprisonment is to run concurrently from the date of arrest.”

TC Virus Opens Up About Escaping Fatal Boat Accident That Claimed Junior Pope’s Life

Tochukwu Okafor, known as TC Virus in the entertainment industry, has shared his harrowing experience of surviving a recent boat accident that tragically claimed the life of fellow actor, Junior Pope.

The incident occurred on Wednesday as Pope fell into the River Niger in Asaba, Delta State, while en route to a movie set with other actors and crew members.

In a now-viral video, TC Virus can be seen ringing a bell on the boat as it sped along the river. Reflecting on the ordeal in an Instagram live session, TC Virus revealed that he had performed a ritual to honor the water spirits before embarking on the ill-fated journey.

Additionally, TC Virus claimed that filmmaker Adanma Luke ordered his arrest based on allegations from the boat operator, who accused him of causing the mishap resulting in Pope’s death.

While TC Virus managed to escape the tragedy, it resulted in the loss of lives for others involved.

Speaking in Pig in he said “the boat operator told Luke that he blocked his view during the trip”.

“Dem never even see Junior Pope that time. Na me even go Marine police station go report. When me and Shaun Israel came out. Na we rush go report for there because na there we park motor,” he spoke in pidgin English.

“Dem con dey sey why film people dey always do these things. Sey we don tell them sey anytime wey dem come make dem con rent jacket from our station… Sey but because of our (actors) stinginess. Sey we no dey even carry dem with some divers we go think sey we go fit make am alone.

“Me and Shaun con call my guy. As he con come instantly I tell am abeg carry me go back I wan go that marine. My mind no fit rest because this person was my colleague. As I dey talk am finish. The boy tell me sey the police are calling me. I told the boy any police officer who wants to see me should come to me. The next thing the policeman came and told me they had to take me to Onitsha, to the marine extension with boat. I told him with boat wey God just rescue my life.”

“Na Adanma Luke tell them to arrest me that I caused the accident. That as I left the boat guy lied that I stood up from the boat that was why he could not see. As I am slim like this, how can I block your view? You are the pilot. They have not even seen Junior Pope when Adanma sey make dem arrest me. My guys were now shouting at the police and that was how we left the place. Before my chairman came and carried me to the hospital to do scan.”

PDP Leader Celebrates Hon Louis Ndukwe on LLB Degree from UNIBEN

The Delta North Senatorial Vice Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Elder Moses Iduh, has congratulated the former Chairman of Oshimili North local government Council, Hon Louis Ndukwe, on his successful sign-out ceremony from the Faculty of Law of the University of Benin,s Five (5) year law degree programme.

The successful Sign-out ceremony which leads to the award of the prestigious LLB degree, was held at the Law faculty of the University on Friday 12th April 2024.

According to a statement by Elder Moses lduh, the attainment of the legal diadem by Hon Ndukwe is worthy of celebration, considering the well-known rigours associated with academic pursuits such as that of the legal profession.

He described Hon Ndukwe, ‘s academic feat as a “landmark”, noting that the former Oshimili North Council boss and PDP stalwart has again demonstrated the indomitable spirit of a focused and result-oriented patty man.

The Delta North PDP Vice Chairman urged Hon Ndukwe to see his legal feat as a call to more service not only to himself but to his people and humanity.

Said Elder lduh: “On behalf of my family and good people of the PDP Delta North Senatorial district, l most heartily congratulate a worthy ambassador of the party in the district, Hon Louis Ogugua Ndukwe, on his successful sign-out ceremony from the Faculty of Law of the University of Benin, culminating in the award of LLB ( Hons) degree. No doubt this is worth celebrating, considering the rigours associated with the legal profession. I am particularly delighted that Ndukwe was able to focus on his academics even when his political sagacity and party duties were still solicited for. This should spur him to serve not only his immediate community but also do more to advance the cause of society”.

An elated Hon Louis Ndukwe, dedicated the UNIBEN LLB degree to God, for giving him the grace and focus to carry on despite obvious distractions.

Urhobo Youth Leaders Take Stand Against Bias in Okuama Tragedy Investigation, Call for Justice

The Urhobo Progressive Union leadership, UPU Youth Wing, and Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) have publicly expressed their refusal to cooperate with the Military-led inquiry into the Okuama incident.

In a joint statement signed by Activist Blessed Ughere, President Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) Youth Wing, and Olorogun Amb. Samuel Oghotomo JP, President of Urhobo Youths Leaders Association, the youth group calls for justice, an independent probe, and a fair investigation into the tragedy.

The statement raises concerns about the impartiality of the Nigerian Army’s involvement in the matter and their declaration of eight individuals as wanted without proper investigation. The group argues that the Army’s involvement compromises impartiality as they are a party to the incident.

Moreover, their declaration of eight individuals as wanted without proper investigation violates the doctrine of ‘Nemo judex in causa sua.’ The statement also stresses that Okuama people are not subject to military laws, rendering a military-led inquiry lacking in legal authority.

The UPU Youth Wing and Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) demand the apprehension of the culprits responsible for the killings and their handover to the police for prosecution. They call for the unconditional release of the Ovie of the Ewu-Urhobo kingdom and an end to the harassment of Urhobo neighbouring communities to Okuma.

The statement raises concerns about the composition of the panel, citing previous military declarations and actions that undermine credibility and conflicting statements from the Chief of Defense Staff that further erode trust. As such, an independent body, such as the police, should lead the investigation for fairness and transparency.

The displacement of the Okuama community makes their participation in the inquiry impractical and unsafe. The group extends condolences to the Army for their loss and urges them to investigate the incident internally.

The statement calls on the Military to reconsider the composition of the Board of Inquiry and transfer responsibility to an independent body. The Delta State government should intervene to facilitate the return of Okuama residents, provide humanitarian assistance, and address root causes.

The UPU Youth Wing and Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) reiterate their commitment to justice, transparency, and the welfare of their people and stand by their decision not to participate in the military-led Board of Inquiry until these conditions are met.

The statement reads in part “Position Paper by Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Youth Wing Worldwide and Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) on Non-Participation in the Military Board of Inquiry Regarding the Okuama Incident.”

“We, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Youth Wing Worldwide and the Urhobo Youth Leaders Association (UYLA) have made a principled decision not to participate in the Military Board of Inquiry investigating the tragic events of March 17 in Okuama, Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom, Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State. This decision is based on legal, ethical, and humanitarian reasons that we outline below.”

“The Nigerian Army’s involvement in the matter compromises impartiality, as they are a party to the incident. Furthermore, their declaration of eight individuals as wanted without proper investigation violates the doctrine of ‘Nemo judex in causa sua’ (No one should be a judge in their case).”

“Okuama people are not subject to military laws, rendering a military-led inquiry lacking in legal authority. We demand the apprehension of the culprits responsible for the killings and their handover to the police for prosecution.”

“We call for the unconditional release of the Ovie of the Ewu-Urhobo kingdom and an end to the harassment of Urhobo neighbouring communities to Okuma.”

“The composition of the panel raises concerns about bias, with previous military declarations and actions undermining credibility. Conflicting statements from the Chief of Defense Staff further erode trust. An independent body, such as the police, should lead the investigation for fairness and transparency.”

“The displacement of the Okuama community makes their participation in the inquiry impractical and unsafe. We extend condolences to the Army for their loss and urge them to investigate the incident internally.”

“We urge the Military to reconsider the composition of the Board of Inquiry and transfer responsibility to an independent body. The Delta State government should intervene to facilitate the return of Okuama residents, provide humanitarian assistance, and address root causes.”

“Until these conditions are met, we stand by our decision not to participate in the military-led Board of Inquiry, reaffirming our commitment to justice, transparency, and the welfare of our people.”

“Osu re’ Michele
Activist Blessed Ughere, President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youth Wing
Olorogun Amb. Samuel Oghotomo JP, President, Urhobo Youths Leaders Association.”

Anambra Police Recovers Three Additional Bodies in Movie Cast Boat Accident

The Marine Police of Anambra State Command has successfully recovered the bodies of the three remaining victims from the tragic boat accident that involved popular movie actor, Junior Pope.

In a press statement released by the Anambra State Command Police Public Relations Officer, SP Ikenga Tochukwu, on April 12, 2024, it was revealed that two bodies were retrieved on April 11th, 2024, while the third was brought in by the tide the following morning.

All recovered bodies have been transferred to a hospital mortuary in Asaba, with the President of the Guild of Actors and Actresses duly notified of the developments.

CP Aderemi Adeoye, the Commissioner of Police, has issued a stern reminder to all water commuters to prioritize safety and avoid actions that could endanger their lives and those of others while traveling on water.

He assured the public of a swift investigation into the tragic incident, which claimed the lives of five actors. Additionally, he praised the dedication of the Command’s Marine Unit and its Commander for their commitment to duty.

Recall on Wednesday, Junior Pope, a renowned Nollywood actor, along with three of his colleagues, tragically drowned in the Delta State region of the River Niger while returning from a movie shoot.

Emeka Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), confirmed Junior Pope’s demise and that of another colleague through an Instagram post in the early hours of Thursday.

Expressing profound sadness, Rollas wrote, “It is so so sad that our joy was short-lived. My first post was out of excitement when we noticed his tingling fingers. Two notable hospitals tried their best to revive him but to no avail. God knows the best. We finally lost him. Mr. Friday’s corpse has been identified but three other corpses are yet to be found.”

Junior Pope, who would have celebrated his 40th birthday on May 7, 2024, met an untimely end, leaving behind a legacy in the Nigerian film industry.

Justice Served: Truong My Lan Sentenced to Death for $12.5 Billion Fraud Scam

Vietnam’s largest-ever fraud case has come to light amid a sweeping state anti-corruption campaign. Following a trial in Ho Chi Minh City, a Vietnamese court has handed down a death sentence to Truong My Lan, the chair of major developer Van Thinh Phat, for her involvement in a $12.5 billion financial fraud case, the country’s most significant on record.

Truong My Lan, 67, was found guilty of embezzlement, bribery, and violations of banking regulations. She unlawfully controlled the Saigon Joint Stock Commercial Bank (SCB) from 2012 to 2022, channeling funds through numerous fictitious companies and by offering bribes to government officials.

The extent of her alleged misappropriation amounted to roughly 3 percent of Vietnam’s GDP in 2022. Prosecutors have disclosed the seizure of over 1,000 properties linked to her.

Despite denying the charges and attributing blame to her subordinates, Truong My Lan expressed thoughts of suicide during her final remarks in court, lamenting her involvement in the banking sector, which she confessed to having limited understanding of.

The court’s severe ruling was based on the gravity of the offenses, deeming Truong My Lan the orchestrator of a sophisticated criminal network with irretrievable consequences. Her actions not only infringed upon property rights but also undermined public trust in the Party and State leadership, according to VnExpress state media.

Pastor Odumeje to Host ‘Music’ Show in London, Ticket Prices Generating Buzz and Controversy

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, famously known as Odumeje, the contentious Onitsha-based pastor, is gearing up to headline what seems to be an “music album launching” extravaganza in London, United Kingdom, slated for April 13.

Scheduled to unfold at the Lighthouse Theatre, the event kicks off at 5:30 pm with admission set at £100 per individual. Group bookings are also available, with a table for 6 priced at £700 and a larger one for 10 at £1000.

Highlighted on a widely circulated poster are guest performers including Efe Warriboy and Laffin Gas, alongside actors Chinyere Wilfred and Nosa Rex.

While the nature of the event remains unspecified by the clergyman, Eventbrite’s event description promises a night brimming with laughter, music, and entertainment, featuring Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje and a stellar lineup of comedians and entertainers live in London.

In an Instagram announcement, Odumeje teased the unveiling of his latest album at the concert, titled “London 2024: Power or Nothing,” adding to the anticipation surrounding the event.

With his Anambra roots and a penchant for stirring controversy, Odumeje’s ventures consistently make headlines for their unconventional flair.

11 receives Degrees As Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary holds Convocation Ceremony (Photos)

The Second Convocation Ceremony of the Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary was held recently, and it was a huge success, with 11 graduates receiving degrees and certificates.

The event, which was held at the seminary’s campus, Royal Palace Chapel, Palace Ground, Otovwodo in Ughelli, Ughelli North LGA was attended by dignitaries from various parts of the country, including religious leaders, royal fathers, politicians, and academics.

In his opening address, the seminary’s President and Chancellor, Rt. Revd. Prof. Clifford Eseoghene Odjurhe, JP+ congratulated the graduating students and urged them to use their education to make a positive impact in the world.

He said the seminary is a liberal extension of Shepherd University, Abuja; an international university that operates a purely secular academic curriculum designed to equip Christian men and women for professional Christian services through global correspondence education.

Speaking further, the renowned theologian and professor noted that the Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary Ughelli is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to provide a tuition-free Christian Religious Education for all interested persons, adding that its objective is to remove all forms of barriers to Christian Educational Discrimination, be it gender, racial, tribal, denominational, academic qualification deficiency, social status limitation or regular tuition fees payment.

While maintaining that the focus of the seminary is to present a pragmatic Bible-based Religious Training Curriculum for all interested persons; to equip the saints for the work of the gospel ministry and Spiritual/Human Capacity Development in the society, Prof. Odjurhe revealed that the seminary is both for the laity; beginners, the intermediate and the advanced theological philosopher reiterating that it operates a tuition-free Crash Executive Education System (CEES) through both on-campus regular, weekend and correspondence studies with its campus extensions in Kenya and Liberia.

He also disclosed that at various grades of passing prescribed final examinations, students graduate annually and are awarded certificates, diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees, Postgraduate diplomas, Master’s degrees, or Doctoral degrees, depending on their intellectual achievements in the Seminary Executive Education System.

Meanwhile, eleven scholars successfully scaled through the huddle of the seminary’s theological education at different grades which led to the 2024 convocation ceremony in which four persons bagged Bachelor’s Degrees, another four with Master’s Degrees, and three persons were awarded Doctoral Degrees.

Also, the Academic Board with the approval of the Board of Trustees honoured His Royal Majesty, Evang. Dr. W.O Oharisi III JP +++ APJ, the Ovie of great Ughelli Kingdom and Royal Regent of the seminary with the award of Emeritus Professor of Religion of Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary.

The Delta State Commissioner of Police Mr. Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi and three others were also conferred with Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary’s Social Merit Awards for the security of lives and properties around the community and the state. Hon. Chief Victor Egbo, the honourable Commissioner representing Isoko nation on the Board of DESOPADEC also received an honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Human Capacity Development.

Responding, one of the graduates, Bishop Dr. Prince Edugbo who received a Doctorate Degree in Biblical Management expressed his gratitude to the seminary for providing him with a solid foundation in Christian theology to deepen his knowledge of God’s word and to prepare for a life of service to others.

Present at the ceremony are; His Royal Majesty, Evang. Prof. W.O Oharisi III JP +++ APJ, the Ovie of Great Ughelli Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, M.P Ovbagbedia Uhurhie-Osadjere II JP, the Owhorode of Great Olomu Kingdom, His Lordship, Bishop Prof. Chris Okoh, the first Executive Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Ughelli North LGA, Royal Fathers and Traditional Chiefs, Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi, senior clergymen and women, Revd. Dr. M.O Wariri, Deans and Officers of Shepherd Christian Theological Seminary/Shepherd the University of Theology, military and paramilitary Officers among others.

Ambassador OVKINGS Announces 7th Edition of Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show in Collaboration with POCACOV

The 7th Edition of the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show has been officially launched by Ambassador OVKINGS, a celebrated Nigerian comedian and philanthropist.

This initiative, in collaboration with the Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV), aims to promote youth welfare and combat societal vices by unearthing, empowering, and mentoring young talents across Nigeria.

The event, scheduled for May, will provide a platform for aspiring youths to showcase their skills and talents, with waived registration fees. The project is poised to transform the lives of six exceptional individuals with a generous financial reward of N1,000,000, empowering them to pursue their dreams and make positive contributions to society.

The event dates are as follows: Audition, on Saturday, 18 May 2024, and the Grand finale on Saturday, 25 May 2024.

Esteemed international media TV stations such as Silverbird Television, Hip TV, and others are backing the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show, signifying it as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Nigerian youth. Ambassador OVKINGS encourages all young individuals to seize this chance for personal and societal growth.

For those interested in sponsoring or supporting this noble cause, inquiries can be directed to the following email address and contact number:, 08067378453.

Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu Impeached by Edo House of Assembly


The Edo State House of Assembly has recently taken a decisive step towards impeaching Comrade Philip Shaibu, the deputy governor, amid escalating tensions with his superior, Governor Godwin Obaseki.

During the Assembly’s plenary session in Benin City, a long-standing political deadlock between Shaibu and Obaseki culminated in a seven-man committee tasked with probing allegations of misconduct against the deputy governor.

The committee presented its findings, leading to Shaibu’s impeachment on Monday. This development highlights the deep-seated rift within the state’s political landscape, signalling a significant shift in power dynamics.

Comedian AY Opens Up About Marriage Struggles in Lengthy Instagram Post

Ayo Makun, ace comedian, actor, and filmmaker commonly referred to as AY, has broken his silence on social media regarding the speculated discord in his marriage to Mabel Makun, which has been circulating online.

The couple’s twenty-year union is believed to be on the brink of collapse due to AY’s alleged infidelity, which resulted in Mabel’s vacating their marital home and dealing with various health issues.

In a candid post shared on his Instagram page on Sunday, April 7, 2024, he appeared to address the rumours and acknowledged his regrettable actions. While cautioning against misconceptions about strength and silence, AY highlighted the distinction between personal struggles and public scrutiny, asserting his right to privacy amidst personal challenges.

He emphasized the importance of shielding their adult daughter from distressing online content and expressed the pain of witnessing their decades-long relationship falter. He reflected on the complexities of assigning blame in a societal landscape that often favours one narrative over another.

Despite the prevalence of falsehoods circulating in the media, AY remains steadfast in his belief that truth will ultimately prevail over lies. He expressed that projecting a negative narrative against someone who is not struggling to defend himself does not mean that he is weak.

AY confirmed that he has reached a stage in his life where he cannot entertain the public with deep personal family issues, especially with a grown-up daughter who has access to social media. Her mental health needs to be protected from seeing things she cannot be proud of online.

He also noted that no one is completely innocent enough to cast stones and that it is one thing to watch a friendship/marriage of 20 years slip off his hands, but it is another thing for the parties involved to understand how to appropriate the blame in a space that is designed for most women to always play the victims and win.

AY stated that he loves the way that lies about him in all these blogs are travelling faster than the truth presently. However, he is confident that his painful truth will eventually beat away all the lies.

Lagos Court Detains Mother and Daughter Over Alleged Child Labour


In a legal battle unfolding at the Federal High Court in Lagos, Nwobi Olubube Favour, aged 25, and her mother, Nwobi Ebele Angela, aged 55, find themselves at the center of accusations related to child labour.

Upon their plea of not guilty to charges of harbouring and using minors for domestic work, brought forth by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Justice Abimbola Awogboro ordered their remand.

The accused, residents of B 41, Abijoh GRA, Chois Garden Estate Lekki, Lagos State, are alleged to have engaged in these activities between May and November 2023.

According to prosecutor Uzunwa I. Egonu, the exploitative actions of the defendants had severe repercussions on the physical, social, and psychological well-being of the two underage girls involved.

Furthermore, NAPTIP levelled additional charges against the mother and daughter, accusing them of assaulting two agency officials, Ederibhalo Ajiegbe Elvis and Trust Oluwaseun Adekoye.

The alleged incident occurred during the officials’ performance of duties at the agency’s office in GRA, Ikeja, on March 12. It is claimed that the accused forcibly seized a laptop and an iPhone 8 from the officials during the altercation.

As proceedings unfolded, the prosecutor pushed for a trial date and advocated for the defendants’ remand in custody.

On the other side, the legal representative for Favour and Angela requested a brief adjournment to prepare and file bail applications on their behalf.

Consequently, Justice Awogboro scheduled the matter for further proceedings on May 7, allowing time for both sides to present their cases.

Press Under Attack: Journalists Beaten by Police and Vigilantes in Ughelli A’ Division


Two journalists, Comrade Gabriel Oghenekaro Awodeha, who also is the publisher of The Periscope and Comrade Andrew Unutame from Galaxy Television, on Thursday, faced brutality at the hands of police officers and vigilantes at Ughelli A’ division in Delta State.

Recounting the incident, Comr. Gabriel Oghenekaro described how he and a motorcycle rider encountered police conducting stop-and-search. Despite urging the rider to comply, tensions escalated when the rider couldn’t produce his documents. This led to their detention and subsequent mistreatment by the officers and vigilantes.

According to Comr. Gabriel Oghenekaro, “I boarded a motorcycle, and as we were on our way the rider, on sighting the police on stop and search duty, wanted to turn back and run, that he did not have papers, that he left them at home. I then encouraged him not to run but to meet them, that if he is stopped, I’ll plead on his behalf, and I only said so because I was suspicious, I didn’t believe somebody would ride his motorcycle without a photocopy of his particulars.

“When the police stopped us and demanded his particulars and the man said he was not with them, one of the officers ordered us to alight and then drove the motorcycle to the police station. At this point, the rider was blaming me for allowing the police to hold him because I refused to plead for him. I then told him that if truly he had his papers at home, he should go home and bring them. Once it’s established that he has his papers I’m ready to go with him to the station to assist in securing the release of his motorcycle.

“When the man brought his papers, as promised, I called a colleague and we went to the station with him. We were then directed to a policewoman identified as, Corporal Ebi who said “The particulars are not authentic, that it could be forged. She asked us to bring N50,000. She now ordered us to leave her sight to go and look for the money when we tried to speak to her.

“At this point, we decided to leave and went to our vehicle. As we were about to go, she ran towards us and asked the bike man to give her the papers, that we were running away from. I was shocked when she said so. I asked the bike man to give her the particulars which he did.

“Immediately she started raining abuses on us, when I told her that the insults were uncalled for, she said who am I to challenge her, just as she was shouting another male officer, Inspector Erasmus Ikperinwa came and grabbed me on my trousers, cut my belt and started manhandling me before others around, but police and local vigilante joined in the beating.

“They handcuffed me and forced me to lay down on the floor, threatening that they’ll throw me inside the cell where I will rot. The woman corporal, Ebi stated that she is a lawyer who has been called to the Nigerian Bar and nothing will happen, you can call the IG of Police and if it is the case that you want, I will give you to the fullest.

”When my colleague saw what was happening and tried to intervene, they attacked him with wood and gave him the same beating. I only saw him runway towards the area commander’s section in the station. After that, the woman corporal identified as Ebi from Ughelli A’Division brought a paper that they forced me to write a statement and threw me inside the cell.

“It was at this point that my colleague who ran to the area commander’s section came with a policewoman on the instructions of the A.O. summoning us to the office to hear what had happened.

“We did not commit any crime other than trying to do a humanitarian service, so I don’t see why we should be manhandled in such a way. I think it is high time the Inspector General and Delta State Police Command do something about the excesses of the police in Ughelli A Division.

“Assault on journalists by officers and vigilantes attached to the division has been a routine, and must be stopped.”

Also, while recounting the incident, Comrade Andrew Unutame explained their intention to assist the distressed rider. However, when confronted with unreasonable demands by the police, they attempted to leave but were met with violence.

Unutame added that the situation escalated as they were subjected to physical assault and verbal abuse by the officers and vigilantes. Even after attempting to explain themselves, they were met with hostility.

He said “We came to see how we can be of assistance to the bike man because according to my colleague who called me to accompany him, the bike man told him he is new in Delta and has no one. When we got there we met the lady, she asked us to go and bring N50,000”.

“We don’t have that kind of money. And she was not ready to listen to any plea. At this point, we went back to our vehicle and wanted to go back, because my colleague said, he left his phone in the office, and that he wanted to call someone to do some clarifications.

“This was when one Erasmus Ikperinwa came on the scene and started manhandling my colleague. When I tried to intercede they attacked me” One of the vigilantes took a 2by2 wood to hit me on my back”.

“We then tried to explain to her that we were not running and besides we didn’t commit any crime too so who were we running away from? She started raining all manner of curses, she was not ready to stop, we told her that the fact that she is a police officer was not a license to defame or dehumanize lawful citizens”.

“When I saw that they were ready to kill me, I ran to the Area Commander’s office, that was when the A. O, tried to intervene in the matter.”

“For the timely intervention of the Ughelli Area Command, Admin Officer, A.O, we would have been dead or incarcerated by now.”

However, the journalists emphasized the need for accountability and an end to such acts of police brutality in Ughelli A division.

Tiwa Savage’s First Movie ‘Water And Garri’ to Debut Worldwide on Prime Video

Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian singer, has excitedly announced the official release date for her much-anticipated debut movie, ‘Water And Garri.’

Taking to her social media platforms on April 4th, she confirmed that the film is set to premiere on May 10, 2024, exclusively on the global streaming platform, Prime Video.

Accompanied by a captivating promotional flyer, Tiwa expressed her enthusiasm, addressing her fans with the message: “My beautiful people, our movie @waterandgarrifilm has a date. See you May 10th @primevideo.”

It was gathered that early this year January, the songstress ventured into the Nigerian film industry as both an actress and a producer. Tiwa revealed that her debut movie, ‘Water and Garri,’ draws inspiration from her latest album of the same title, with herself as the lead actor.

Sharing a still from the movie’s scene, Tiwa expressed her excitement for the project, which has been in development for two years. She elaborated that ‘Water and Garri’ will be available for streaming on Prime Video, reaching audiences in over 240 countries worldwide.

In her announcement, Tiwa shared her gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “This has been over two years in the making, and I must say this is probably one of the most adventurous, fulfilling things I’ve done. I feel blessed and honored to not only be making my debut as a lead actor but to have also executive produced this film.”

Tiwa expressed her eagerness to embark on this new phase of her career, extending appreciation to the film’s director, Mejialabi, and producer, Jadesanya, for their contributions to the project. She concluded with a message of love and excitement for the journey ahead, affirming that she’s just getting started in her artistic endeavors.

Nigerian Army Chief Calls for Media Support, Urges Responsible Reporting at Civil-Military Media Chat


The Nigerian Army recently conducted a Civil-Military Cooperation Media Chat in Asaba, Delta State, where Major-General Jamal Abdusalam represented Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant-General Taoreed Lagbaja.

During the conference, Major-General Abdusalam emphasized the significance of collaborating with the media to improve national security efforts while tackling challenges. This underscores the importance of fostering partnerships between the military and the media, as well as promoting mutual understanding and collective action towards achieving national security goals.

Moreover, Abdusalam emphasized the significance of professionalism, accuracy, and impartiality in media reporting, as well as the complexity of the current security landscape, which necessitates adaptive strategies to address challenges effectively.

Abdusalam condemned the tragic loss of troops in Okuama, Delta State, and urged media restraint in amplifying the activities of terrorist groups. Despite obstacles, he reaffirmed the Army’s unwavering dedication to its constitutional duties and solicited continued public backing.

The Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Maj. Gen. Nosakhare Ugboin, explained that the purpose of the media chat was to elucidate military operations and foster collaboration.

He emphasized the significance of the military-media alliance in confronting security threats and providing clarity on operational impacts.

Dr. Ifeanyi Osuaza, Delta State Commissioner for Information, praised the initiative of the forum and highlighted the role of positive civil-military ties in nurturing societal harmony and safeguarding Nigeria’s borders.

He deplored the tragedy in Okuama and urged sustained cooperation for the military’s advancement.

Malam Jibrin Ndace, Director General of Voice of Nigeria, echoed the symbiotic relationship between the military and media in national security. He expressed hope that dialogue at the chat would fortify this partnership, contributing to Nigeria’s safety and prosperity.

Ndace emphasized the imperative of robust military-media collaboration to realize overarching security objectives.

Overall, the media chat was an essential opportunity for the military and media to converge and discuss issues surrounding national security, with a focus on promoting transparency, accuracy, and collaboration.

Senator Ned Nwoko Promises Comprehensive Development in Anioma Townhall Meeting


Senator Ned Nwoko recently convened a Town Hall meeting with leaders and residents of Delta North, reaffirming his commitment to effective representation and governance excellence.

Addressing the audience in Asaba, the Senator outlined his three primary responsibilities encompassing legislative initiatives, project execution, and empowerment endeavours.

During the meeting, Senator Nwoko shared insights into his legislative achievements, which he attributed to his resounding electoral mandate. Notably, the Senator emphasized his efforts towards revitalizing the Okpai power plant to ensure adequate electricity supply for Delta North.

He also reiterated his commitment to completing the Ogwashi Uku Dam project to address the water and irrigation needs of the agrarian Anioma region.

The Senator further disclosed his initiation of a skill acquisition program benefiting 260 individuals, each receiving financial assistance of 150 thousand Naira. He pledged to expand such empowerment initiatives in the coming months.

Throughout the Town Hall meeting, various speakers, including esteemed personalities, youth representatives, and women advocates, lauded Senator Ned Nwoko for his unparalleled commitment to the welfare of Anioma and the nation. They acknowledged his remarkable achievements in the senate and pledged unwavering support for his continued endeavors.

Senator Ned Nwoko assured the community of his profound understanding of their challenges and aspirations, and he stressed his role as a senator for all constituents residing in Delta North, regardless of political affiliations.

The event’s highlight was the inauguration of the Senators’ liaison office on DBS Road, Asaba, a notable milestone and initiative.

2baba Praises Kizz Daniel as ‘African Music Genius’ and Acknowledges Burna Boy’s Iconic Status

Nigerian music legend 2baba recently showered praise on his colleague, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, professionally known as Kizz Daniel.

Taking to his Instagram story, 2baba hailed the ‘Rich Till I Die’ singer as an African music genius, following his earlier commendation of Burna Boy.

Expressing his admiration, 2baba admitted his struggle to find adequate words to convey his appreciation for Kizz Daniel’s remarkable work.

He emphasized that what the world is witnessing in the Buga hit-maker’s artistry is nothing short of the emergence of a musical genius from Africa.

In his Instagram story, he wrote, “I no even know wetin to talk about Kizz Daniel. You guys are witnessing an African Music Genius.”

In another instance, 2baba was reported to have lauded Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy, acknowledging him as one of the greatest music icons. He shared his sentiments on Instagram, recognizing Burna Boy’s ascent to the pinnacle of the music industry through sheer hard work.

Stating that whether people admire or criticize Burna Boy, it doesn’t change the fact that he has established himself as one of the greatest musicians, he wrote: “This young man [Burna Boy] has worked and proven and stamped himself as one of the greatest music icons. Hate him or love him, e no go change fact.”

Igbodo Community Elects New President-General

Igbodo Community in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State was on Saturday thrown into jubilation following the emergence of the new President General of Igbodo Development Union (IDU) Mr Godwin Oji and his executives elected to oversee the affairs of the community.

The election was the highlight of the Igbodo Annual Conference 2024, convened by His Royal Majesty, Barrister Ikechukwu Nkeobikwu Osedume I, The Ikukuoma of Igbodo Kingdom.

Newsmen gathered that the absence of executives had contributed to various issues in the community, occasioned by the previous administration.

But after a keenly contested poll spearheaded by an electoral committee constituted by the Obi-in-Council during the conference.

Delegates to the conference were drawn from branches of the Igbodo Development Union at home and in the diaspora, including representatives of all the organs of administration, representatives of the quarters as well as the Igbodo Youths Associations and other Stakeholders.

The election, which was argued to be a great improvement on previous experiences, was conducted most peacefully and transparently.

Announcing the results, the Electoral Committee Chairman, Mr Monday Ebenuwa said, Mr Godwin Oji, who was elected, was the popular choice of the Igbodo people as the only candidate nominated to oppose him voluntarily withdrew himself in favour of Mr Oji.

Speaking after the election, The Obi of Igbodo Kingdom, HRM, Obi (Barr) Ikechukwu Osedume 1, expressed his satisfaction with the peaceful conduct of the election.

He charged the PG and newly-elected executives of the Igbodo Development Union (IDU) worldwide to work diligently towards the overall development of the community.

He advised them, to carry the entire community along in the discharge of their duties.

Congratulating the new executives, the Traditional Ruler urged them to ensure that the bonds of unity in Igbodo remained intact.

He said, with his antecedent as the President of the IDU Warri branch for six years, Mr. Oji is a tasted, committed, and patriotic Igbodo citizen. Hence, he was chosen by the people to serve at a higher level.

He explained that the community has, through the election, demonstrated their preparedness to commence the journey of more development in their homeland because most of the executives elected are well-experienced.

The Monarch described the election as critical given the strategic position of the community to the state, as the food basket of the nation.

“he said to the people of the community We are all interested in promoting development across all quarters in the communities, through the entrenchment of democratically-elected town union executives,” he added.

Appreciating the people of Igbodo for their cooperation in coming out en mass for the conference from every part of the world, Obi Osedume described the election as one of the most transparent conducted in the history of the Igbodo community, Urging the PG and his Executives to work effectively towards giving the community more facelifts.

The royal father also thanked the outgoing Interim Management Committee for the service they rendered to the community selflessly for the past five years.

A stakeholder in the community, and the Odogwu of Igbodo Kingdom, Chief Ifeoha Azikiwe commended the role of the Electoral Committee Chairman, Mr. Monday Ebenuwa, in ensuring that the election was successful and conducted transparently.

The new Igbodo PG, Oji, In his acceptance speech, described the election as divine just as he commended the Obi and the electoral committee for delivering a transparent and credible election to the Igbodo people.

Words “I am happy that I was elected, I promise my leadership and executives will accomplish every task assigned to us, just as we will work for greater achievements for the community,” he said.

He pledged to work with his Executives and all critical organs in Igbodo to bring about more transformation in the town.

“We are all very happy and grateful to God for making today a reality. The expectations of the great people of Igbodo will be met because our tenure will be as transparent as possible and focused on meeting the demands of our people.

“I will, in my address to Igbodo people soon, present a detailed development agenda for the community”
“Once again I thank God Almighty and congratulate our people to whom this victory primarily belongs and I extend my hand of fellowship to my colleagues in the executive and enjoin them to join me in this onerous task of uniting and rebuilding our dear kingdom Igbodo” he stressed.

Among the Executives include first vice general,
Mr Ikechukwu Okwudi second Vice General,
Mr Nwaeke Justin, Secretary General
Mr Abel Uzu, Assistant Secretary General Mrs Esther Uche Anyia, Financial Secretary Mr Charles Apkese, Treasurer
Mr Michael Uyanne, PRO Mr Ekene Uzoma, Director of Social and Culture Mr Chima Azi, First Provost Marshall Mr Ifeanyi Ofili, second Provost Marshall, Mr Chinoso Akaba, respectfully.

Journalist Vindicated: Expert Report Debunks Water Pollution Claims Against Coal Mining Firm In Aniocha North


By Kenneth Orusi, Asaba

A renowned journalist and immediate past Secretary of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Delta State Council, Comrade Patrick Ochei has said that he had been vindicated by the expert report of Delta State Government which exonerated MOSRA Energy Limited, a coal mining company operating at Ugboba community of Aniocha North local government area, Delta State from complexity in the water colouration of Ojeokpa stream within Ukwu-Nzu community.

He raised this concern amidst the tension that was building up when a group of people from Ukwu-Nzu began to flood online space with allegations of water pollution by a coal mining company in Ugboba, a neighbouring community to Ukwu-Nzu and Obomkpa.

It became imperative for an independent investigative report to be carried out in order to ascertain the veracity of the alleged water pollution made against MOSRA Energy Limited by some indigenes of Ukwu-Nzu and Obomkpa communities, which claimed that the activities of the coal mining company were polluting the Ojeokpa and Iyi-Odo rivers.

The journalist had carried out a discreet and comprehensive investigation at the coal mining site and environs to unravel the cause of the water colouration and other alleged sundry damages to the environment.

In his report where he cited an experiment with the Iyioku spring water directly opposite the coal site, he postulated that if the coal mining was actually polluting the rivers, how come the Iyioku stream water remained pure, odourless and hygienic for drinking as against the Ojeokpa river which was miles away.

In his interpretation, he posited that if the river that is very close to the coal mining site is not polluted, how could Ojeokpa and Iyi-Odo which are far away be so polluted by the activities of the coal mining firm. And of course, the coal mining firm does not generate waste as what they basically do is the open cast system of coal mining; and in this case, Lignite Coal and not the usual black coal.

He also noted that whilst he visited the coal site, he was without face mask and there was no adverse reaction on his skin to indicate that the mining was pollutant.

In his then analysis, he had posited that the water could have been coloured as a result of the erosion control done by NEWMAP which had a network of flood channelling drainages comprising Ukwu-Nzu, Ugboba and Obomkpa into the rivers that hitherto connect Ojeokpa river from the evacuation point.

He was not authoritative in his assumption as a layman, but was incisive having carefully studied the facts and evidence provided by his indepth investigation, including revealing the effort made by MOSRA Energy Limited to complete the drainage and road construction work to link up Ukwu-Nzu/Ugboba/Obomkpa from the NEWMAP erosion controlled terminals.

It was observed that the report had infuriated some persons within the other communities where mining activities are not taking place but appear to be bent on criminalizing MOSRA Energy Limited.

This group of people saw the report as an affront and began to call for the head of the journalist through various threats in the social media.

However, as God would have it, the Delta State Government through the Ministry of Environment, got wind of the situation through the independent report and counter report, as well as petitions from the aggrieved communities, and in order to forestall any breakdown of law and order, swung into action by carrying out on the spot inspection of the coal mining corridors and the rivers where samples were collected for analysis.

It was a thorough job, and to God be the glory, the result of the water analysis has revealed that the journalist (Comrade Patrick Ochei) never lied nor took the side of MOSRA Energy Limited in piecing his report together.

According to the report as first read by the Director General of Delta State Environmental Protection Agency (DELSEPA), Mr. Victor Okolie before the Honourable Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Jamani Ejiro as reported by the Pointer Newspapers.

“The laboratory analysis has revealed that the water colouration at Ukwu-Nzu in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, is not connected with the coal mining activities of MOSRA Energy Limited, a coal mining firm in Ugboba”.

For Mr. Benedict Nwaokocha, Project Coordinator of Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), “Report revealed that the localised earth movement from the landslide caused the valley to cave in, hence, depositing itself on the sources of the stream, thereby changing its colour.

“The earth from the detached wall is what is being washed through one of the furrows into the stream”.

However, NEWMAP in exonerating itself from the expert point of view, debunked claims that the water colouration could have been caused by laterite used by it in its construction job.

It therefore stated authoritatively that, “with the discovery of the localised earth movement around the gully, it was imperative to state that the contamination of the water body should be attributed to natural causes”.

From the evidence above, it is important to note that the journalist who did an independent and professional report on the activities of MOSRA Energy Limited, did not take the side of the company nor any community involved in the dispute in his article.

According to him in an interview with some of his colleagues, he said, “I am vindicated by the expert report of DELSEPA and NEWMAP in conjunction with the Delta State Ministry of Environment, which is evident in the result of the water analysis carried out by them.

“In my capacity as a thoroughbred community journalist, I have always presented the facts of my reports in credible and balanced forms. I have never had any reason to use my journalistic advantage to weaken the voice of anybody, group or entity.

“Without sounding immodest, these communities trying to discredit me have all benefitted from my magnanimous projections in the past.

“Well, it is one of those things we face as journalists. My happiness now is that the truth had eventually come to the open. That alone gives me joy, not minding the threats against me”, Comrade Ochei narrated.

NDDC Neglect Sparks Outcry: Odidi Youths Gear Up for Major Protest


Ijaw youths from the oil-rich Odidi community in OML 42, located in the Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State, have declared their intent to lead a significant protest aimed at shutting down the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), should the current leadership under Dr. Samuel Ogbuku persist in neglecting their community.

In a statement issued by the community Chairman, Preye Okrikpa, and distributed to journalists in Warri over the weekend, it was revealed that the Odidi Federated Communities, representing the local youths, are fully prepared to stage a protest at the NDDC headquarters until their long-standing grievances regarding developmental neglect are addressed.

Expressing disappointment, Okrikpa highlighted that despite numerous appeals made to the Commission during previous administrations, including several letters written, there has been a consistent lack of attention towards Odidi’s concerns.

The statement emphasized that the need for protest arises due to the absence of basic amenities such as healthcare facilities, potable water, or educational institutions in Odidi, despite being an oil-producing community contributing significantly to Nigeria’s annual budget.

Calling upon the Federal Government, relevant agencies, and oil companies operating in the area, Okrikpa urged urgent action to address the community’s pressing needs.

Despite being a significant host to oil companies like the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) and Neconde in OML 42, Odidi community continues to grapple with severe poverty, as emphasized in the statement.

Okrikpa reiterated the community’s demand for inclusion in the NDDC’s 2024 projects and warned of escalated action, including protests at the NDDC offices in Port Harcourt and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), if their concerns remain unaddressed.

Outrage as 63-Year-Old Priest Marries 12-Year-Old Girl in Controversial Ceremony


Controversy has erupted after a 63-year-old Ghanaian traditional priest, Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII, married a 12-year-old girl in a customary ceremony.

The event, held on Saturday, has stirred outrage, with community leaders denouncing the union as a violation of norms.

Despite criticism, leaders from the Nungua indigenous community, to which both parties belong, have defended the marriage, citing cultural traditions. However, public outcry has intensified, prompting calls for authorities to intervene and investigate Mr. Tsuru.

The girl is set to undergo a second customary ceremony to formalize her new role as the priest’s wife and prepare for marital duties, including childbearing.

While Ghana’s legal marriage age is 18, child marriage persists, with 19% of girls marrying before 18 and 5% before 15, according to Girls Not Brides. As the controversy unfolds, the government’s response to the situation remains awaited.

Senator Walks Out of TV Interview Over 2024 Budget Questions


Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, representing Cross River North in the National Assembly, sparked drama by abruptly ending a live TV interview when questioned about the 2024 budget on Sunday.

During the Arise News breakfast show, Senator Jarigbe expressed reluctance to discuss budget details, stating he hadn’t scrutinized it line by line.

When pressed by the anchor, who sought specifics for his senatorial district, Senator Jarigbe grew defensive, insisting it was his duty to serve his constituents rather than delve into budget minutiae. Frustrated, he threatened to walk away, citing potential backlash, before abruptly disconnecting.

The incident underscores tensions surrounding the 2024 budget, which faced integrity concerns following allegations of padding by Bauchi Central Senator Abdul Ningi. Despite denials from both the National Assembly and the Executive, Ningi’s suspension for three months further heightened scrutiny of budgetary processes.

Actress Charity Nnaji Advises Men to Seek DNA Test If Wives Support Mohbad’s Widow

Nigerian actress, Charity Nnaji has offered guidance to men whose wives stand by Omowunmi Aloba, the widow of the late Mohbad, in refusing to undergo a DNA test for her son, Liam Aloba.

Nnaji advises that if a man discovers his partner supports Wunmi’s decision against the paternity test, he should take his children for a DNA test at a medical facility.

Wunmi initially agreed to a DNA test for Liam, but later reversed her stance, asserting that only her late husband had the right to request such a test.

Reacting to this, Nnaji suggests that if Wunmi has nothing to hide, she should be open to the test. She warns men to act swiftly if they find their wives supporting Wunmi’s decision, urging them to ensure the paternity of their children.

On her Instagram page, Nnaji emphasizes the importance of clearing one’s conscience and avoiding public disgrace in such situations, urging men not to hesitate to verify the paternity of their children if suspicions arise.

Obi Asika Recognizes Eedris Abdulkareem’s Battle with 50 Cent as Advocacy for Nigerian Artists’ Rights

In a notable reflection, music executive Obi Asika has highlighted Eedris Abdulkareem’s clash with 50 Cent in 2004 as a pivotal moment in the trajectory of Nigerian artists, particularly those emerging in the Afrobeats scene.

The clash between 50 Cent and Eedris unfolded at a concert in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where both were slated to perform.

Allegedly, Eedris was subjected to assault by 50 Cent’s associates at Lagos airport following a disagreement over seating in the first-class section.

Eedris Abdulkareem later characterized the incident as a “beautiful sacrifice” during a February interview, underscoring its significance in clearing the path for the success of newer artists.

He recounted how 50 Cent’s entourage purportedly intimidated and ousted several Nigerian artists, including the notable duo Psquare.

In his perspective shared on HipTV, Obi Asika framed Eedris’ clash with 50 Cent as a bold stance akin to “taking a bullet” on behalf of subsequent artists.

Asika elaborated on the fallout, noting that the incident had severe repercussions for Eedris’ career, with event organizers branding him as a troublemaker.

According to Asika, Nigerian brands at the time undervalued local artists, fostering a culture of separation and disrespect.

Eedris’ attempt to assert his rights and engage with fellow artists was met with resistance, leading to his removal from the chartered plane meant for the performers.

Although 50 Cent was not directly involved in the altercation, the repercussions prompted him to forgo performing for the remainder of the event.

Asika emphasized that Eedris’ actions were aimed at challenging the status quo and advocating for fair treatment of Nigerian artists.

Amidst Challenges, Diddy Shares Adorable Instagram Photos of Daughter Love

Returning to Instagram after a tumultuous week, music mogul, Sean Diddy Combs posted a series of adorable Easter snapshots featuring his 17-month-old daughter, shared with Dana Tran.

In the heartwarming images, his youngest child, affectionately called Baby Love, dons vibrant ensembles, including a floral dress with matching accessories and a cute purple outfit with a tutu and plaid jacket.

The Easter post comes in the wake of raids on two of Diddy’s properties earlier in the week, amidst allegations of sex trafficking.

Diddy’s lawyer, Aaron Dyer, denounced the raids, citing excessive use of force and media sensationalism.

Asserting Diddy’s innocence, Dyer emphasized that no criminal or civil liability has been established. Diddy remains resolute in defending his reputation against what he deems as unfounded accusations.

Why Nigeria’s Oil in the South Belongs to the North: Dr Usman Bugaje Clarifies Controversial Remark


Dr Usman Bugaje, the former presidential aide, has provided clarification on his recent controversial statement regarding the ownership of Nigeria’s oil in the southern region by the north.

Bugaje previously asserted that there are no oil-producing states, but rather the Nigerian state as a whole.

In an interview with Vanguard, he elaborated on his stance, explaining that the vast landmass of the North, comprising over 70%, contributed significantly to Nigeria’s maritime boundaries and offshore drilling rights.

Bugaje emphasized the role of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in determining maritime boundaries and exclusive economic zones. He highlighted that the extent of a country’s maritime territory is influenced by its landmass.

Given that 78% of Nigeria’s landmass is in the North, Bugaje argued that a proportionate share of offshore resources could be claimed by the North.

He concluded by suggesting that any dissatisfaction with the current resource allocation should be addressed through constitutional amendments at the National Assembly.”

Revelation: Duncan Mighty Admits to Being Ex-Militant

Singer Duncan Mighty recently opened up about his past involvement in the Niger Delta crisis, admitting to being an ex-militant.

Recounting his experiences, he emphasized how God had saved his life numerous times during those tumultuous times. “I hail from Port Harcourt, not Lagos. I come from the South-South, from the war zone before the amnesty,” he shared in a recent interview with 3Music in Accra, Ghana.

Reflecting on his journey, Duncan Mighty highlighted his transition from being deeply involved in community activities related to protecting his people and oil interests to his current status as a renowned musician.

Additionally, he revealed his humble beginnings as a drummer for Christ Embassy in Port Harcourt before venturing into secular music.

Federal Government Commits N25 Billion to Enhance Healthcare Infrastructure Nationwide


The Federal Government’s decision to allocate N25 billion through the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) to bolster healthcare infrastructure at the state level signals a significant step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality across Nigeria.

Prof. Muhammed Pate, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, emphasized this commitment during the sixth meeting of the BHCPF Ministerial Oversight Committee in Abuja on Friday.

He highlighted the allocation’s focus on direct facility financing and workforce incentives, aligning with President Bola Tinubu’s agenda to improve healthcare outcomes, especially for women, children, and vulnerable populations.

The disbursement process will be facilitated through gateways such as the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), ensuring transparent and effective utilization of resources. Additionally, a dedicated reporting mechanism will be established to enable citizens to report any misuse or deviation from guidelines, fostering accountability and citizen engagement in healthcare governance.

Dr Oyebanji Filani, speaking on behalf of Commissioners for Health and Human Services, reiterated the states’ commitment to prioritizing the quality of care and strengthening public health units.

He emphasized collaboration with the federal government to enhance healthcare delivery nationwide and expressed optimism about the potential impact of these efforts.

Dr Muyi Aina, the Executive Director of NPHCDA, and Dr Kelechi Ohiri, Director-General of NHIA, highlighted initiatives aimed at ensuring accountability, transparency, and financial access to healthcare services for all Nigerians. Measures such as establishing a call line for whistleblowers and leveraging software technology for expenditure tracking demonstrate the government’s dedication to improving healthcare delivery and reducing out-of-pocket expenses for citizens.

Victor AD Unveils Debut Album ‘Realness Over Hype’ with Collaborations Galore

Nigerian Sensational music star, Victor AD’s debut album ‘Realness Over Hype’ has finally hit the airwaves, marking a significant milestone in the Nigerian singer’s career.

The announcement came on Friday via social media, where Victor AD shared his excitement about the album’s release. Describing it as a reflection of his raw emotions and life experiences, he invited listeners to embark on a journey through his reality.

With 14 tracks, the album boasts collaborations with industry heavyweights like 2Baba, Mayorkun, and others. Victor AD expressed particular gratitude to 2Baba for helping bring their collaborative track ‘See God’ to life, a song he had envisioned a decade ago.

Tracks such as ‘Realness Over Hype’, ‘Billion Dollar’, and ‘Your Heart’ showcase Victor AD’s versatility and depth as an artist. From introspective pieces like ‘Healer’ to upbeat anthems like ‘Celebrate’, the album offers a diverse range of sounds and themes.

Since his music debut in 2014, Victor AD has captivated audiences with hits like ‘Wetin We Gain’, earning him widespread recognition for his talent and authenticity. With ‘Realness Over Hype’, he continues to solidify his place in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.

Listen to Album:

Davido Champions Music Education: Launches Faculty at Ugandan University

The International University of East Africa in Uganda welcomed a significant addition to its academic offerings as Afrobeats sensation Davido unveiled a new music and arts faculty.

Through a series of Instagram posts, the award-winning singer shared glimpses of the inauguration ceremony held on March 28. Alongside establishing the faculty, Davido was also honoured with a dedicated hall bearing his name.

This venture marks Davido’s ongoing commitment to supporting music education across Africa. During his stay in Uganda, where he is scheduled to perform at the Kololo Independence Grounds, Davido’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering artistic growth shines through.

This initiative follows Davido’s philanthropic gesture in 2018, when he generously donated $5,000 to a music school in Rwanda. Reflecting on his visit, Davido expressed how the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm of the people he encountered inspired him to invest in their future. Through his continued efforts, Davido exemplifies a dedication to empowering aspiring musicians and artists across the continent.

Biden’s Declaration of Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ Sparks Outrage

President Joe Biden’s announcement that Easter Sunday would also be recognized as Transgender Day of Visibility has ignited controversy, with critics accusing him of disrespecting Christianity.

Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy questioned the timing of the decision, as Easter Sunday coincided with the transgender tribute day. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson condemned the move, stating it betrayed the essence of Easter. Despite March 31 being designated as Transgender Day of Visibility, Easter Sunday had not aligned with it for at least a decade.

Biden, a devout Catholic, defended his decision, emphasizing the inclusion of transgender Americans in the nation’s fabric. He criticized Republican efforts to enact laws targeting transgender individuals and highlighted the ongoing violence against transgender women and girls, particularly those of color.

Conservatives, including Senator Tom Cotton and Senator Tommy Tuberville, expressed outrage, with some labeling Democrats as a “Satanic cult” and calling the decision a disgrace. Republican Senate candidate Jim Banks and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene also condemned Biden’s actions, accusing him of mocking faith.

Controversy further erupted over restrictions on religious imagery in submissions for the traditional Easter Egg Roll event, drawing criticism from those who felt the religious significance of Easter should be respected. Critics argued that Easter, a Christian holiday, should embrace religious symbols at the event. Conservative voices lamented what they saw as an attack on America’s heritage and Christian values.

Overall, Biden’s decision to recognize Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday and the limitations on religious symbols at the Easter Egg Roll event have sparked a heated debate over religious freedom and cultural traditions.

Ndokwa House: We Remain Grateful To Okowa, Gov Oborevwori, NNU PG Ndubuisi Affirms


The President General of the pan Ndokwa nation socio-cultural organization, the Ndokwa Neku Union ( NNU), Brig Gen Mike Ndubuisi (rtd), has paid glowing tributes to immediate past Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, for taking up the construction of the Ndokwa house, and Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, for sustaining the project to its present status of completion.

He equally placed on record the invaluable contributions of prominent Ndokwa sons such as Deputy Governor, Sir Monday Onyeme, Engr Austin Avuru, and Mr Achi Okechukwu which led to the extra ten plots of land to extend the size of the premises of the Ndokwa house from the initial ten to the present, twenty plots. 

Speaking during the  2024 General Assembly of the Union at the Ndokwa house in Kwale, headquarters of Ndokwa West local government, on good Friday 29th March 2024, the NNU President General noted that the last general assembly of the socio-cultural body held in December 2020 under the auspices of a Caretaker committee which midwife the election of the current leadership led by him, but due to paucity of funds, it had not been possible to hold an AGM since then.

Gen Ndubisi (rtd) said the 2024 General Assembly with the theme: “Ndokwa Today and Tomorrow “, is aimed at self-assessment of the current standing of the Ndokwa nation in the scheme of things.

While noting that it is pertinent to interrogate her progress via where they ( Ndokwa) were yesterday, are today, and are expected to be tomorrow, the NNU PG also reeled out his scorecard to include the body, ‘s demand for an Ndokwa son to be considered as Deputy Governor which has materialized by the appointment of Sir Monday Onyeme, as well as other key positions in the state.

He urged Ndokwans to protect and uphold their cherished values and heritage, adding that he is optimistic about a glorious future for the Ndokwa nation, going forward.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the 2024 Ndokwa Neku Union General Assembly, Rear Admiral Mike Ojinika Onah (rtd), OON, sued for unity among the people of Ndokwa, stressing that divisive tendencies should not be allowed to take root if the development of the Ndokwa nation is to be guaranteed.

The keynote speaker, Engr Austin Avuru, while speaking on the theme “Ndokwa: Today and Tomorrow “, was unequivocal that education, entrepreneurship, political participation, as well as being each other, ‘s keeper, formed the four planks upon which the theme could be actualized in Ndokwa nation.

He tasked the Gen Ndubisi-led NNU leadership to leverage its achievements of dialoguing for what he described as the “best representation of Ndokwa today” which boasts of a Deputy Governor, MD of DESOPADEC, and Commissioner for Finance, among others.

In one of the goodwill messages, the representative of the Association of Ndokwa Professionals in Academia and Rector, Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi uku, Bldr Professor Achuenu, assured NNU that the body, comprising over 40 Professors and more than 96 Doctorate holders, will collaborate with the apex socio-cultural body in the area of educational advancement and opportunities for Ndokwa students and aspiring one.

Achuenu also noted that with the recent Federal Government approval of a Federal University of Medical and Health Sciences in Ndokwa land, the best is yet to come for the people of the area.

2024 Ndokwa Neku General Assembly: Tlilje Honored with NNU Merit Award


For his unwavering support to the Ndokwa nation and uncommon philanthropic gestures, the Delta State Commissioner for Finance, Sir Fidelis Okenmor Tilije, has earned a meritorious award of excellence from the pan socio-cultural body of the Ndokwa nation, the Ndokwa Neku Union ( NNU).

Sir Tilije received the prestigious merit award of excellence, during the 2024 Ndokwa Neku Union General Assembly held on Friday, March 29th, 2024, at the Ndokwa House, kwale, headquarters of Ndokwa West Local government area.

According to the NNU, the awardee has made his mark in all spheres of Ndokwa endeavour, from community development, attraction of infrastructure, support for the NNU and worthy causes of the Ndokwa nation, his legion acts of philanthropy, as well as being a worthy son of Ndokwa nation who has never been found wanting in the discharge of his duties as the Commissioner for Finance in the immediate past administration of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, as well as the current one of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, till date.

Presenting the award to Sir Fidelis Tilije, the President General of Ndokwa Neku Union ( NNU), Brig Gen Mike Ndubisi ( rtd), commended the awardee for being a worthy son of Ndokwa land.

In his brief remarks, an elated Tilije said he was pleasantly surprised that his modest achievements were noticed by the apex body of Ndokwa nation, to deserve his being nominated for the award of excellence.

He said the recognition by Ndokwa Neku Union will spur him to do his utmost best for his people, going forward, adding that he is proud to be a Ndokwa man.

Green Light: Germany to Partially Legalize Cannabis Starting Monday

Germany is poised to take a significant step in cannabis legalization as Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition government prepares to implement its flagship pledge.

Starting April 1, individuals will be allowed to carry up to 25 grams of dried cannabis for personal use, alongside provisions for home cultivation with a limit of three plants per adult and 50 grams of dried cannabis.

Despite these changes, accessing cannabis won’t be straightforward due to restrictions. Smoking will be prohibited within 100 meters of schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, and public sports facilities. Additionally, smoking will be banned in pedestrian zones between 7 am and 8 pm.

Looking ahead, Germany plans to establish regulated cannabis cultivation associations, known as “cannabis clubs,” by July 1. These clubs will have membership limits and sales quotas, aiming to offer legal avenues for obtaining the drug.

However, access will be restricted to residents who have lived in Germany for at least six months, shutting out tourists.

While the government hopes to address health risks associated with cannabis through legalization, the move faces criticism from medical associations and health groups. Regional authorities are also concerned about the bureaucratic burden of reversing past sentences and fines under the new law.

With opposition leader Friedrich Merz already threatening to repeal the law if his party regains power in 2025, Germany’s journey towards cannabis legalization appears to be fraught with challenges.

Enforcing Anti-Open Grazing Law Lacks Teeth In Delta

Delta State’s enactment of the Livestock, Rearing, and Marketing Regulation Law 2021 was intended to address the longstanding issue of open grazing. However, the glaring absence of effective enforcement has rendered the law virtually toothless, allowing herders to continue flouting its provisions with impunity.

Despite the clear stipulations of the law, such as the prohibition of livestock movement on foot and the requirement for transportation by vehicle during specified hours, the state has failed to establish a robust mechanism for monitoring compliance. As a result, herders persist in openly grazing their cattle within communities, disregarding the established regulations.

Moreover, the penalties outlined in the legislation for non-compliance are insufficient to deter offenders. A mere fine of N300,000 or six months’ imprisonment for a first offence, and N500,000 or one year’s imprisonment for subsequent offences, falls short of conveying the seriousness of the violation. Furthermore, the provision for impoundment of livestock lacks teeth, as the imposed fine of N100,000 per animal pales in comparison to the potential profits derived from illegal grazing practices.

The failure of the Delta State government to establish a dedicated task force tasked with enforcing the anti-open grazing law raises questions about its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the interests of its citizens. Without adequate enforcement measures in place, the law remains little more than a symbolic gesture, incapable of effecting meaningful change on the ground.

In light of these shortcomings, it is imperative that the Delta State government takes immediate and decisive action to bolster enforcement efforts. This may involve the allocation of resources to establish a specialized task force, equipped with the necessary authority and resources to monitor compliance and mete out appropriate penalties to violators.

Until such measures are implemented, the specter of open grazing will continue to loom large over Delta State, posing a threat to the livelihoods and safety of its residents. The time for rhetoric and empty promises has passed; what is needed now is tangible action to enforce the anti-open grazing law and restore the rule of law in the state.

Okuama Tragedy: Ewu Monarch Escorted to Abuja by Army After Surrendering to Police


Following his surrender to the police in Asaba on Thursday, HRM Clement Ikolo, the Ovie of Ewu kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, was flown to Abuja by the Army.

Accompanied by senior military officers, including the Commanding Officer of the 63 Brigade, Nigeria Army, and the Delta State Police Commissioner.

The monarch was escorted to the Asaba International Airport. He boarded an Air Peace airline, and the plane departed from Asaba Airport at approximately 9:10 am bound for Abuja.

It was gathered that the Delta State Police Command handed over the king to the Army after he was declared wanted along with seven others by the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, March 28, 2024. They were wanted in connection with the killing of 17 soldiers at Okuama.

Oyede Traditional Council Partners DSCHC in a Historic Visit

Traditional rulers and other leaders in various communities have been called upon to key into the Programmes of the Delta State Contributory Health Commission to enable indigent persons in their locality, to enjoy free healthcare.

The Director General of the Delta State Contributory Health Commission, Dr Isaac Akpoveta made the call in his office in Asaba, when he played host to the Oyede Traditional Rulers Council, from Isoko North Local Government Area.

Dr Akpoveta thanked the Royal Majesty, the Odio-Ologbo of Oyede kingdom and his entourage for the visit, describing it as historic, as he said it was the first time a traditional ruler was paying a courtesy visit on the Commission.

The Director General intimated his Royal Majesty and his entourage of the activities of the Commission since its establishment by the Okowa administration, adding that the Delta State Contributory Health Scheme has remained one of the foremost social health insurance, with a record of over 2 million enrollees.

He urged indigenes residing within and outside Oyede, including those in the diaspora to key into the Indigent Enrollee Adoption Programme of the commission, by buying and encouraging others to buy health insurance for indigent persons around them.

Dr. Akpoveta said rather than spending so much on burial, there was a need to focus more on sponsoring indigent and vulnerable persons to receive healthcare services in healthcare facilities nearest to them, to enable people to live longer and healthier.

While emphasizing the need for increased awareness, especially on the government health support for communities, he enjoined all to join hands and support the commission to enable it to achieve its mandate of quality and affordable healthcare delivery to residents of the state.

The Odio-Ologbo of Oyede kingdom, HRM Idiareh Joseph Emasibeta iv, commended the DG for his doggedness, passion and humanitarian disposition, saying that they were satisfied with his work so far.

The traditional ruler thanked the Governor of Delta State for appointing Olorogun Akpoveta as the DG of the commission, expressing confidence in his ability to effectively deliver on his mandate, given his antecedents and personality.

The event had in attendance, Directors in the Commission.

Newly wedded Wife Allegedly Bathes Her Husband with Boiling Water Over Phone Calls


In Kontangora Local Government Area of Niger State, a newlywed couple’s bliss turned to horror when a disagreement over phone calls escalated into a violent confrontation. Amina Abashe, the newly wedded wife, allegedly injured her husband, Shehu Abdullahi, with boiling water during the altercation.

Abdullahi, speaking from his hospital bed at Kontagora General Hospital to Daily Trust, recounted the sequence of events. Their marriage, solemnized two months prior following Abdullahi’s previous spouse’s passing, took a dark turn due to Abashe’s refusal to move into their shared home.

Trouble brewed on a Tuesday evening when Abashe summoned Abdullahi to their residence, where she shockingly declared her intent to end the marriage, citing another suitor ready to repay Abdullahi’s dowry. Suspicions arose when Abdullahi claimed to have witnessed Abashe conversing with a man over the phone during their confrontation.

The confrontation escalated when Abdullahi attempted to retrieve the phone, prompting Abashe to brandish a knife in a threatening manner. Fortunately, Abdullahi managed to disarm her. However, Abashe resorted to a horrifying act of pouring boiling water on Abdullahi in a fit of rage.

Abdullahi’s account unveils a tumultuous tale of betrayal and violence, leaving him hospitalized and grappling with the emotional aftermath of the incident.

Solidstar Releases New Track ‘Depression’ Sharing Mental Health Journey

Nigerian music sensation, Solidstar, has unveiled his latest track titled ‘Depression’, where he candidly shares his battles with mental health struggles and how he emerged victorious.

Breaking the news via his social media platform on Friday, Solidstar poured his heart out, expressing gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support during his darkest moments.

In his heartfelt message, he acknowledged the rollercoaster of highs and lows in his journey, emphasizing the significance of his fans, friends, and family in pulling him through rough patches.

Solidstar didn’t shy away from offering a sincere apology to anyone he might have inadvertently hurt or offended, showcasing his commitment to growth, empathy, and understanding.

Looking ahead, he pledged to utilize his platform not just for music but also to advocate for mental health awareness, spreading positivity with every beat and lyric.

With love and appreciation, Solidstar, also known as Joshua Iniyezo, urged everyone to embrace imperfections, support each other, and stride towards a brighter future together.

Recall, in a preview of an upcoming Honest Bunch podcast episode, the renowned artist revealed his first encounter with “ice” in 2021, introduced to him by a group of young individuals.

Ice, known as crystal methamphetamine, acts as a stimulant, accelerating communication between the brain and body.

The artist described the detrimental effects of the drug, recounting how it influenced him negatively. He expressed that upon consuming it, he would hear a compelling voice prompting him not to pay for items, leading him to feel a sense of grandiosity.

Solidstar shared a harrowing experience of walking from Awoyaya in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, to the Oriental Hotel on Victoria Island, a journey spanning approximately seven hours, while under the influence of the drug.

Reflecting on the ordeal, he lamented, “A lot of things happened to me. A couple of young boys introduced me to this substance called ice. This was three years back. The thing affected me a lot.”

He continued, “Sometimes this substance will tell me you are king, you are this, you are that, make I no dey pay for stuff. Can you imagine say I waka from Awoyaya to Oriental Hotel?”

Serious Accusations: Daphne Joy Claims 50 Cent Assault and Rape Her

Daphne Joy, former partner of hip-hop icon Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, has leveled grave allegations against him, accusing him of assault and rape.

These allegations surfaced after 50 Cent commented on her involvement as a witness in court documents about a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs.

In a detailed Instagram statement, Daphne recounted instances of physical assault she allegedly endured during her time with 50 Cent in New York. She expressed disappointment over his lack of participation in their son’s life and accused him of causing harm to their family.

However, 50 Cent promptly denied the accusations through his representative. He suggested that Daphne’s claims were a reaction to his decision to seek sole custody of their son. He stressed that his main concern is ensuring the safety and well-being of their son amid the legal proceedings involving Diddy.

50 Cent remains focused on creating a secure environment for their son, Sire, amidst the ongoing legal challenges.

Wanted Delta Monarch Surrenders: Handed Over to Military

The traditional ruler of Ewu-Urhobo, His Royal Majesty (HRM), Clement Oghenerukevwe Ikolo, Urhukpe 1, who had been declared wanted by the Nigerian army, Defence Headquarters on Thursday, March 28th, 2024, has been handed over to the army after he reported himself to the Delta State Police Command.

This development was confirmed by reliable sources.

Following his inclusion on the wanted list, the monarch voluntarily surrendered himself to the police on the same Thursday evening, aiming to clear his name regarding the unfortunate incident involving the murder of 17 soldiers near the Okuama community in the Ughelli south local government area of Delta State.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Edafe Bright, confirmed that the traditional ruler was subsequently handed over to the army. “Yes, I can confirm, he was handed over this morning,” stated the police spokesperson.


Exclusive: Oxlade Opens Up About The Dark Side of Music Industry Politics

Oxlade, the Nigerian Afropop artist, has recently disclosed his victimization by senior musicians within the music industry, who attempted to blackmail him.

He further stated that certain influential individuals within the industry have tried to deter people from supporting him.

In a recent freestyle on Glitch Africa, Oxlade expressed his concerns regarding the replication of his musical style and slanderous remarks made about him by his peers. He questioned why he was the target of hostility, as many others have mimicked his style, yet only he has been subject to such treatment.

The artist claimed that he was being blackmailed with private videos before they were leaked and that the perpetrator had been extorting money from him. Consequently, Oxlade lost out on endorsement deals worth over N400 million, and brands withdrew their support.

The aftermath of the scandal affected Oxlade’s mental health, reputation, and brand. He was forced to seek rehabilitation in the United Kingdom for three months. The most significant impact of the scandal was when his grandmother cried due to the situation. Brands distanced themselves from him, citing his unfavourable influence on young people.

Oxlade’s experience highlights the prevalence of blackmail and the challenges faced by creatives in the music industry. The implications of such practices go beyond financial loss and have far-reaching effects on an individual’s mental health, well-being, and reputation.

Watch Oxlade at Glitch Africa:


Air Peace CEO Allen Onyema Argues N200k Salary in Nigeria Surpasses £2k in UK”

Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air Peace, has stirred controversy by suggesting that earning a monthly salary of N200,000 in Nigeria is more advantageous than earning £2,000 in the United Kingdom.

During his appearance on TVC’s Breakfast show, Onyema argued that despite Nigeria’s economic challenges, individuals earning N200,000 in the country are in a better financial position than those earning £2,000 in the UK.

Onyema challenged the conventional belief that the depreciation of the Naira is solely responsible for Nigeria’s economic woes, suggesting that the Nigerian currency holds more value than commonly perceived compared to foreign currencies.

He boldly stated, “In London, earning two thousand pounds a month equates to poverty. The purchasing power of two thousand pounds is equivalent to that of two thousand Naira in Nigeria. Therefore, someone earning two hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is better off.”

Onyema further elaborated his argument by highlighting the lifestyle advantages that come with earning N200,000 in Nigeria, such as the ability to afford domestic help like maids and drivers, which may not be feasible with a £2,000 salary in the UK.

While his remarks have sparked debate, Onyema’s perspective challenges conventional wisdom regarding the comparison of salaries between Nigeria and the UK, prompting a reevaluation of the perceived value of earnings in both countries.

Watch the Video

Cynthia Morgan Calls for Ban on Poor Relationships

Renowned Dancehall and Reggae artiste, Cynthia Morgan, took to her Instagram story to voice her perspective on relationships, suggesting that it should be considered a criminal offence for financially struggling individuals to date each other.

In her post, she elaborated on the three categories of brokenness: financial, mental, and spiritual, emphasizing that while men are naturally inclined to provide, dating between two financially, spiritually, and mentally unstable individuals should be discouraged.

Morgan highlighted the importance of financial stability in relationships, acknowledging that finding a partner who accepts one’s financial situation is fortunate, but she expressed concerns about the compatibility of two financially destitute individuals.

Similarly, in a related development, former Big Brother Naija contestant, Ike Onyema, supports Morgan’s sentiments, urging financially stable individuals to steer clear of relationships with broke partners.

On his Instagram story, he listed five reasons to avoid dating financially challenged individuals, emphasizing their lack of support, gratitude, and sense of entitlement.

Onyema, known for his controversial viewpoints, questioned why anyone would settle for broke partners when there are numerous intelligent and hardworking individuals available for relationships. He emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and appreciative partners, advocating for healthy and mutually beneficial relationships.


Outcry in Ughelli: Parents Condemn Alleged Extortion of Students by Police and Vigilante Group

The parents and guardians of the 16 students from Oharisi Basic Secondary School in Ughelli have expressed their strong disapproval regarding what they perceive as extortion by both the officers of the Nigerian Police Force and the Ughelli Vigilante Group.

The students were taken into custody on suspicion of involvement in the destruction of show glass stands and causing injury to an individual. The aforementioned individuals are deeply concerned about the alleged extortion, and their disapproval is based on the belief that the authorities failed to act in accordance with proper legal procedures.

They claim that authorities demanded a sum of N50,000 from each parent to secure the release of their children.

One parent, speaking anonymously, expressed dismay at the treatment of the students, whom they referred to as juveniles, emphasizing that they were unfairly targeted and innocent of the alleged offense.

Recalling the events, another parent asserted that the students were hastily handed over to the police and subjected to unjust treatment, despite the presence of the school principal during the incident. The parents allege that the authorities’ primary objective appeared to be extracting money from them, rather than addressing the situation fairly.

At the Ughelli ‘A’ Division police station, parents were informed that their children would remain in custody overnight to assess the damages caused and calculate the associated costs. However, upon returning the next day, they were shocked to learn that the authorities demanded an additional N50,000 per student for bail.

Parents expressed frustration, highlighting the financial strain imposed on families, particularly those with limited means. They criticized the lack of due process and fairness in handling the situation, emphasizing that many of the arrested students were innocent bystanders.

Furthermore, parents criticized the actions of the vigilantes, alleging that the arrested students were not directly involved in the incident and were unjustly targeted based solely on their school uniforms.

Amidst the ordeal, some parents resorted to individually securing bail for their children, while others faced challenges raising the required amount. Concerns were raised about the impact on the students’ education, with some parents considering withdrawing their children from the school due to the perceived injustice.

As of now, it remains unclear whether all students have been granted bail, and questions linger regarding the lack of evidence provided by claimants for damages allegedly inflicted by the students.


Okuama Tragedy: Army Hunts Down Suspects, Declares Eight Persons Wanted


In the aftermath of the devastating events in the Okuama community, Delta State, where 17 soldiers lost their lives, the Nigerian Army has intensified efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

On Thursday, the Nigerian Army officially declared eight individuals wanted in connection with the heinous crime, as announced via its official channels.

The list of wanted persons comprises seven men and one woman, namely: Akevwru Daniel Omotegbono, Prof Ekpekpo Arthur, Andaowei Dennis Bakriki, Igoli Ebi (female), Akata Malawa David, Sinclear Oliki, Clement Ikolo Oghenerukevwe, and Reuben Baru.

From background of Okuama Tragedy, nvestigations suggest that the alleged mastermind behind the tragic incident, identified as a militant leader, along with his accomplices, is believed to be operating from Igbomotoru, a riverside community situated in the Southern-Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Despite their fugitive status, efforts to apprehend the suspects have led the Nigerian Army as far as Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, resulting in the recent arrest of three individuals linked to the killings.

The search for the perpetrators has expanded beyond the confines of Delta State, encompassing neighboring states such as Bayelsa and Rivers, with indications of potential extension to other regions if necessary, according to reliable sources.

Speculations surrounding the motives behind the attack extend beyond a mere land dispute between Okuama and Okoloba in Bomadi Local Government Area. Insider accounts hint at underlying tensions related to illegal oil bunkering activities in the region.

Insights from Lt. Col Ali’s endeavors to curb oil theft within his operational jurisdiction further reinforce suspicions of a planned assault on military personnel, raising questions about the true intentions behind the tragedy.

Response from General Musa, CDS:
General Christopher Gwabin Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), has unequivocally directed military forces to apprehend the perpetrators, highlighting the connection between the incident and illicit oil activities.

His remarks underscore a determination to recover lost arms and ensure the prosecution of those responsible.

Moreover, the disclosure of a viral video confession by a militant leader implicating himself in the attack serves as a crucial lead in ongoing investigations, prompting calls for cooperation from state governments and local communities in identifying and apprehending the culprits.

The Army’s stance reflects a firm commitment to upholding justice and safeguarding national security, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in combating such acts of violence.

Recall, the funeral rites for the fallen soldiers, who tragically perished in Delta State on March 14, were solemnly observed on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. The poignant ceremony, held at the National Military Cemetery in Abuja, paid tribute to the courageous servicemen who sacrificed their lives in service to their nation. With full military honours, they were laid to rest, their valour and dedication forever remembered and honoured.


Delta State Health Insurance Scheme: Bridging Gaps Through Community-Based Initiatives

The Director General of the Delta State Contributory Health Commission, Dr Isaac Akpoveta said the Health Insurance Scheme, during his tenure, has embarked on community-based initiatives like the Tertiary Institutions Student Health Insurance Program, the Indigent Enrollee Adoption Program and the Artisan Enrollee Inducement Initiative.

Dr Akpoveta outlined the various initiatives of the commission as well as updates on their progress and plans while interacting with journalists in Asaba recently.

During the interactive session, he gave an overview of the different categories of the programmes and how they are been designed to accommodate every resident in the state.

Outlining the different programmes, the DG said the Indigent Enrollee Adoption Initiative aims to cover all residents of the state while the Artisan Enrollee Inducement Initiative aims to encourage the artisans in the state to be able to key into the scheme through a provision of soft loans that will be sponsored by banks to all artisans in the state.

The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) aims to encourage the students in all the Tertiary institutions in the state to also have access to quality healthcare. Dr Akpoveta states that the TISHIP offers students the opportunity to receive healthcare services outside the school premises or anywhere within the state.

The Director General also mentioned that the commission has partnered with organizations and banks to improve the healthcare infrastructure and plans for future expansion.

He encouraged every well-to-do individual to assist their families and friends to subscribe to the scheme by helping them with the registration fee. Putting it that they can decide to pay for a certain number of persons in their community as a social responsibility to the community.

According to him “During the initial stages of implementation, our efforts were focused on improving maternal and child health outcomes, which were previously inadequate. Over time, we developed a legal framework, akin to an empire’s decree, to guide our actions.

This vision materialized into a tangible structure, symbolized by the tower erected in February 2016. As we began constructing this structure, it became evident that our government lacked a solid organizational framework. Despite this challenge, our registered hospitals were established across the region, and we commenced the transfer of patients for treatment and care.

“Today, we are proud to report significant progress with just Seven Thousand Naira. Just this week, we surpassed the milestone of providing healthcare services to over 2 million people for relief through our initiatives in the state.

“Our efforts have been recognized and validated, with social media serving as a platform to showcase our programs. We are particularly pleased to note the positive impact on university students, who now benefit from our services through their school fees. This transformation is evident in the increasing number of beneficiaries who have accessed healthcare without financial constraints.

“However, our work does not end here. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. To this end, we have initiated various programs, including the adoption of indigent individuals and support for artisans, to ensure equitable access to healthcare. Additionally, we have launched a health insurance scheme tailored for students, further expanding coverage and support.

“These initiatives reflect our dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, with a focus on marginalized communities. As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to positively impact lives and contribute to the well-being of our society. We are grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners and stakeholders, and we welcome any questions or feedback as we strive to achieve our goals. Thank you.”

Delta State’s N7,000 Healthcare Insurance Paves the Way for Quality Care


The Director General of Delta State Contributory Health Commission, Dr Isaac Akpoveta said the state government has broken the barriers for healthcare care challenges after taking the bold step towards Universal Healthcare Access with just Seven Thousand Naira (N7,000) for Quality Care services delivery.

He said the state’s Inclusive Health Insurance Schemes are to empower communities with a holistic healthcare approach ranging from Maternal Care to Artisan Support and Student health insurance.

Dr Akpoveta outlined the various healthcare insurance schemes of the commission as well as updates on their progress and plans while interacting with journalists in Asaba recently.

During the interactive session, he gives an overview of the different categories of the programmes and how they are been designed to accommodate every resident in the state.

Outlining the different schemes, the DG said the Indigent Enrollee Adoption Initiative aims to cover all indigenes of the state while the Artisan Enrollee Inducement Initiative aims to encourage the artisans in the state to be able to cue into the scheme through a provision of soft loans that will be sponsored by banks to all artisans in the state.

The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) aimed to encourage the students in all the Tertiary institutions in the state to also have access to quality healthcare, Dr Akpoveta states that the TISHIP offers students the opportunity to receive healthcare services outside the school premises or anywhere within the state.

The Director General also mentioned that the commission has partnerships with organizations and banks, to improve the healthcare infrastructure and plans for future expansion.

He encouraged every well-to-do individual to assist their families and friends to subscribe to the scheme by helping them with the registration fee. Putting it that they can decide to pay for a certain number of persons in their community as a social responsibility to the community.

According to him “During the initial stages of implementation, our efforts were focused on improving maternal and child health outcomes, which were previously inadequate. Over time, we developed a legal framework, akin to an empire’s decree, to guide our actions.

This vision materialized into a tangible structure, symbolized by the tower erected in February 2016. As we began constructing this structure, it became evident that our government lacked a solid organizational framework. Despite this challenge, our registered hospitals were established across the region, and we commenced the transfer of patients for treatment and care.

“Today, we are proud to report significant progress with just Seven Thousand Naira. Just this week, we surpassed the milestone of providing healthcare services to over 2 million people for relief through our initiatives in the state.

“Our efforts have been recognized and validated, with social media serving as a platform to showcase our programs. We are particularly pleased to note the positive impact on university students, who now benefit from our services through their school fees. This transformation is evident in the increasing number of beneficiaries who have accessed healthcare without financial constraints.

“However, our work does not end here. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. To this end, we have initiated various programs, including the adoption of indigent individuals and support for artisans, to ensure equitable access to healthcare. Additionally, we have launched a health insurance scheme tailored for students, further expanding coverage and support.

“These initiatives reflect our dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, with a focus on marginalized communities. As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to positively impact lives and contribute to the well-being of our society. We are grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners and stakeholders, and we welcome any questions or feedback as we strive to achieve our goals. Thank you.”

Sheikh Gumi Under Fire: Government Challenges Banditry Comments


Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, finds himself under the scrutiny of the Nigerian government, led by President Bola Tinubu, as they summon him to address his remarks regarding the activities of bandits in the country.

Minister of Information and Orientation, Mohammed Idris, in a briefing at the State House in Abuja on Monday, emphasized that Gumi is subject to the law and warrants questioning, underscoring the government’s stance on maintaining order and security.

Gumi, known for his efforts to engage with bandits and negotiate for the release of hostages, drew attention to the need for a holistic approach to address the banditry crisis.

He likened the situation to the amnesty granted to militants in the Niger Delta region, suggesting that similar measures could be effective in pacifying the bandits. However, he also criticized the military’s aggressive tactics, stating that it has only fueled the conflict further.

Advocating for socio-economic strategies over purely militaristic ones, Gumi emphasized the importance of dialogue and cooperation with non-kinetic methods taking precedence. Drawing parallels to past conflicts, he highlighted the success of amnesty programs in quelling violence and restoring stability.

Despite his efforts to engage with bandits and seek peaceful resolutions, Gumi’s statements have sparked controversy and led to government intervention, reflecting the complexities of addressing insurgency and extremism in Nigeria.

Davido and Amaju Pinnick Resolve ‘Warri Again’ Dispute

After a period of legal dispute, an amicable resolution has been reached between David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, and the Amaju Pinnick-led Brownhill Investment Company Limited.

In October 2023, reports emerged of a lawsuit filed against Davido by Brownhill Investments for alleged breach of contract regarding his performance at the ‘Warri Again’ concert. Despite being paid $94,600, Davido did not fulfill his obligations, prompting legal action seeking N2.3bn in damages.

To settle the matter outside of court, Davido agreed to pay the claimant N30 million within seven days, partially covering legal fees. Additionally, he committed to perform at the upcoming ‘Warri Again’ concert on October 4, 2024, with the $94,500 previously paid considered as payment for the event.

Both parties resolved miscommunication issues and agreed to publicly announce the settlement on social media. Furthermore, Davido’s team withdrew their appeal against the court ruling, solidifying the agreement.

In return, Brownhill Investments will provide a private jet, accommodations, and logistical support for Davido’s performance at the 2024 concert. These terms, once adopted by both parties’ counsel, will be binding and immediately effective.

Constitutional Clash: Rivers State Lawmakers Enacts Law Against Governor’s Wishes


In a dramatic turn of events, the Rivers State House of Assembly clashed with Governor Siminalayi Fubara as they pushed forward a new legislation without his approval.

The contentious law, known as the Rivers State House of Assembly Service Commission Amendment Law, was championed by a majority of lawmakers aligned with Minister Nyesom Wike.

During an emergency session, House Majority Leader Hon Major Jack highlighted Governor Fubara’s failure to act on the bill within the stipulated 30-day period. Citing constitutional provisions, he urged the assembly to exercise its authority and override the governor’s inaction.

Speaker Martin Amaewhule called for a debate, leading to a decisive vote in favor of bypassing the governor’s assent. This marked the second instance where Pro-Wike lawmakers defied Governor Fubara’s stance.

The newly enacted law grants the House of Assembly enhanced powers, including the authority to appoint key personnel within the Assembly Service Commission. This move reinforces the assembly’s autonomy and underscores the ongoing power struggle between the legislative and executive branches of Rivers State government.

Nkechi Chukwura Leads Prayer Session for Delta’s Widows and Indigent Women, Alongside Donating Food Items


As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Executive Assistant To Governor Sheriff Oborevwori on Women Mobilization, Hon. Nkechi Chukwurah, has doled out food items and gifts to widows and Indigent women of Delta State.

Also, following the recent unrest in the state occasioned by the killing of soldiers in Okuama axis and protest by okada riders in Asaba, the women also used the opportunity to cry to God in prayers, calling on him to bring peace, safeguard the governor and let his governance be fruitful.

Speaking during the empowerment programme that took place on tuesday in Government House, Asaba, the Governor aide, disclosed that the event was organized to support and encouraged women to invest in themselves and pray for the State.

According to her, the focus of the gathering was to pray for peace to reign in the state, starting with God’s protection over the governor, a fruitful reign, devoid of distraction and bloodbath of any sort.

It was an awesome experience of intercession for the peace and unity of Nigeria, as she urged the women not to relent on their struggles but channel more effort to invest in themselves.

The praise worship styled event anchored on lectures and teachings drawn from the Holy Bible and delivered by Sister Amaka Umeh, who admonished women to increase their prayer abilities and to be able to discern God’s true spirit and messages, saying that “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

The women who came in their numbers also took turn in praying for the MORE Agenda to excel just as they commit the Governor unto God’s hand asking God to direct him in piloting the affairs of the State.

She said, international Women’s day, is celebrated to draw attention to and enhance the focus on women in historical studies. It is a day when women are celebrated for their achievements, irrespective of national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political differences.

” it is obvious that the globe is facing many crises, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change. These challenges according to reports, can only be addressed by solutions that empower women. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all.

She motivated the women saying,
we should develop a ‘war room’ using our resolve and powers to fight against all those fighting this present administration in order to usher in a truly egalitarian state we all yearn for. This pivotal step must be taken.

She said, the present situation of chaos, lawlessness and unrest being experienced in Nigeria can only be turned around through fervent prayers to God Almighty and faith in the Holy teachings.

While espousing on the significant role of women in the Holy Bible who sucessfully restored God’s presence in the lives of the people in order to safeguard the society, through dedicated and sustained prayers of faith to God, she advised women not to be complacent in exercising the motherhood.

“We’ve endured enough with the devil. Now is the time to defeat evil in our society.”

Also to make this enduring as well as bear the expected fruit, let us commence first by restructuring ourselves as a people. No matter how beautiful a policy appears, no matter how strong an institution tends to be, we always have deconstructionists who can undermine it. Bearing this in mind, our primary concern should be to work out modalities for instituting a reorientation plan that will erase the unpatriotic tendencies in us as well as usher in a robust state. she stressed.

The recipients expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the convener, appreciating her for remembering the women, most especially the Widows popularly called ‘Jesus wives’.

Speaking with one of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Wisdom Ekuruemu, she said, ” Our hearts are filled with joy as we did not expect the gesture. Receiving the cash gifts, Wisdom Ekuruemu was filled with tears of joy that he could not express fully his words of appreciation but thanked the convener for the timely intervention.

At the end of the section, she gave the women food items and other household items in commemoration of international women’s day adding that, another edition of the event will be communicated to the public.

IPC to Lead Discussion on Rebuilding Trust in Nigerian Electoral System


The International Press Centre (IPC), based in Lagos, Nigeria, lead implementing partner of Component 4 (Support to Media) under the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Phase 2 (EUSDGN II) project, announces its upcoming major forum.

Scheduled for Monday, March 25, 2024, this event will convene about 100 electoral stakeholders to address the critical theme of “Rebuilding Trust in the Electoral Processes, Institutions and Elections.”

Following the success of the inaugural session held in Abuja, this subsequent edition of the media and civil society-driven forum aims to further stimulate meaningful discussions on how to reinforce commitments and approaches to multi-stakeholder collaboration for enhancing confidence in electoral processes. The initiative is also being embarked upon ahead of the off-cycle governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States later this year and preparatory activities towards the 2027 general elections.

The forum seeks to gather submissions and recommendations on how diverse stakeholders, including the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Media, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Law Enforcement Agencies, Political Party Leaders, Youth, Women, and the Public, can effectively fulfil their roles and collaborate to enhance the integrity of the electoral process in Nigeria.

Prof. Isaac Albert of the University of Ibadan will present the lead paper at the event, which will be chaired by Prof. Okey Ibeanu, a former INEC National Commissioner. The event will receive special remarks from the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and EU Ambassador Samuela Isopi, among others. The event shall also be moderated by renowned broadcaster, Mr. Ambrose Somide of Raypower FM.

Mr Lanre Arogundade, the Executive Director of IPC, in a statement, emphasised the importance of transparent elections in bolstering citizens’ trust in the electoral system, particularly in developing democracies like Nigeria. He highlighted the correlation between encountering obstacles during elections and reduced confidence in elected officials, often leading to participation in activities opposing the ruling regime.

In anticipation of the forthcoming collaboration with key election stakeholders, especially the media, Mr Arogundade reiterated the commitment to engaging in proposals and contributions aimed at enhancing public trust in Nigeria’s electoral system. This collaboration seeks to foster constructive discussions, address challenges, and work towards improving the overall integrity and transparency of elections in Nigeria.

Participation in the dialogue is also expected from various sectors, including the leadership of INEC, Political Parties represented by the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), key institutions such as the National Orientation Agency and Security Agencies, as well as representatives from traditional and religious bodies, CSOs, the European Union (EU) Delegation, EUSDGN Partners, Labour Unions, and Community Leaders.

This initiative is supported by the European Union. For media inquiries or further information, please contact Olutoyin Ayoade, Communications Officer, IPC,

About IPC: The International Press Centre (IPC) is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting media freedom, democracy, and transparency in Nigeria.

About EUSDGN II: The European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Phase 2 (EUSDGN II) project aims to strengthen democratic governance, accountability, and electoral processes in Nigeria through various interventions and partnerships.

WhatsApp Improves Chat Accessibility: Users Can Now Pin Up to Three Messages for Swift Retrieval


WhatsApp users are now empowered to enhance their conversations by pinning up to three crucial messages for durations spanning from 24 hours to 30 days.

These pinned messages transform prominent banners, ensuring effortless accessibility and heightened visibility.

According to the latest update, when multiple messages warrant pinning, the banner efficiently consolidates them, displaying the total count while prioritizing the most recent pin. Navigating through these pinned messages is simplified, with a mere tap on the banner revealing subsequent pinned content.

The pinning process varies across different devices. Android users utilize a long press followed by a selection from the ‘More options’ menu to specify the pin duration. Similarly, iPhone users execute a long press, navigate to ‘More options’, and select the desired pin duration. Meanwhile, Web and Desktop users locate the target message, access the menu, opt for ‘Pin message’, and designate the pin duration accordingly.

Unpinning messages is a straightforward task, requiring a simple tap followed by the selection of ‘Unpin’ to revert their status.

Within group settings, administrators wield authority to authorize members to pin messages. Through adjustments in group settings, admins can regulate who possesses the privilege of pinning messages within the group.

Upon pinning a message within a group chat, a system-generated message disseminates the pin event, notifying all participants of the pinned message and the identity of the individual responsible for its pinning.

Despite these advanced functionalities, certain limitations persist. Participants who join the group post-pinning, those who have cleared their chat history, or those who deleted the message before pinning will be unable to access the pinned content.

Rural Electrification Fund Boss, Doris Uboh Declares End to Failed Projects Era: Firm Action Ahead


The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is set to turn the tide on past failures, assures Executive Director of Rural Electrification Fund (REF), Hon Engr Doris Uboh.

Addressing stakeholders in the power industry during an interactive session, Hon Engr Doris Uboh emphasized the importance of undertaking projects within one’s capacity and expertise.

Expressing readiness to collaborate with local stakeholders, Hon Uboh criticized the reliance on external solutions, advocating for Nigerian-led initiatives to address power sector challenges.

“I’m heartened by the shared passion among us to make Nigeria work,” she remarked, highlighting the detrimental effects of foreign interventions and the potential of Nigerian expertise to solve power issues.

Pointing to the widespread impact of power instability, Hon Uboh stressed the government’s commitment to resolving these issues promptly.

Highlighting the importance of upholding contractual agreements, Hon Uboh reiterated a zero-tolerance policy towards project failures, promising support to developers facing challenges within REA’s jurisdiction.

“Efficiency and accountability are non-negotiable,” she asserted, warning against overcommitment and emphasizing the agency’s determination to ensure project success.

In attendance were notable stakeholders including Mr Alapa Hyacinth, Mr Oke Ogbaudu, Engr Canice Emeka Obi, Engr Donald Igudia, Dr Sunday Orishedere, Ms Laura Ogbareno Buwa-Udah, Pastor Norbert Akachukwu Sochukwudinma, and Gladys Agada.

Delta Assembly Calls for Statewide Styrofoam Ban


Worried by the inherent health and environmental hazards associated with the Styrofoam also known as polystyrene, the Delta State House of Assembly, DTHA, has called for its ban in the State.

The House in a resolution adopted at plenary, presided over by the Speaker, Rt Hon Emomotimi Guwor, called on the State Governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to ban the use of the product in Delta State which they noted, is hazardous to human life as well as poses great danger to the environment.

The resolution was sequel to a motion to that effect, sponsored on the floor of the House by the Minority Leader and Member Representing Uvwie Constituency, Hon Edafe Emakpor.

Hon Emakpor in the motion, urged the house to call on the State Governor to direct the ministries of Health, Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as other relevant government Agencies to immediately prohibit the usage of Styrofoam in the state.

The Lawmaker explained that the prohibition of styrofoam which is a petroleum based plastic, made from styrene monomer, and used as cups, plates and other form of packaging for food and beverages in homes, hotels, restaurants, fast foods outlets and social gatherings, will prevent an impending health and environmental disaster.

Emakpor in the motion further called for an engagement of manufacturers and distributors of styrofoam in the State to produce an alternative disposable paper cups and plates, even as he called for the constitution of a task force to monitor and enforce compliance.

He also stressed the need for the Ministry of Information and the Delta State Bureau for Orientation to sensitize and educate Deltans on the dangers associated with the use of styrofoam.

The Lawmaker added that it was the primary duty of government to ensure welfare and safety of the people as enshrined in Section 14 (2B) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as altered, emphasizing that the Delta Assembly must live up to expectations.

“The issue of public health must be given the attention it deserves. Styrofoam also known as polystyrene has scientifically proven to be hazardous in all manifestations.

“There is an urgent need for the State Governor, His Excellency, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to direct ban of its use in Delta State.

“I therefore urge you my dear colleagues to support this motion, for this House to call on the Governor to prohibit the use of Styrofoam in the state to save lives as well as prevent impending environmental disaster”, Emakpor emphasized.

The Deputy Speaker, Arthur Akpowowo, Majority Leader, Emeka Nwaobi, Deputy Majority Leader, Festus Okoh, Chief Whip, Perkins Umukoro as well as members representing Okpe and Ndokwa West, James Augoye and Charles Emetulu, stressed on the negative implication of styrofoam on the overall well being of humans and environment.

Other Lawmakers who spoke including the Member Representing Isoko South 2, Ferguson Onwo, Oshimili North, Frank Ensenwa, Warri South 1, Austin Uroye, Warri South 2, Benson Obire and Ughelli North 2, Spencer Ohwofa, said the chemical contained in it poses cancerous substance, hence the need for its immediate ban to save lives.

Speaker, Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, directed the Clerk of the House, Otto Aghoghophia as well as the Assembly Committee on Legisl Compliance to ensure compliance with the resolution.

Okuama/Okoloba: UPU Youth Wing And IYC Presidents Meet Calls For Caution And Restraint


Activist Blessed Oghenero Ughere, National President of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Youth Wing Worldwide and Sir Johnathan Lokpobiri, Snr, National President of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, today met in Yenagoa in Bayelsa State in finding lasting peace and unity among the Urhobo and Ijaw Nations in Niger Delta region, called for caution and restraint.

The duo leaders regretted and condoled with the Nigeria Army and innocent citizens who loss their lives in the heinous crime and gruesome murdered of four army officers and thirteen soldiers, and civilians at Okuama community in Ughelli South LGA of Delta State.

They called for a total caution and restraint of the military reprisal on the two Urhobo and Ijaw communities, while manhunt for the suspects are collaboratively done.

Also, Activist Ughere and Sir Olokpobiri retaliated on the peaceful coexistence of the Urhobo and Ijaw Nations as aged long relationship and sue for a peaceful resolutions to the Okuama and Okoloba communities communal clash.

“There is no war between the Urhobo and the Ijaw nations in Delta State, although there is a little boundary misunderstanding between the Okuama and Okoloba communities but not in a war situation, that is the reason we are here to talk because it is only in Animal kingdom they war without talking to each other, we are here to engage ourselves on a peaceful talk to advance our friendship and promote genuine peace among our people, let join hands together to speak for caution and restraint to avoid more loss of lives and properties.

“It is appalling that, our society today is depending more on war welfare instrumentality than intellectual means of resolution.

“I remember when Warri was the oil business hub in the Niger Delta region, the Urhobos, Ijaws Itsekiri, Isokos were beneficials of the Oil boom before relocating to Lagos, so let work together for a genuine peace so that developments and investments can continue to strive in our region”, said Olokpobiri

On his part, Activist Blessed Oghenero Ughere he said, “the Urhobos and Ijaw have aged relationships and intermarried, it will interest you to know that 30% of the Okuama indigenes married to Okoloba same of Okoloba community too.

“Precious lives have been cut short in this avoidable crisis and collateral lost incurred, we must speak with one voice in unity to end this crisis and work together for the lasting peace of our region”.

Delta Lawmakers Push for Styrofoam Ban Amid Health Concerns


Concerned about the health risks and environmental dangers posed by Styrofoam, also known as polystyrene, legislators in the Delta State House of Assembly have urged for its prohibition in the state.

During a session chaired by Speaker Rt. Hon Emomotimi Guwor, the assembly passed a resolution urging Governor Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori to enforce a ban on Styrofoam, citing its detrimental effects on human health and the environment.

The motion, spearheaded by Minority Leader Hon Edafe Emakpor, emphasized the urgency of the matter and called for collaboration with relevant government agencies to ensure compliance.

Emakpor highlighted the need for alternative packaging materials and proposed the formation of a task force to oversee the transition. He also stressed the importance of public education to raise awareness about the risks associated with Styrofoam usage.

Echoing Emakpor’s concerns, other lawmakers emphasized the government’s responsibility to safeguard public health and the environment. They underscored the carcinogenic properties of Styrofoam and urged swift action to mitigate its impact.

Speaker Guwor instructed the assembly clerk and the Legislative Compliance Committee to ensure the implementation of the resolution, signaling the assembly’s commitment to addressing this pressing issue.

Betrayal Unveiled: Married Woman Fakes Kidnapping, Allegedly Conspires and Shares Ransom with Secret Lover

In a shocking turn of events, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command recently apprehended a woman for orchestrating her kidnapping and extorting money from her husband, with whom she shares a secret lover.

Revealing the details, Commissioner of Police, Bennett Igweh, disclosed that the suspect, pregnant at the time of her arrest, was brought to their attention by her husband, Chiedozie Ubah.

According to Igweh, the husband reported to the police on March 11, stating that his wife had left for a hospital appointment but never returned home. Subsequently, the husband received a distressing call from his wife, claiming to have been kidnapped and demanding a ransom of N2 million for her release.

In desperation to secure his wife’s freedom, Mr. Ubah complied with the ransom demand, transferring the specified amount into his wife’s account as instructed. Upon reuniting with his wife, he escorted her to the police station to report the purported abduction.

However, during police interrogation, the truth emerged as the woman confessed to colluding with a man named Walter Ezeala, who resided in their neighborhood, to stage the fake kidnapping. Shockingly, it was revealed that the woman’s lover, Walter, had received N800,000 of the ransom money, while she pocketed the remaining N1.2 million.

The police statement further detailed the recovery of cash, ATM cards, and phones from the perpetrators, underscoring the extent of their deceit and betrayal.

This incident sheds light on the complexities of human relationships and the lengths some individuals are willing to go for personal gain, even at the expense of their loved ones’ trust and well-being.

Abia Schools Stripped of WAEC Privileges Due to Malpractice

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has recently taken measures to uphold academic integrity and improve educational standards by taking action against multiple secondary schools in Abia state that were found to be involved in examination malpractice.

The Commissioner for Education, Professor Uche Eme Uche, conveyed this disconcerting news during a press briefing held in Umuahia, the state capital.

Professor Uche expressed concern over the situation and emphasized the importance of maintaining the state’s reputation and integrity in the education sector.

While the specifics surrounding the affected schools were not disclosed, it was noted that a significant portion of them were privately owned. The state reiterated its stance on deterring such misconduct by revoking the operational licenses of the implicated schools.

The commissioner also underlined the government’s support for WAEC’s decision, emphasizing its role in curbing unethical practices and safeguarding academic standards from the encroachment of unscrupulous individuals.

Prior to this development, the state has taken action against some of the erring schools, shutting them down due to their recurrent unethical behavior. Despite warnings, these institutions persisted in compromising academic integrity.

Moving forward, the Commissioner for Information, Prince Okey Kanu, revealed initiatives spearheaded by the state government to revitalize the education sector.

He said the Governor had authorized the immediate renovation of numerous primary and secondary schools across the state, aiming to create conducive learning environments. Adding that plans were underway to establish model schools in strategic locations, ensuring equitable access to quality education.

Recognizing the financial burdens faced by students, he added that the government also approved the disbursement of bursaries to law undergraduates, alleviating their educational expenses amidst economic challenges.

Detailing the renovation plan, the Commissioner for Education outlined comprehensive upgrades for the selected schools, including provisions for staff quarters and enhanced security measures. This initiative symbolized the administration’s commitment to education as a cornerstone of societal progress.

With a phased approach to school renovations, the state government reaffirmed its dedication to revitalizing the education sector, ensuring that all public schools receive the necessary facelift to foster a conducive learning environment for students across Abia state.

President Tinubu Bars Foreign Trips for Federal Employees Amid Economic Hardship


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has recently implemented a temporary ban on foreign travels for public officials employed by the federal government, effective April 1, in response to the prevalent economic challenges facing the nation.

A memorandum titled “Presidential Directive to Suspend Public Funded Foreign Trips By Government Officials” was issued by the President’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, and addressed to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

The memorandum emphasized the urgent need to address the economic realities confronting the country and stressed the importance of ensuring that government officials remain focused on their core responsibilities amidst these challenges.

The directive outlines the suspension of publicly funded international trips for a period of three months initially. The President expressed concerns over the escalating travel expenses incurred by government ministries, departments, and agencies, emphasizing the imperative of responsible fiscal management.

This move follows public outcry sparked by reports of government officials planning a workshop in the United Kingdom. Against the backdrop of Nigeria’s economic difficulties, exacerbated by rising prices and foreign exchange shortages, the government aims to implement cost-cutting measures while maintaining effective governance.

To ensure that such travels are deemed necessary for official duties, officials are now required to obtain presidential approval at least two weeks prior to any overseas trip funded by the government.

The memorandum concluded with a request for the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation to disseminate the directive to all relevant government entities.

President Tinubu had previously reduced the size of his delegation and encouraged similar measures among his team. This move underscores the administration’s commitment to prudent fiscal management without compromising its functions.

Residents Fear Displacement as Military Moves to Establish Barracks in Okuama


The residents of the Okuama community in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State, were taken aback as the Nigerian military intensified its efforts to clear houses in the area. With the arrival of three swamp buggies transported on barges from the Bomadi axis of River Forcados, the demolition process accelerated.

As reported by Vanguard, a community insider revealed that the machines brought in were swiftly deployed to clear nearly half of the community. However, amidst the demolition activities, rumors circulated that the military had plans to construct barracks on the land of Okuama community.

According to the source, it seemed inevitable that the army would establish barracks in Okuama, prompting the meticulous clearing and evacuation of debris from the area. The anticipation grew as whispers suggested that the Chief of Army Staff would soon visit Okuama to inaugurate the barracks project.

DNA Shock: Nigerian Man Discovers Son Not Biologically His Own


A Nigerian man named Steven Opeyemi Moses recently shared his shocking discovery that his son was not biologically his own.

It was gathered that Moses appeared on a TV courtroom show in Nigeria to discuss how his son was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at the age of two.

Moses, who identified himself as the child’s father, explained that his genotype was AA while his spouse’s was AS. However, despite their genetic makeup, their son was found to be an SS carrier.

During the televised hearing, the judge, having ordered a DNA test, revealed the results which showed a 0% probability of paternity, indicating that Moses was not the biological father.

In an update shared by Moses on his social media account (@SteveMosoes), he expressed his disbelief at the situation. He recounted the timeline of his marriage and the birth of his son, highlighting the financial strain caused by the child’s illness.

Despite his confusion and efforts to understand how their genetic combination could lead to an SS child, Moses found himself at a loss. He described seeking advice from healthcare professionals and attempting to reconcile the situation through prayer and fasting.

However, Moses also revealed that his wife had refused to undergo a maternity test, adding further uncertainty to the situation. Despite the challenges, Moses remained determined to navigate the difficult circumstances surrounding his son’s health and parentage.

Naija News

Davido Fires Back: Issues Strong Warning to Industry Peers Amidst Criticism

The subject of this analysis is Davido, who recently shared a firm warning with his fellow artists, Burna Boy, Wizkid, and BNXN, on his verified Instagram account.

Davido’s statement was issued in response to recent criticism and clashes with his peers. After BNXN, previously known as Buju, challenged Davido’s musical abilities, tensions rose and eventually led Davido to unfollow BNXN and delete a tweet hinting at a collaboration. However, BNXN has apologized for the controversial comments.

Davido’s troubled relationship with Burna Boy, BNXN’s former boss, has been well-documented, with both artists publicly exchanging barbs. Despite this, Davido remains resolute, emphasizing his determination to rise above the negativity. Even fans of his industry rival, Wizkid, have added to the chorus of criticism over the years. However, Davido refuses to be deterred, maintaining his focus on his craft.

Davido finds solace in his faith and perseverance amidst the turmoil, acknowledging that despite concerted efforts to discredit him, he remains unwavering in his commitment to success. Looking ahead, Davido promises that 2024 will mark a turning point, declaring it the “YEAR OF THE BEAST.” With confidence and determination, he assures his fans of upcoming hit songs, urging them to “FIX UR SPEAKERS” in anticipation of his musical onslaught.

In his Instagram post, he wrote; “They all come together to discredit me … but God working overtime! THE 2024 YEAR OF THE BEAST!! 🔊🌎🔥 FIX UR SPEAKERS WE DEY COME!!”

Davido’s unwavering resolve serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome obstacles in his path, reaffirming his status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. This demonstration of tenacity and perseverance in the face of adversity is inspiring and serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike.

Solidstar Claims ‘One In A Million’ Remix with 2baba Inspires PSquare’s ‘Possibility’

Renowned Nigerian artist, Solidstar, reflects on his profound impact on the music industry, attributing his 2009 hit song ‘One In A Million’ as a catalyst for a new era in Nigerian music.

In a candid conversation on the Honest Bunch podcast, the 35-year-old singer, Joshua Iniyezo, shared insights into his journey, acknowledging his role in shaping the musical landscape.

Despite grappling with personal challenges, including a battle with drug addiction, Solidstar’s musical legacy remains undeniable. He revealed that his distinctive style often led many to mistake him for Ghanaian, underscoring the uniqueness he brought to the scene.

Solidstar’s influence extended beyond accolades, as he unveiled the ripple effect of ‘One In A Million,’ citing its remix with Tubaba as the inspiration behind PSquare’s hit track ‘Possibility,’ featuring the same iconic artist.

Reflecting on his breakthrough, Solidstar remarked, “It was ‘One In A Million’ that paved the way for me in the music industry. I won the Best New Artist at the Nigerian Music Video Awards with the song. Many even thought I was Ghanaian, they didn’t know I’m Nigerian because my style then was different.”

He added, “The song changed the Nigerian music industry. It came with its unique style. I slowed the tempo down and everyone started copying that pattern.”

Solidstar’s narrative underscores not only his musical prowess but also his enduring influence as a trailblazer, inspiring a generation of artists and reshaping the sonic landscape of Nigerian music.

Watch the Podcast:

Blessing CEO Champions Polygamy: Defends Tradition and Honor

In a bold declaration, Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, a stirring controversial figure and self-proclaimed relationship expert, expressed her staunch support for polygamy.

According to Blessing, polygamy carries with it a sense of dignity and honor, qualities that she finds admirable. She criticized women who oppose polygamy, labeling them as selfish and narrow-minded.

As a divorcee herself, Blessing made it clear that even if she were married, she would stand by her husband, even in the event of him having a child outside their marriage.

During a recent episode of her television program, “Moments With Blessing CEO,” she openly professed her admiration for actor Yul Edochie, a prominent advocate of polygamy. Blessing commended Edochie’s decision to marry multiple wives, viewing it as a sign of strength and virtue, referring to him as an “odogwu” (a term of respect in Igbo culture).

In her view, polygamy is not just acceptable but preferable, reflecting her unique perspective on relationships and marriage.

Delta State Claims Third Position at STI Expo 2024


Delta State has recently celebrated a significant achievement at the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Expo 2024, where they secured the third position among several other states in Nigeria.

The achievement not only showcased the state’s commitment to innovation but also reflected Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s leadership and vision in promoting technological advancement in the state.

The delegation that represented Delta State at the STI Expo 2024 was carefully selected by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, under the guidance of the State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Dr Odinigwe Daniel Odigie. The team presented a diverse range of innovative solutions, which were sourced from research institutions and tech hubs located across the state.

Dr Odigie expressed his appreciation for the dedication and ingenuity of the Delta State delegation and credited their success to Governor Oborevwori’s unwavering support for technological advancement.

He emphasized the significant role that the current administration has played in creating an environment that is conducive to innovation and development.

Odigie said the achievements at the STI Expo 2024 underscore Governor Oborevwori’s commitment to the MORE Agenda, putting it that the state will continue to lead in technological advancement while addressing the needs of the people and contributing to Delta State’s socio-economic growth.

However, Mrs. Nkechi Chukwurah, Director of Science and Technology Development in the Delta State Ministry, accepted the award on behalf of Commissioner Odigie.

In her acceptance speech, she highlighted the need for support for the commercialization of Delta’s inventions and advocated for an enabling environment to facilitate their growth. Adding that the STI Expo 2024 was a significant milestone for Delta State and a testament to its commitment to innovation and progress.

The STI Expo 2024 was held at Eagle Square in Abuja from March 11th to March 15th, 2024, where it brought together representatives from Ministries of Science and Technology nationwide, alongside leaders from science institutions and technology industries. The theme of the Expo was “STI: Solution to National Economic Challenges,” which aimed to showcase indigenous technology that drives progress in Nigeria.

Abia House of Assembly Takes Bold Step to Halt Pension Payments to Past Governors


The Abia House of Assembly made a significant decision on Tuesday, passing a bill aimed at halting the payment of pensions to former governors and their deputies within the state.

The bill, titled “A Bill (H.A.B 11:) for a Law to Revoke The Abia State Governors and Deputy Governors Pensions Law No 4 of 2001 and for other Matters connected in addition to that,” was introduced by Mr. Uchanna Okoro, the Majority Leader representing Arochukwu State Constituency.

Following its first and second readings, consideration at the committee of the whole, and final reading during the day’s plenary, Speaker Mr. Emmanuel Emeruwa announced the passage of the bill.

Commending members on the decision, Emeruwa highlighted that the bill would curb the state’s expenditure on governance and redirect resources towards development initiatives.

Once assented to by the governor, the bill will be referred to as the “Abia State Governors and Deputy Governor’s (Repeal) Law 2024” and will come into effect immediately, as declared by the Speaker.

With the enactment of this bill, former governors and their deputies will no longer receive pension benefits upon the expiration of their tenures.

The move comes amidst ongoing controversies over the lavish lifestyles and perks enjoyed by former governors and deputies, with many questioning the necessity of such benefits.

While some states have taken steps to repeal similar laws, others have been slower to act, sparking debates over the need for reform in governance and pension policies.

Violent Okada Protest in Asaba: 8 Nabbed, 53 Bikes Confiscated by Police


Police in Asaba have apprehended eight individuals and seized 53 motorcycles following a crackdown on defiant Okada riders who allegedly engaged in a violent protest on Monday.

The demonstration, sparked by perceived mistreatment from the State Taskforce enforcing restrictions on late-night motorcycle operations, led to chaos within Asaba’s streets.

It was gathered that the Okada riders took to the streets of Asaba in Delta State, to protest the deaths of their colleagues at the hands of the task force. Angered by the loss, the protesters blocked major roads and markets, venting their frustrations by damaging properties.

The demonstration, which commenced early on Monday, saw businesses in areas like the Midwifery Market in Okpanam and the Delta State Post Primary Education Board along Summit Road, Asaba, targeted by the protesters.

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, Bright Edafe, confirmed that two motorcycle riders lost their lives on Sunday during enforcement actions by the State Task Force.

Acting swiftly, a team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Department of Operations, ACP Efeizomor George, under the directive of Commissioner CP Olufemi Abaniwonda, intervened to restore peace.

Emphasizing the detrimental effects of such disturbances on the state’s economic progress, CP Abaniwonda urged the public to maintain calm and respect the law. Assuring the community of the Police Command’s commitment to safeguarding lives and property, he underscored the importance of fostering a secure environment for all residents of Delta State.

Nigerian Army Raid Sparks Bloodshed in Bayelsa: Homes Torched, Lives Lost


Nigerian Army troops launched a morning raid on the Igbomotoru community in Bayelsa State, setting ablaze several houses and reportedly causing the deaths of approximately 11 individuals.

The assault, conducted by soldiers arriving in five gunboats, targeted three residences suspected to harbor a militant leader linked to the recent killing of military personnel in Delta State.

Ayibakipreye Solomon Clarkson Suobo, a community leader, in a statement urgently appealed to President Bola Tinubu and Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri for intervention. He stressed the disproportionate response, emphasizing that while condemning the prior attack on military personnel, the current military action unjustly targets innocent civilians in a community distant from the site of the prior incident.

Suobo implored all relevant authorities to safeguard lives and property in Igbomotoru 2, highlighting the community’s vulnerability to the ongoing siege. He called upon fellow Nigerians to support their cause and urged the military to adopt a more nuanced approach, emphasizing dialogue over aggression in dealing with unarmed civilians.

The statement reads “I am calling on all security chiefs in Nigeria to please kindly intervene to save lives and property in Igbomotoru 2 community which started about 8am this morning, information reaching me as the CTC member representing the good and peaceful of Igbomotoru ward 6 is very unpleasant. The military is a very trained organisation whose responsibility is to defend its citizens rather than destroy them.

“To buttress further, the news about the brutal killing of military personnel a few days in Delta State is a condemnable act but my current concern is however the intelligence reports are linked. There was need for a better approach rather than attacking and killing innocent indigent people of my community, Igbomotoru 2 that is situated thousands of miles away from Delta State where the gruesome murder of military personnel occurred.

“Please let all agencies of peace in Nigeria arise now to save my peolple now because my community Igbomotoru is under siege as at this moment. Please let all peace loving Nigerians come to our aid, we are being oppressed innocently without an explanation.

“Please I am appealing to the military to apply the carrot and stick approach which is the recommended practice world over when dealing with unarmed civilians.”

Recall that residents of Okuama in the Ughelli South local government area Delta State fled their homes on Friday as soldiers seized control of the area, reportedly setting some houses on fire in retaliation for the killing of 17 soldiers, including senior officers.

According to Channels Television’s report on Saturday, soldiers from the Joint Task Force, led by Major General Jamal Abdusalam, recovered 17 bodies of the soldiers in the Okuama community. Some of the corpses were found decapitated, while others had their stomachs ripped open, with vital organs missing.

The bodies of the commanding officer and two majors were discovered at the NDDC jetty in the community, while others were scattered along the riverbank and on land.

Oyibode Seeks Proper Utilisation Of Coal Deposits In Delta Community


In a bid to ensure proper utilization of abundant coal deposits in the Ugboba community in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Olorogun Vincent Oyibode has visited the area, saying he is interested in seeing that the mining activities are done in an ecologically friendly manner while benefitting all stakeholders, including the host community.

Oyibode disclosed this on Monday during a working visit to a coal mining company in the Ugboba Community in Aniocha North Local Government Area in the state.

Oyibode during a stopover at the palace of the traditional ruler of Ugboba, HRM, Obi Ezedimbu III, urged the host community to take advantage of the ministry’s intermediary role whenever the need arises, just as he informed the people that the administration of the Governor Sheriff Oborevwori as a responsive government, is supportive of the aspirations of host communities for a mutually beneficial exploration of the mineral resources in their land.

Oyibode assured the mining company, Mosra Energy Limited of the state government’s supportive role in the industry, including the creation of peace and security and enhancing the Ease of Doing Business for both local and foreign investors in line with Governor Oborevwori’s M.O.R.E. Agenda.

Oyibode while inspecting the mining site, comprising the coal pit and other areas, wanted to know when the coal-powered power plant promised by the company will come on stream, as well as some indigenes of the host community at the management level and to what extent they have discharged their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the community.

The site manager, Mr. Ishola Emmanuel said that the power plant project will soon be up and running, while the Commissioner said they should feel free to ask for the ministry’s support where necessary.

On employment, Ishola said the high-ranking staff, including himself, were sent from the company’s corporate head office in Abuja, but that the existing vacancies for a medical doctor, nurse and lab scientist will be filled from within the community. Oyibode urged the company to keep to its word as the ministry is serious about the adoption of local content in recruitment.

Speaking on its CSR initiatives, Ishola said the company recently constructed a borehole in the community to ease water supply, among others insisting that it is not responsible for the poor state of the stream water, saying that “the company does not generate any wastes, besides, the mining site is far away from the river.”

Alongside the commissioner were the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Frank Omoko, Directors and staff of the Delta State Ministry of Oil and Gas.

It was gathered that Mosra Energy Limited has a coal mining license covering four communities, stretching 11.6 km of land, but is presently working at the Ugboba mining site.

The Honourable Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Olorogun Vincent Oyibode (JP), the Permanent Secretary, Directors of the ministry and staff of Mosra Energy Limited at the coal mining site at Ugboba community.

Why l Moved Motion For Adoption of Innocent Esewezie For Second Term as Oshimili North Council Chair – Ndukwe


The tangible developmental strides of the immediate past Chairman of Oshimili North local government council, Hon Innocent Esewezie, coupled with the zoning policy of the local government, have been adduced as the reasons behind the motion for his adoption for a second term in office, come the next council polls.

Making this clarification while speaking with newsmen in Asaba, a one-time Chairman of the local government, Hon Louis Ndukwe, said this clarification has become necessary given perceived misgivings over the morality of the adoption.

Ndukwe, who moved the motion for the adoption of Esewezie, when he paid a “thank you” visit to the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) led by Chief Nduka Ogude, recently, said Hon innocent Esewezie deserved to continue in office, judging by the far-reaching inroads he made in not only the area of infrastructure but also that of carefully thought out policies which have in no small measure brought sanity to the local government administration of Oshimili North.

Going further, the former Council Boss said, “By the zoning formula in the local government, since the House of Assembly position has gone to the North North axis, that is illah, it is only fair and equitable for the Council Chairmanship position to remain in abuse axis. Having seen what the man ( Esewezie) has done in the past three years at the saddle, the question, naturally, will be, do we continue to support him or halt him? The overwhelming response indicated that Esewezie deserves to continue his development strides”.

Hon Louis Ndukwe, who recently returned to the PDP, from the APC, where he contested for the Oshimili north state constituency House of Assembly seat at last year’s general elections, used the opportunity to calm frayed nerves, saying his decision to return to the PDP is borne out of the need to ensure Oshimili north gets her fair share of democratic dividends

He therefore urged all Oshimili northerners within the PDP family to join hands together to make the local government an envy of all, through the entrenchment of ideals that translate into peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, and inclusive growth for all.

Delta Reads Riot Act To LPG Retailers In Warri


DTSG Cautions LPG Against the Effects of Operating in Residential Areas

By Oreva Omojefe

Delta State Government has warned Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) retailers in Warri, the commercial nerve centre of the state to stop the sale of cooking gas in residential areas or have such outlets forcibly removed.

The Permanent Secretary, Mr. Frank Omoko who represented the Commissioner of Oil and Gas, Olorogun Vincent Oyibode, met with the operators recently in Warri. As part of the sensitization, a training programme was provided for the operators with the theme Safety: Hallmark of LGP Retailing in Delta State.

Speaking during the event at Government House Annex, Edjeba, Warri, Omoko said the ministry monitoring team will descend on those found culpable, while the operators were given some safety tips such as avoiding cylinder-to-cylinder refill, ensuring proper ventilation in and around LPG facilities, avoiding phone calls around LPG facilities, installation of fire extinguishers in LPG retail shops and homes, among others.

The Permanent Secretary said the warning became necessary to forestall gas explosions in the state, adding that past sensitizations helped to reduce cases of fire incidents in LPG retailing outlets in the state.

The state government embarked on this program for the safety of Deltans. We are continuously striving under the MORE agenda to create and maintain a conducive environment for oil and gas businesses to thrive, Omoko said.

The Managing Director of Ewosky Consult, Mr Ewoma Eberebor said they would partner with the state government to set up Micro Distributing Centers (MDCs) to expand their business, stating that it would help reduce the number of LPG outlets operating in residential areas.

Eberebor appealed to the government to put up initiatives to curb the problem of dirty forms of cooking in the state, adding that Delta State loses about 2700 women yearly as a result of using dirty fuel.

He said setting up MDCs would help LPG retailers detect expired cylinders, adding that it is dangerous to use expired cylinders and not safe.

Mrs Awotula Patricia, speaking on behalf of the operators, promised that they would adhere to the regulations. He said they are ready to partner with the state government to commence Micro Distributing Centers (MDCs) to reduce the number of LPG outlets.

The LPG operators at the event commended the state government for the initiative, saying they learnt a lot from the training.

Professor Builder Achuenu Advocates Standards at Nigeria Builders Day


The Rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi Uku, Professor Builder Emmanuel Achuenu, emphasized the pivotal role of builders in national development, stressing the importance of upholding standards in construction projects.

Addressing participants at the 2024 Nigeria Builders Day event held at Professor Chike Edozien’s Secretariat, Professor Builder Achuenu underscored the necessity for maintaining quality standards throughout the entire process of building structures.

Speaking on the theme “The Role of Builders in Sustainable Housing Delivery,” the esteemed building expert highlighted the significance of adhering to standard practices from the planning phase to the completion of construction projects.

Achuenu emphasized the critical need for thorough scrutiny of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and strict adherence to building regulations to ensure the integrity of building plans and prevent potential damages.

Highlighting the multifaceted nature of the building, Professor Achuenu described it as a discipline, a process, and a physical product, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of architects, structural engineers, and cost advisors in the construction process.

Also addressing the audience was Architect J. S. Apodor, the Director of Maintenance at Delta State Ministry of Housing, who discussed the impact of high building material costs on sustainable housing delivery.

Apodor stressed that the exorbitant prices of building materials pose a significant challenge to housing development, hindering the realization of government objectives to provide affordable housing for citizens.

He suggested government intervention measures such as lifting bans on imports and establishing new industries to manufacture building materials locally, thereby reducing costs and promoting sustainable housing development.

The Builders Day event in Delta State emphasized the importance of adhering to global best practices and committing to ethical standards in the construction industry.

Prominent figures in attendance comprised Housing Commissioner Hon Godknows Angele, Builder Roy Ononye, the State Chairman of the Nigeria Institute of Builders and Bldr Samuel Omiyi alongside other distinguished guests, showcasing a collective commitment to advancing the building sector in Delta State.

Delta State Allocates Over 2 Billion Naira for Warri Flyover Compensation to Affected Homeowners


In a decisive move to advance the MORE Agenda, the Delta State government, under the leadership of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, has allocated over 2 billion naira for compensation to homeowners affected by the construction of the Warri flyovers.

The announcement came following a comprehensive post-executive briefing at the Government House in Asaba, on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, as disclosed by the Commissioner for Information, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza.

Giving an explanation about the allocation, the Commissioner for Rural and Urban roads, Mr Charles Aniagwu emphasized that the compensation funds were meticulously assessed and approved by Governor Oborevwori to ensure the smooth progression of construction activities while minimizing cost implications.

Furthermore, Commissioner for Health, Dr. Joseph Onojame, provided insights into the state’s healthcare infrastructure development. He revealed that an extensive supply of equipment had been delivered to 20 general hospitals across the state, with an initial allocation of over 3 billion naira.

Dr. Onojame affirmed that plans for the second phase of equipment procurement were underway and would commence shortly.

The strategic allocation of funds underscores the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and the enhancement of healthcare services across Delta State. With meticulous planning and prudent financial management, these initiatives aim to foster sustainable progress and address the evolving needs of the populace.

Ekiti Court Stops Husband from Talking to Wife for Two Weeks


A Chief Magistrate court in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, has issued a directive prohibiting a 43-year-old man, Chibike Nwakedi, from communicating with his wife, Blessing, for two weeks until their scheduled return to court.

The presiding Chief Magistrate, Dolamu Babalogbon, instructed the defendant to refrain from direct face-to-face or phone communication with his wife during this period, except through a third party, such as her lawyer.

During the arraignment, police prosecutor Inspector Sodiq Adeniyi informed the court that on March 3, at approximately 20:00 hours in Ado-Ekiti, the defendant, Chibike Nwakedi, assaulted his wife, Blessing Nwakedi, resulting in a dislocated right leg. Adeniyi asserted that the defendant’s conduct had the potential to cause a breach of peace.

The prosecutor cited Sections 186 and 181(D) of the Criminal Law of Ekiti State 2021 as the basis for the charges.

In response, the defendant’s counsel, Barrister Gbenga Ariyibi, appealed for bail, assuring the court that the defendant would not evade justice and would provide a reliable surety.

Chief Magistrate Dolamu Babalogbon granted bail to the defendant in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties in a similar amount. The case has been adjourned until March 28 for further proceedings.

Daily Post

Edo State Government Invests In 200 Women with N4m Grant and PoS Machines


In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Edo State Government, through the Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues, has provided empowerment to 200 women. These women received a Point of Sale (PoS) machine along with a start-off grant of N4 million.

Osato Ekhator, the ministry’s Public Relations Officer, announced that 75 women received their PoS machines and grants on Friday, while an additional 125 are set to receive theirs during this week. Adding that the initiative aims to foster independence among women in the state.

Ekhator highlighted the collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Wema Bank, and other dedicated partners in the pursuit of women’s empowerment.

“The Edo State Government has ensured that 200 women benefitted from this programme. Seventy-five got their POS machine on Friday with the N20,000 grant each while others will get theirs this week. Hopefully, it will help them become self-sufficient as they navigate this ever-changing world,” she stated.

Joel Zombu, the coordinator of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, expressed GIZ’s commitment to empowering women across various sectors and contributing to gender policies in collaboration with the ministry.

He highlighted GIZ’s 50-year collaboration with Nigeria, focusing on empowering MSMEs, youths, and women for enhanced business operations.

The Punch

Ningi’s Reversal: Hausa Interview Misconstrued on Tinubu and North, Says Senator


Senator Abdul Ningi has reversed his previous statement, clarifying that he did not accuse President Bola Tinubu’s government of implementing two budgets or showing bias against the North during his interview with the Hausa Service of the BBC.

Ningi, who spoke with Senate correspondents explained that his Hausa interview was misinterpreted, especially by presidential media aide Mr Bayo Onanuga.

According to Ningi, the consultants investigating the N28.7 trillion could only link projects and expenditures to N25 trillion, leaving N3.7 trillion unaccounted for.

He emphasized that he did not accuse the president of marginalizing the North but criticized Tinubu’s predecessors for not addressing northern challenges. Regarding Tinubu, Ningi clarified that he held no blame for him, as northern leaders failed to secure commitments from him during his presidential campaign.

Recall on Monday, it was reported that the Senate is set to convene to address allegations made by Senator Abdul Ningi of Bauchi Central (PDP), who claims that the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government is implementing an unauthorized budget.

Senator Ningi, representing the Northern Senators’ Forum, alleges discrepancies between the National Assembly-approved N25 trillion 2024 budget and the purported N28.7 trillion being implemented. Plans to meet President Tinubu for clarification have been disclosed.

According to The Punch, some senators are reportedly considering the suspension of Senator Ningi, viewing his statements as unfounded and potentially damaging to the Senate’s reputation.

Meetings among lawmakers have taken place to address the situation internally, with plans for a Press Conference by the northern bloc of the Senate to refute the allegations.

Senator Solomon Adeola, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, has withdrawn his initial plan to address the issue publicly, stating that the Senate will internally handle the matter through legislative mechanisms on Tuesday.

Kizz Daniel Drops ‘Thankz Alot’ EP, Celebrate Ten Years with Fans

Renowned Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has recently unveiled a highly anticipated extended play (EP) titled ‘Thanks A Lot,’ marking a significant milestone in his musical journey.

The announcement, made through a statement on Monday, has stirred excitement among his fanbase.

In the detailed statement, Daniel eloquently conveyed that ‘Thankz A lot’ goes beyond being a musical collection; it serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to his dedicated fans who have stood by him throughout his impressive ten-year career.

The EP, according to Daniel, is a deliberate effort to strengthen the profound connection he shares with his audience, intending to act as a sincere token of appreciation.

Notably, the singer provided insights into the EP’s composition, revealing that last December saw the release of two tracks, namely ‘Twe Twe’ and ‘Too Busy to Be Bae,’ both part of the four-track EP. Collaborating with Afrobeats sensation Davido in January for the remix of ‘Twe Twe’ added an extra layer of excitement for fans anticipating the project.

Delving further into the contents of ‘Thankz A lot,’ additional tracks like ‘Sooner’ and ‘Showa’ promise a diverse and captivating musical experience for the audience.

Expressing his gratitude, Kizz Daniel shared, “I am incredibly grateful for the love and support I have received from my fans throughout my career. ‘Thanks A lot’ is my way of expressing my appreciation and giving back to them for their unwavering support.” This statement not only emphasizes his gratitude but also underscores the personal connection he aims to establish through his music.

Listen to the EP:

Cost Surge As Nigerian Breweries Set to Increase Product Prices from March 15, 2024


Nigerian Breweries has shared news of raising the prices of its products, effective from Friday, March 15, 2024.

The company pointed out that this increase is necessary due to the ongoing rise in input costs in the country.

In a statement, the company mentioned, “As previously mentioned, we will adjust some of our product prices starting Friday, March 15, 2024. This adjustment is needed due to the continuous increase in input costs and the need to reduce the impact.”

They clarified that all orders in their system at 00.00hrs on Friday, March 15, 2024, will be billed at the new prices. This price adjustment follows closely after a previous increase just a month ago, which became effective on Monday, February 19, 2024.

Senate in Crisis: 2024 Budget Controversy Sparks Suspension Talks for Bauchi Lawmaker


The Senate is set to convene to address allegations made by Senator Abdul Ningi of Bauchi Central (PDP), who claims that the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government is implementing an unauthorized budget.

Senator Ningi, representing the Northern Senators’ Forum, alleges discrepancies between the National Assembly-approved N25 trillion 2024 budget and the purported N28.7 trillion being implemented. Plans to meet President Tinubu for clarification have been disclosed.

The presidency, responding to the claims, dismisses them as baseless in a statement by the Special Adviser to the President on Information & Strategy, Bayo Onanuga.

According to The Punch, some senators are reportedly considering the suspension of Senator Ningi, viewing his statements as unfounded and potentially damaging to the Senate’s reputation.

Meetings among lawmakers have taken place to address the situation internally, with plans for a Press Conference by the northern bloc of the Senate to refute the allegations.

Senator Solomon Adeola, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, has withdrawn his initial plan to address the issue publicly, stating that the Senate will internally handle the matter through legislative mechanisms on Tuesday.

Nigerian Music Producer Rexxie Detained in Uganda, Appeals for Help Amid Unexplained Arrest

Nigerian music producer Rexxie has disclosed on his Instagram page that he is currently under detainment by Ugandan immigration authorities.

He described the situation as “unfair,” while reaching out for assistance, stating, “I have been arrested at the Ugandan Immigration. Pls, I need help.”

Despite not providing details about the grounds for his arrest, Rexxie emphasized the urgency for support. This development follows closely after his recent announcement of engagement to his longtime partner, Chisom.

Abubakar Imam Airport in Minna Renamed After President Tinubu


Governor Umar Bago of Niger State has officially renamed the Abubakar Imam International Airport in Minna after President Bola Tinubu, in recognition of the significant support extended by the President to the state.

The decision to rename the airport, which was initially dedicated to Abubakar Imam, a renowned Nigerian writer and journalist from Niger, was disclosed by Aminu Takuma, the Commissioner for Industry, Trade, and Investment.

This revelation came during a press briefing at the Government House in Minna on Sunday.

According to Takuma, representing the governor, the renaming is a tribute to the substantial contributions and assistance Niger state has received from President Bola Tinubu.

The swift alteration of Minna Airport’s name in honor of Bola Tinubu has sparked debates, initiating discussions about the factors influencing such decisions.

Moreover, Governor Bago has extended a formal invitation to President Tinubu, who plans to journey to Minna on Monday for the initiation of an agro-processing zone and the commencement of diverse developmental initiatives in the state capital. As a component of the visit, Tinubu will partake in the foundation-laying ceremony for the new hajj terminal at the airport.

In the year 2023, the Nigerian government instructed the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to change the names of 15 federal airports in honor of distinguished Nigerians, among them former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Tragedy As Female Passenger Jumps Into Lagos Lagoon, Search Underway


On Saturday night, a tragic incident occurred at Igando in Alimosho local government area of Lagos State. According to reports, a female passenger, identified as Nimotalahi Ishola, jumped into the lagoon from a ferry.

The incident took place around 9 pm, shortly after the boat had departed from Isuti Jetty in Igando and was heading towards Totowu in Ogun State. The circumstances leading to the passenger’s decision to jump into the lagoon are still unclear, but the incident has left the community in shock and mourning.

Ibomfocus reported that Nimotalahi, one of 12 passengers on the boat, unexpectedly removed her life jacket and leapt into the lagoon, suggesting a possible suicide. Among her belongings left behind in the boat, a plastic bottle of insecticide was discovered.

The authorities have conducted an inquiry at the site, and a dedicated search team is diligently engaged in retrieving her body. SP Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), affirmed the incident, indicating that investigations are still in progress, with endeavors underway to reach out to her family.

Tinubu’s National Student Loan Programme to Launch This Thursday

During a recent appearance on TVC’s Politics, Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to President Tinubu on Media and Publicity, made an exciting announcement about the National Student Loan Programme, which is set to launch on Thursday.

The programme is a crucial step towards easing the financial strain faced by Nigerian families and young individuals, especially given the current economic climate.

Ngelale emphasized the significance of the scheme, stating that it would be a major boon for Nigerians during these trying times.

The National Student Loan Programme was established with the enactment of the Access to Higher Education Act, 2023, which President Tinubu signed on June 12, 2023.

This legislation represents a significant stride towards providing interest-free loans to underprivileged students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

As part of Tinubu’s commitment to liberalizing education funding, the Students Loan Law, also known as the Access to Higher Education Act, established the Nigerian Education Loan Fund, which will be responsible for handling loan requests, grants, disbursements, and recoveries.

The scheme’s implementation was initially projected for September, but it was delayed. Nevertheless, President Tinubu has reiterated that the programme will commence in January 2024.

During the opening of the 29th session of the annual Nigeria Economic Summit on October 23, 2023, he declared, “By January 2024, the new Students Loan Programme must commence. ‘To the future of our children and students, we’re saying no more strikes!”

Tinubu has proposed a budget of N50 billion for the programme’s initiation in the 2024 budget presented to the National Assembly last November.

Onitsha Faces Another Building Tragedy as Five-Storey Structure Collapses


In a tragic turn of events, a five-storey building under construction collapsed on Sunday in Fegge, Onitsha South local government area of Anambra state.

The incident came as a shock to the locals, who were still recovering from the tragic collapse of a two-storey building at Ochanja Market three weeks prior, which had claimed the lives of at least five individuals.

According to the eyewitnesses, the collapse was preceded by a loud crack and a sudden, thunderous noise, which caused panic and chaos in the area. Although it is not yet clear whether there were any workers present in the building at the time of the collapse, some residents reported seeing human activities beneath the structure just two hours before the incident.

The collapse has raised concerns about the safety of construction sites and buildings in the area, and the need for stricter safety measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

The Secretary of Onitsha South local government area, represented by Transition Committee Chairman Chief Emeka Joseph Orji, assured the public of emergency response efforts.

He said an emergency rescue team has been mobilized to conduct preliminary rescue activities, aided by security operatives in the area. He encouraged the public to remain calm, emphasizing that the Onitsha South local government is actively managing the situation.

As of now, efforts to rescue individuals affected by the incident are currently ongoing at the site. Unfortunately, the exact number of those who were injured or lost their lives is yet to be confirmed by authorities.

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Nigerian Student Receives N159 Million, Car, and MacBook from Oyinbo Samaritan

A heartwarming TikTok video has been making rounds on the internet, showcasing the remarkable change of fortune for a Nigerian international student named Kayode.

The video captures the struggles faced by Kayode, who was having a tough time paying his tuition and rent abroad.

The student’s story came to light when he was discovered by Zachery Dereniowski, an internet influencer, while studying in the library. Initially, Kayode had asked Zachery for food assistance, to which the kind-hearted influencer responded by giving him $1000.

However, that wasn’t the end of the story. Moved by the young student’s plight, Zachery’s compassion led him to surprise Kayode with truly life-changing gifts – a whopping N159 million, a brand new car, and a high-end MacBook laptop.

The video shows Kayode breaking down in tears of joy and gratitude, overwhelmed by the unexpected kindness of a stranger. The impact of such generosity is immeasurable, leaving an indelible mark on Kayode’s life.

Tensions Rise in Senate as Northern Senators Forum Digs into N3 Trillion Budget Controversy


The Northern Senators Forum, led by Senator Abdul Ningi, has recently announced that they plan to meet with President Bola Tinubu to discuss concerns regarding the alleged N3 trillion padding discovered in the 2024 budget.

Senator Ningi revealed during a recent interview with the BBC Hausa Service that consultants have been commissioned by the forum to thoroughly scrutinize the budget, with plans in place to confront Senate President Godswill Akpabio about their findings.

The forum’s primary objective is to present a detailed report to President Tinubu, conveying their dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the budget and seeking clarification on the alleged discrepancies.

During the same interview, Senator Abdul Ningi, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), shared his candid assessment of the present administration’s performance. He expressed his dissatisfaction with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s understanding of the country’s challenges and governance difficulties.

Senator Ningi, speaking from a Northern perspective, addressed the potential transfer of federal agencies to Lagos, predicting its likelihood based on past examples.

He highlighted the worsening conditions since Tinubu assumed leadership, discussing the neglect of crucial projects in the North, such as the Ajaokuta project, the Mambila power project, and the dredging of the River Niger. Additionally, he voiced his concerns about incomplete road constructions, particularly the Kano-Abuja route, and highlighted the challenges faced by the North.

Senator Ningi also delved into the dynamics of political processes, expressing his dissatisfaction with how leaders were “forced” onto the people. He criticized the use of religious and ethnic issues, stating that the North was not given leadership in the Senate opposition despite having significant representation.

The interview shed light on the difficulty of challenging the ruling party under the Northern Senators Forum’s umbrella while aiming for unity in the North.

Furthermore, Senator Ningi addressed the potential transfer of federal agencies to Lagos, predicting its likelihood based on past examples. He expressed disappointment with the lack of action from Northern leaders in finding solutions to such issues.

Additionally, he shared concerns about the ECOWAS decision impacting Nigeria’s relationship with Niger Republic. The interview highlighted the complexities of addressing regional challenges without letting politics interfere in finding effective solutions.

Finally, the interview touched upon the security challenges faced by the North, emphasizing incidents of abductions lasting several days. Senator Ningi expressed apprehension about the potential loss of states like Zamfara from the country due to ongoing security issues.

He urged proactive measures to address these challenges, revealing a deep concern for the future and the need for a stronger sense of unity and care for the region.

Heartbreak in Ikoyi: Nigeria’s Wealthiest Woman, Folorunsho Alakija, and Husband Separate

After more than three decades of marital harmony, Folorunsho Alakija, Nigeria’s wealthiest woman and former society matriarch turned gospel minister, is reportedly facing a significant marital crisis. Reliable sources close to THEWILL suggest that she has separated from her husband, Modupe.

The couple, residing in their upscale Ikoyi, Lagos home, allegedly experienced frequent conflicts leading to the wealthy woman seeking utmost privacy and her husband finding accommodation elsewhere within the same Ikoyi neighbourhood. Despite attempts to seek clarification from Modupe, calls and text messages remained unanswered.

The couple had reportedly maintained a united front due to societal expectations, but recent challenges, including health issues faced by Folorunsho Alakija, may have contributed to the unravelling of their marriage.

The Alakija family is known for their low-profile and discreet approach to personal matters. This was evident in the low-key wedding of one of their sons last year, where media coverage was strictly controlled, and the event was limited to a need-to-know basis. It is not surprising, therefore, that the family continues to maintain their privacy and avoid unnecessary attention.

Five months ago, THEWILL had reported about the health challenges of a prominent Nigerian business tycoon, Folorunso Alakija, which were primarily related to her eyes. This recent development, perhaps, is a follow-up to that report.

Music is Eternal: Wizkid Unveils Forever Commitment to His Art in Exclusive Interview

Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a celebrated Nigerian singer and songwriter with a plethora of awards to his name. Despite his career’s success, the 33-year-old artist shared in a recent BBC Radio 1Xtra interview that he considers his most significant achievements still ahead, viewing his musical journey as just beginning.

During the interview, Wizkid also hinted that he may never retire from music, saying that it’s a “forever thing” for him. This statement suggests that he is dedicated to his craft and passionate about continuing to create music for his fans.

Wizkid stands as one of the most commercially successful and influential African recording artists in the 21st century.

Initiating his musical journey at the age of 11, he collaborated with the Glorious Five (5), a group formed with church friends. Wizkid’s career took a significant turn in 2009 when he inked a record deal with Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E). The spotlight found him with the release of “Holla at Your Boy,” the lead single from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011), which also featured hit singles like “Tease Me/Bad Guys” and “Don’t Dull.”

Controversial Statements: Dammy Krane Claims Portable More Relevant Than Wizkid in Bold Social Media Declaration

Dammy Krane has sparked controversy by asserting that Portable, his fellow artist, holds more relevance than Grammy-winning Wizkid.

This claim arose during a discussion on Portable’s recent collaboration with Skepta on the track ‘Tony Montana.’ The song, produced by JAE5, has ignited social media discussions about its impact on Nigerian music.

In an exaggerated comment on X, Dammy Krane boldly declared, “ATP, Portable is more relevant than Wizkid. God use Skepta do this one again.”

The history of discord between Dammy Krane and Wizkid dates back to 2016 when Dammy accused Wizkid of theft, leading to a heated confrontation at Quilox Club in Victoria Island.

This isn’t the first time Dammy Krane has engaged in social media confrontations. In 2023, he accused Davido of not compensating him for songwriting contributions and claimed that Davido had “ruined” his record label deal with Sony Music. He even collaborated with Portable to create a diss track aimed at Davido.

Dammy Krane, known for his hit single ‘My Dear,’ signed a record deal with Hypertek Digital and 960 Music Group in January 2012. The ongoing controversies add another chapter to the artist’s tumultuous interactions in the Nigerian music scene.

28 Abducted Students Escape in Kaduna, Governor Confirms

Over 28 students who were among the 200 abducted by gunmen in Kaduna days ago have managed to escape, providing a glimmer of hope amidst ongoing military search and rescue efforts.

Governor Uba Sani confirmed this development, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding the method of their escape.

Governor Sani, accompanied by Vice President Kashim Shettima at the Kaduna Airport received the students’ parents.

Shettima assured the distressed parents that the government, led by President Bola Tinubu, is committed to the safe rescue of all abducted children.

He urged the media to exercise caution in reporting on the incident and commended their continuous support.

President Tinubu, deeply concerned about the situation, has directed security agencies to spare no effort until all the children are safely returned.

Governor Sani expressed gratitude for the Vice President’s visit and emphasized the collaborative efforts with local communities and security agencies. Cautioning against politicizing the incident, he stressed the focus on securing the safe return of the children and assured progress in undisclosed security measures.

Recall, on Thursday it was reported that gunmen suspected to be terrorists, locally known as bandits, have reportedly abducted approximately 232 students and teachers, including the headteacher, from LGEA Primary School, Kuriga (1), in Kuriga village, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Former Kaduna senator Shehu Sani confirmed the incident, highlighting the tragic parallel with a recent event where a school principal was killed and his wife kidnapped in the same village over a month ago.

Sani expressed optimism about securing the freedom of the kidnapped individuals. The junior and secondary schools had previously relocated to the Kuriga town due to security concerns, abandoning their former building outside the town.

Mansir Hassan (ASP), the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Command, confirmed the incident but stated that the exact number of victims abducted was yet to be ascertained. He reassured the public that all security agencies, including the police, military, and vigilantes, were collaborating to rescue the victims, with additional personnel deployed to address the situation.

Stray Bullet Shocks Ilorin: Inmate’s Violent Act Causes Havoc at Correctional Centre


In Ilorin, Kwara State capital, chaos erupted at the Oke-Kura Correctional Centre when an inmate, Kazeem Adam, attempted to seize a prison officer’s rifle.

The rifle discharged during the struggle, striking Abdullah Ayinla, a vulcanizer, in the stomach.

Ayinla was promptly taken to the hospital, while the unruly inmate, Adam, was detained at the ‘C’ Division Police station in Isale-Ojo.

The incident unfolded at around 8 am during the transfer of inmates, with Adam causing damage to the tricycle and vehicle windscreens before the unfortunate turn of events.

Confirming the incident, Olumide Adegbulugbe, the spokesperson for the service, stated that Kazeem Adam from Ita-Ogunbo, Ilorin, armed with a knife and stones, vandalized tricycles and vehicle windscreens.

“Adam also damaged a correctional vehicle bus with registration number A247NC. In an attempt to apprehend the suspect, Ismail Kabir, who was on guard, and others were attacked. During the struggle, the suspect attempted to seize Kabir’s rifle, resulting in the officer being stabbed in the head and hand. Unfortunately, in the process, the rifle accidentally discharged, causing a bullet to hit Abdullah Ayinla from Isale Oja.”


DSPG Inducts 2567 Freshers in 22nd Matriculation


Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku, DSPG, marked its 22nd matriculation ceremony on Saturday.

The event commences at 11 AM in the Multi-purpose Hall of the polytechnic with a total of 2567 new students (Ordinary National/ Higher Diploma) participating in the ceremony and taking their matriculation oath.

During the event, Rector Bldr. Professor Emmanuel Achuenu conveyed congratulations to the matriculants, highlighting their fortune in securing admission among a considerable number of seekers.

He emphasized the challenges ahead and urged them to make necessary sacrifices for a successful academic journey.

In his welcome address, Prof Achuenu expressed joy in welcoming the fresh students to the 22nd Matriculation Ceremony. He explained the significance of matriculation as the formal entry into the Polytechnic and the administration of oath allegiances, symbolizing the culmination of the registration process.

Reflecting on the Polytechnic’s growth since its inception in 2003, Prof Achuenu noted its evolution from a temporary site with 200 students to a fully-fledged institution with over 34 departments and 62 accredited programs. He highlighted the institution’s achievements in academic excellence and sports.

Addressing the matriculants, Prof Achuenu emphasized the importance of developing their minds and aligning with the institution’s motto, ‘CREATIVITY FOR DEVELOPMENT.’

He underscored the need for active participation in lectures, practicals, continuous assessments, and examinations to achieve academic goals.

Discipline and good conduct were stressed as essential to the learning process, with a plea to avoid negative tendencies like cultism, examination malpractice, and indecent dressing.

Prof Achuenu assured parents and stakeholders of the institution’s commitment to nurturing future leaders.

Acknowledging the support from the Delta State Government, stakeholders, management, and dedicated staff, Prof Achuenu extended gratitude. He concluded with a prayer for guidance and protection upon the matriculants and their parents, offering heartfelt congratulations once more.

International Women’s Day: IPC Highlights Urgency of Elevating Women in Nigerian Politics


The International Press Centre (IPC) in Lagos, Nigeria aligns with the global community in advocating for increased female political representation at both national and subnational levels within Nigeria.

Reflecting on the United Nations theme for this year, “Invest in women—accelerate progress,” IPC emphasizes the importance of empowering and investing in women by promoting their active participation in political leadership and decision-making roles. This is seen as a crucial strategy to swiftly address the democratic challenges facing the nation.

IPC draws attention to the inadequate representation of women in political positions in Nigeria, despite constitutional provisions and international agreements advocating for their inclusion. Persistent systemic and societal barriers hinder women’s engagement in politics.

The concerning trend persisted during the 2023 elections in the country, resulting in adverse implications for women’s representation and impact within the government. Notably, the proportion of women in Nigeria’s National Assembly decreased by 19% compared to the previous assembly. Presently, women hold only 3% of Senate seats and 4% of seats in the House of Representatives.

In a statement, Mr. Lanre Arogundade, the Executive Director of the IPC, emphasized the importance of acknowledging the significant perspectives and contributions that women offer to governance in Nigerian society.

He noted that empowering women in politics not only promotes fairness and equality but also enhances the overall effectiveness and legitimacy of governmental institutions.

“Through concerted efforts to address these disparities, by dismantling barriers and fostering inclusivity in political arenas, Nigeria can pave the way for a more inclusive and representative democracy that truly reflects the voices and needs of all its citizens”, he stressed.

He also noted that IPC’s initiatives in the realm of democracy have significantly contributed to enhancing the media’s pivotal role as a primary influencer in elections. These efforts have focused on enhancing the capabilities of both the media and female candidates nationwide, empowering them to effectively leverage the media’s influence in promoting democracy. Notably, these endeavours have yielded commendable results, with some beneficiaries, particularly female lawmakers, successfully securing seats in the States House of Assembly during the 2023 Elections.

To mitigate the high attrition rates of women in elections, Mr Arogundade emphasized the importance of key stakeholders advocating for gender-equitable policies, initiating voter education campaigns on gender equality, and addressing feminized poverty through economic equality initiatives.

Erisco Faces Legal Scrutiny After Allegedly Using MI’s Song Without Permission

A recent controversy has arisen after rapper MI accused a food company, Erisco, of using his song ‘Nobody’ without his permission.

This comes after Erisco was put under scrutiny since September last year, when a consumer named Chioma Egodi criticized their tomato paste product on social media, claiming it tasted sugary.

The company, in response, labelled the claim as false, leading to Egodi’s arrest based on a petition by the CEO. This has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some users calling for a boycott of Erisco products, citing the company’s poor handling of the situation.

The police, in a statement by Olumuyiwa Adejobi, have restated their intent to prosecute Egodi, which has only added to the controversy.

In response to the backlash, Erisco allegedly used MI’s song ‘Nobody’ as a background soundtrack in a now-deleted tweet attempting to reiterate the quality of its product.

However, MI was quick to react to the unauthorized use of his song, stating that using copyrighted material without permission is not legal, even for a social media ad.

He even shared a CHATGPT response emphasizing that such actions can lead to legal consequences for the brand.

This situation has raised concerns about the use of copyrighted material and has highlighted the importance of obtaining permission before using someone else’s work.

The controversy surrounding Erisco’s product and the subsequent unauthorized use of MI’s song have brought negative attention to the company and could have legal repercussions.

Knockout King: Anthony Joshua Floors Ngannou Twice in Spectacular Victory

On Saturday, the highly skilled British boxer, Anthony Joshua, showcased his exceptional boxing abilities in a stunning match against the former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou.

The match was a true spectacle, with Joshua delivering an impressive second-round knockout victory over his opponent. The crowd erupted with cheers as Joshua expertly dodged Ngannou’s punches and landed some powerful blows of his own, ultimately ending the fight with a decisive knockout. It was a remarkable display of boxing prowess from Joshua and a testament to his skill as a fighter.

The bout, drawing attention from the sports world, underscored Joshua’s superior skills and experience in the ring compared to the MMA star.

With a professional record now at 28-3, including 25 KOs, Joshua floored Ngannou twice with devastating right hands, first in the opening round and then again in the second. The knockout punch, perfectly timed and unblocked, sealed the victory for Joshua as Ngannou was unable to recover following the second 10-count.

Despite showing courage and resilience, the 37-year-old Ngannou, in only his second professional boxing match, appeared visibly dazed and hurt. His transition from MMA to boxing, despite a commendable performance against Tyson Fury in a narrow split decision loss last October, revealed the significant gap in boxing-specific experience between the two fighters.

The match commenced with Joshua taking control, using his sharp jab to maintain distance, while Ngannou landed a few solid shots early on. However, Joshua’s power and precision turned the tide, culminating in a first-round knockdown and a decisive finish in the second.

This victory holds substantial significance for Joshua’s career, as he has been on a path to rebuild his reputation after consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk in 2021 and 2022, leading to the relinquishment of three world heavyweight titles. The win against Ngannou solidifies Joshua’s position as a premier boxer in the heavyweight division and signals his preparedness for future high-stakes matchups.

In the world of boxing, all eyes are on Anthony Joshua as fans eagerly anticipate his next move. The air is rife with speculation about the potential matchups that could take place, each one presenting an opportunity for Joshua to cement his legacy in the sport. With his impressive track record and undeniable talent, there is no doubt that Joshua is poised to take the boxing world by storm once again.

Microsoft Faces Ongoing Threat as Russian Hackers, Midnight Blizzard, Persist in Targeting Source Code


Microsoft announced on Friday that Russian government hackers, known as Midnight Blizzard, continue to infiltrate the company’s systems in an ongoing attack, targeting the company’s source code and internal systems.

According to the tech giant, the hackers are using information obtained from corporate email systems to gain unauthorized access.

Microsoft also disclosed these new findings in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

The intrusion follows Microsoft’s disclosure in January that Russian hackers breached the company’s systems in November of the previous year, focusing on corporate email accounts of senior leadership and employees in cybersecurity, legal, and other functions.

Midnight Blizzard, also known as APT29 or Cozy Bear, has been able to gain access to various secrets obtained through emails shared between Microsoft and its customers. The group has been seen escalating its attempts to brute force accounts, commonly known as “password spraying,” indicating a sustained and significant commitment of resources and focus.

Microsoft warns that Midnight Blizzard may be accumulating information to enhance its ability to target specific areas.

The hacking group is believed to work for Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and it has targeted high-profile entities over the years, including the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and SolarWinds in 2019. This indicates that the group has been involved in cyber espionage activities for some time now and has been successful in carrying out its attacks.

Microsoft has urged its customers to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from cyber threats. The company has also assured that it is working tirelessly to defend against the ongoing attacks and has taken appropriate measures to secure its systems.

Meeting Demands: Governor Oborevwori’s Vision for University Expansion In Delta

The Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori recently spoke to reporters about the urgent need for additional universities in the state.

He emphasized the importance of education in individual success and expressed the need to establish more campuses to cater to the educational demands of the populace.

During his visit to a school in Orerokpe, Governor Oborevwori revealed the government’s plans to set up the Faculty of Management Sciences at the University of Science and Technology, Ozoro. The faculty will commence operations at the Orerokpe Technical College in Okpe Local Government Area.

To ensure a smooth launch of the new faculty, the Ministry of Technical Education will transfer the facilities at Orerokpe Technical College to the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Governor highlighted the fact that Delta State University, Abraka, is not able to accommodate all qualified Delta residents seeking admission, and this has prompted the government to initiate the establishment of three additional universities simultaneously.

Governor Oborevwori expressed pride in the state’s four flourishing universities and acknowledged that more institutions were still needed to meet the growing demand for higher education.

In addition to this, Governor Oborevwori provided assurance that certain projects within the Orerokpe Campus of the University of Science and Technology would be completed before the end of October of the current year. This is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to the development of education in Delta State.

Ndokwa Vanguard

Crisis of Integrity: Olajengbesi Calls for Accountability in Buhari Administration’s Financial Transactions

Human rights advocate, Pelumi Olajengbesi has called for an Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) audit of financial transactions involving all officials from the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

The call comes after the revelations emerging from the trial of former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Godwin Emefiele, who faces accusations of a $6.2 million fraud related to foreign observers in the previous election.

In a statement, Olajengbesi commends the EFCC for uncovering the alleged forgery of Buhari’s and ex-Secretary General of the Federation Boss Mustapha’s signatures by Emefiele.

Olajengbesi emphasizes the urgency of curbing the audacity and criminal influence of those in power, calling for a comprehensive audit to deter misconduct. He highlights the recent case of Ahmad Salihijo, the suspended Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Electrification Agency, as evidence of abuse of power by officials who served under Buhari.

Olajengbesi urges a thorough audit of Emefiele and all individuals associated with the Buhari administration, allowing them an opportunity to clear their names amid the perceived widespread corruption during that period.

Witnesses, including an EFCC official and forensic document examiner Bamaiyi Haruna, have testified against Emefiele, presenting evidence of forged documents used to release $6.2 million from the CBN in February 2023. Other witnesses, such as ex-SGF Mustapha and deputy director at the apex bank Onyeka Ogbu, further support claims of fraudulent activity.

The EFCC officially arraigned Emefiele on June 18, 2023, on 20 counts, accusing him of impersonating Mustapha to unlawfully transfer funds from the CBN vault. The charges allege Emefiele collaborated with Odoh Ocheme, currently evading authorities, to obtain $6.2 million from the CBN under the guise of a request by the SGF, as per a letter dated January 26, 2023, with reference number SGF.43/L.01/.

Olajengbesi’s call for a comprehensive audit of the financial transactions of officials from the Buhari administration is based on the perceived widespread corruption during that period. The recent revelations from the trial of Godwin Emefiele, former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, have raised concerns about the abuse of power and criminal influence of those in power.

Nigerian Tribune

‘Eye Clear’ – Victor AD and Bella Shmurda Join Forces In New Song, Sampling Oritsefemi’s Classic

Nigerian vocalist Victor AD has unleashed his latest track ‘Eye Clear,’ featuring Bella Shmurda.

Victor AD shared the news of the song’s release through his Instagram account.

This release represents Victor AD’s second musical offering this year, following his earlier single ‘Holy Water’ in January. In ‘Eye Clear,’ the duo incorporates elements from ‘Eye Don Clear,’ a popular track by Oritse Femi and The Junglist from the early 2000s.

The lyrics resonate with lines such as, “Tell dem say our vision has been clear since ’99, Seeking money has been my pursuit, Since ’99, I promise not to lower my guard.”

Having embarked on his musical journey in 2014, Victor AD has collaborated with a diverse range of music producers, including Kulboybeat, Kizzybeatz, ID Clef, and Mr Nolimitz. The artist from Delta state rose to fame with the 2018 release of ‘Wetin We Gain,’ catching the attention of Longitude Promotions, a management company.

His repertoire boasts additional chart-toppers like ‘No Idea,’ ‘Tire You,’ ‘Too Much Money,’ ‘Prayer Request,’ and ‘Why.’

Listen to the song.

BNXN Acknowledges Mistake, Extends Apology to Davido for Controversial Comment

Renowned singer Daniel Benson, popularly known as BNXN, has publicly apologized following a rebuke from his fellow artist Dremo for what was deemed as ‘disrespect’ toward Davido.

Earlier, BNXN had thrown a subtle jab at Davido in the X platform formal Twitter during an exchange with a fan of the DMW boss on Thursday night.

In response to a post about BNXN promoting a new artist, a Twitter user (@lifeofolaa) commented, “He’s mid abeg.” BNXN, reacting defensively, told the user he had no right to discuss anything related to music, given that he is a fan of Davido.

His retort included the phrase, “You be retard. Knowing your fave you no suppose dey speak on anything regarding music. Fem!”

After the tweet gained attention, Davido reportedly deleted a post teasing a collaboration with BNXN. Despite Davido’s reaction, BNXN insisted he would release the song without approval, emphasizing that he wrote everything and suggesting fans blew his tweet out of proportion.

However, former top rapper Dremo criticized BNXN for the disrespectful remark, highlighting that he should have been more cautious about posting something that could spark controversy.

Responding to Dremo’s criticism, BNXN issued a conciliatory tweet, stating, “No yawa. I’m sorry.”

Dame lgbrude Tasks Widows To Focus on God for wisdom To Do Common things, Uncommonly well


As the world celebrates International Women’s day, the CEO Love Works Foundation International, Dame Minnie Igbrude, has urged widows to ask God for wisdom to do common things uncommonly well. Knowing that success is not final and widowhood is not fatal or a failure. But the ability to continue and forge ahead is what they require in order to succeed in life.

Speaking during the celebration in Asaba, Dame Igbrude said, the International Day for Women is observed to raise awareness about gender-based violence against women and promote women.

The theme ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ a focus on addressing economic empowerment, while the campaign theme for this year is ‘Inspire Inclusion.’ which highlights the significance of diversity and empowerment across all sectors of society.

“This is the time for widows to rise above their mental barriers, challenges and start looking cheerful and optimistic at all times. A woman’s journey to success begins from harnessing the power of her mind and hands,” she said.

According to her, International Women’s Day is a historical day that we can appreciate women, a day set aside to honour women in different sectors and empower women in general. It is important to remember the difficult journey they went through for the lives and gender equality we have now in the country.

She said, e should also take time to support and help most women especially widows who are not yet as fortunate as others and not be ignorant of the fact that many countries still do not have women’s rights and equality.

Encouraging women she said, “I want to enjoin women, especially in Delta State, to key into the M. O. R.E. Agenda of our Governor which is designed to foster inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and the ‘You Matter Charity Foundation’ of the amiable, Wife of our Governor, Deaconess Tobore Oborevwori, adding that, they should actively participate in all the activities that are associated with them that will lead to their self-development in the state. The past and present governments of Delta State are doing everything to help widows. They should explore such activities.’

She said every woman is a rare gem who can always excel in assignments because of the zeal and commitment they possess. She said women need to come out and avail themselves of the opportunities of becoming decision-makers by being more politically active.

According to her, Loveworks Foundation which is her pet project was founded several years ago, and primarily established to cater for widows, by empowering them financially and engaging them in poverty eradication activities and self-reliance. It is one outstanding Non-Governmental Organisation that is perfectly charting the way forward for interested widows in Delta State.

In her words, “The Foundation will go beyond alleviating poverty, but dealing with it from the root to make the women financially independent and remain in control of their various means of livelihood. In the Love Works Foundation we don’t only give them fish but teach them how to rear the fish and be able to eat.”

She emphasized that, women everyday in many communities experience great hardship after their husbands death.

She reiterated that, a lot of widows are passing through various challenges and maltreatment she however encouraged widows not to relent but improve themselves and rely more on God.

She observed that, majority of the widows who feel neglected are ignorant of some of the activities put in place for their welfare just like Delta State widows scheme that is taking care so many widows to alleviate their suffering

“They are seldom captured in statistics, unnoticed by researchers, often neglected by laws and development strategies making their situation invisible”,

Dame Igbrude enjoined the Federal government and state, to join the cause of widows by initiating programmes, policies and projects that are aimed at ameliorating their plights.

“There should be policies and programmes that will take care of the overall welfare of widows and other vulnerable groups in the society. There should be enlightenment programmes on issues relating to their health, as. most of these women die of dis.
eases , stress, loneliness and pain which could be averted by early detection.

The Federal government and states should put up more skill acquisition centers, where these women could undergo various training and harness their potentials. They should equally ensure that these programs and services actually get to the targeted audience. She stressed.

I wish women all over the world happy international women’s day celebration and more of Gods blessings. She said.

Apple Unveils the Latest Features iOS 17.4 and Installation Guide for iPhone Users


Apple has recently announced the official release of the much-awaited iOS 17.4 update, which brings a host of significant improvements and new features to the iPhone operating system.

The update is expected to enhance the user experience and offer added functionality to iPhone users worldwide.

One of the standout features of iOS 17.4 is the new and improved set of emojis. The latest update includes new symbols like a mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain, and shaking heads. Additionally, 18 people and body emojis now come with the option to face them in either direction, providing users with more flexibility in expressing themselves.

Another exciting feature introduced in iOS 17.4 is the Apple Podcasts Transcripts. This new feature enables users to follow podcast episodes with synchronized text in English, Spanish, French, and German. The episode text can be read in full, searched for specific words or phrases, and tapped to play from a chosen point, with compatibility with accessibility features like Text Size, increased contrast, and VoiceOver.

The update also brings several other enhancements and bug fixes, including Music recognition, which enables users to add identified songs to Apple Music Playlists and Library, including Apple Music Classical. Siri introduces a new option to announce received messages in any supported language, enhancing the overall user experience.

In terms of security, iOS 17.4 offers enhanced protection for stolen devices, providing users with added security options globally. The update also introduces a Battery Health feature in Settings, which displays battery cycle count, manufacture date, and first use for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

The Call Identification feature now shows Apple-verified business names, logos, and department names when available, providing users with more reliable information. Business updates in Messages for Business deliver trusted information for various transactions, and Apple Cash virtual card numbers allow payments at merchants not yet supporting Apple Pay.

Lastly, the update addresses several issues, including blank contact pictures in Find My and resolving issues for Dual SIM users. It’s important to note that some features may vary in availability based on regions or Apple device compatibility. For detailed information on the security content of Apple software updates, visit the official Apple Security Updates website.

Elon Musk’s X Considering Removal of Like and Repost Counts Amidst Payment License Anticipation


Elon Musk revealed on Wednesday that his social media platform X is on the verge of obtaining a money transmitter license in New York, bringing it closer to introducing payment features.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley technology, media, and telecom conference, Musk mentioned the likelihood of X securing its license in California within the next month or so, while New York approval might take “a few months.”

Since Musk’s acquisition of the platform formerly known as Twitter in 2022, he has aimed to transform it into an “everything app,” similar to Tencent’s dominant WeChat app in China. This transformation includes features beyond social media, such as the capability to send money to other X users.

For X to provide services across the United States, experts assert that the platform needs a money transmitter license in each state. Musk has emphasized that obtaining approval in New York and California is particularly significant, given the states’ large populations and comparatively prolonged approval processes. Some states, including Pennsylvania and Utah, have already granted money transmitter licenses to X.

During the conference, Musk, who also leads Tesla and SpaceX, indicated that X is contemplating removing the visible count of likes and reposts on each post, citing concerns about visual clutter on the platform.


Ambassador OVKINGS Launches 7th Edition of OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show in Collaboration with POCACOV

Renowned Nigerian comedian and philanthropist, Ambassador OVKINGS, known for his unwavering commitment to youth welfare and addressing societal issues, has officially kicked off the 7th Edition of the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show.

Partnering with the Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV), this initiative aims to discover, empower, and mentor young talents across Nigeria.

Set for May, the event provides an inclusive platform for aspiring youths to exhibit their skills and talents, with waived registration fees. The project is dedicated to transforming the lives of six outstanding individuals, offering a generous financial reward of N1,000,000 to empower them in pursuing their dreams and contributing positively to society.

Supported by esteemed international media TV stations such as Silverbird Television, Hip TV, and others, the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show symbolizes hope and opportunity for Nigerian youth. Ambassador OVKINGS encourages all young individuals to seize this opportunity for personal and societal advancement.

For those interested in sponsoring or supporting this noble cause, inquiries can be directed to:
Contact: 08067378453.

Ambassador OVKINGS

Nollywood Actor Uzor Arukwe Reflects on a Defining Moment in His Pursuit of Success

Uzor Arukwe, a Nigerian actor, shared a significant moment from his early days in the film industry that ignited his determination to achieve success.

Recalling the experience, Arukwe mentioned being cast for a minor role with a call time of 9 am. Despite arriving promptly at 8 am, the lead actor caused a delay, pushing the shoot to commence only at 1 pm.

Arukwe detailed enduring prolonged waiting without being served food, while the lead actor, who arrived late, received immediate attention.

Frustrated by leaving around 11 pm without shooting his scene, Arukwe faced criticism from the production manager for departing on time.

The Nollywood star disclosed that his payment for the role was a modest N10,000, and he traveled from Lagos Island to FESTAC for the shoot with his last bit of money.

He shared this experience on the X platform in response to a media executive’s query about the weirdest experiences on a movie set that compelled individuals to think, “You must blow by fire by force.”

Expressing gratitude for the grace that guided him through such challenging times, Arukwe reflected on the defining moment that fueled his determination for success.

Arukwe entered the Nollywood scene in 2014 with his debut in the movie “Unspoken Truth,” but it was his performance in “Sergeant Tutu” that truly garnered attention.

His portrayal as a private investigator in the 2019 film “Code Wilo” further solidified his recognition in the industry. Arukwe’s contributions led to two nominations for ‘Best Actor in Comedy or Movie’ at the 2020 African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, acknowledging his roles in “Smash” and “Size 12.” Additionally, his role in “Yours Regardless” earned him a nomination for ‘Best Actor’ at the 2021 Best of Nollywood Awards.

Latimore Applauds Governor Oborevwori’s Prudent Governance Measures


Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Orientation and Communications, commended Governor Sheriff Oborevwori for his efforts in reducing the cost of governance.

Speaking during a media interaction in Asaba with the Indigenous Correspondents Chapel (ICC) of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Delta State Council, Latimore praised the governor’s commitment to curbing wasteful spending.

Latimore emphasized that the high cost of governance is a significant factor affecting the local economy and hindering overall growth in the country. Governor Oborevwori, according to Latimore, has taken proactive measures to minimize extravagant expenses, including scrutinizing and slashing overpriced contracts before approval.

The Executive Assistant revealed that the governor has successfully managed the state’s finances without resorting to borrowing for projects. Instead, Governor Oborevwori has focused on meticulous management of resources generated within the state, alongside increasing the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by incorporating the informal sector.

Latimore assured the public of the imminent realization of the MORE Agenda, emphasizing that positive changes will become evident in the state by the end of the year.

Expressing gratitude to the press for their support during challenging times, Latimore urged journalists to prioritize factual reporting over speculations. He encouraged constructive criticisms and precision journalism, emphasizing the responsibility of journalists to provide accurate information without causing confusion among the public.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of ICC, Comrade Kenneth Orusi, appreciated Latimore for visiting and participating in the ICC MIRROR Platform. He assured the government of the chapel’s support while maintaining their commitment to addressing any areas of concern through constructive feedback.

International Women’s Day Ohaneze Women Leader Calls For Women Empowerment


As the world marks International Women’s Day (IWD), which draws attention to matters relating to women and girls, the National Women Leader Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, Dr. Chief, Dame, Hon. Rita Daniels Chukwuji on behalf of the Ohaneze Ndigbo women worldwide, have called on women in Nigeria to continually up-skill themselves, network actively, and put themselves forward confidently for greater roles in society.

Hon Rita Daniels, who spoke with our correspondence also called on the first lady of Nigeria, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu to invest in more women and consider inclusion of more women in governance for economic development

According to her, there is need for women to be assured of more appointments and opportunities under the administration of her husband.

She said, international Women’s day is a day set aside to celebrate women, lift them up, mobilise, rehabilitate them, promote equality among them a for a brighter future.

The calls are in tandem with this year’s theme, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ with a focus on addressing economic disempowerment, while the campaign theme for this year is ‘Inspire Inclusion.’ which highlights the significance of diversity and empowerment across all sectors of society.

“This is the time for women to rise above their mental barriers. A woman’s journey to success begins from harnessing the power of her mind,” she said.

Presently, the current economic realities validate the theme in almost every respect as women appear the worst hit in these hard times.

“The solution is not what the women are doing or what they are not doing. It’s a collective responsibility. Yes, Chief Daniels said, women should up-skill themselves, network actively, and should put themselves forward confidently and project themselves,”

Hon. Chukwuji explained that, women also need to know that they make up about 50 per cent of the population, and so, ideally, should be found in 50 per cent of the leadership positions.

“I see the gap as an opportunity for all of us to continually upscale ourselves, for us to put ourselves forward even for leadership positions and not to be discouraged if we don’t get it at all, first, try until we get there,” she said.

The women leader urged the Federal Government, to look into the critical issues affecting women in the society in giving them listening ears in view to move the nation forward.

“Invest in Women as a critical issue has never been more challenging for us. The prospect of growth for women in business and the labour force generally is already hampered by norms and stereotypes which form a big part of our culture today,” said Hon. Daniels.

“Organisations and countries, Chief Rita said, should set deliberate targets for inclusiveness because everybody loses when some are excluded.

“Nigeria cannot continue to underestimate the role women play in advancing our national interests and our country’s goals of peace, stability, and prosperity,”

“We recognise that what makes us diverse makes us strong and no nation can get ahead if about half its population is left behind,” she

“Nigeria has very poor records of gender-based violence, with many cases of exploitation, rape, and verbal and physical abuse of women and girls. Trafficking in women and girls for forced labour or prostitution is also on the rise”

In addition, young girls suffer from unhealthy traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation and early child marriage, which deprive them of their childhood and education and expose them to vesico vaginal fistula (VVF) as their frail bodies are poorly developed for marital ‘responsibilities’ like pregnancy.

The state recently passed a new law, the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAP) Act, providing for life imprisonment without an option of fine for perpetrators of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the state. The Ohaneze Women leader said there are twice as many women below the poverty line than men and up to 19 times as many men in executive positions than women. In the corporate world, women struggle to be heard, as only a few make it to the boardrooms. They battle unequal payment, and in some cases, sexual harassment.

In politics, men generally dominate, even though women show up as candidates, voters, politicians, activists, and in most cases in Nigeria, as praise-singers. Again, women tend to be treated very differently from their male counterparts, and the results of every election year tell the story.

For instance, despite women constituting 49.5 percent of Nigeria’s population, according to National Population Commission (NPC) figures, no woman has emerged president or vice president in the country’s nearly 60-year history. Similarly, no woman has emerged governor in an election.j

“We definitely do not want to have women in politics just to meet the gender diversity requirement and these women end up as flower pots or showpieces in the political scenes; we need to have dynamic, tenacious, confident women,”

“Women with history of transformational leadership need to engage strategically in progressive politics. Gladly, Nigeria doesn’t lack women with these qualities,” she said.

She lamented that there are not enough women in politics in the country.

“We have a society that is predominantly patriarchal and also very gender-biased, where the women have been programmed into a mindset that they cannot aspire beyond a certain limit. Also, politics in this clime is very dangerous and it is all about money. These issues have boxed women into a corner,” She stressed.

“The solution is that women should be encouraged to step out boldly and more. Women should rise up to support aspiring women and not further castigate them because it takes a lot of boldness and courage for any woman to rise up in our society to say they want to run for any public office,” she said.

“Today many women were not coming out because of fear and because of the mindset that women belong to the kitchen.

“ some of them are already aligning with governance but their full potential is not being harvested. There are so many intelligent women out there with the tenacity to do something for their country but they are not being encouraged,” she said

“Violence is also another reason why women don’t put themselves forward. Politics can only be dirty if you make it dirty, so you can just do it the right way if you don’t want it to be dirty,” she said.

In their quest to sanitize randomly in all spheres, The Ohaneze women Leader went further to call on all mother’s to majorly take upon them selves the duty of calling out their children from the streets of negative influences by jeopardizing the peaceful coexistence enjoyed in the region .

Therefore she said, As dedicated mothers we are appealing to the Federal government to harken to our humble supplication.

More so, if there’s stability in the fair share of positions and privileges for women in the centre stage of power, I believe most women will feel the oneness and esteem sense of belonging as we are called to be one nation.

In engaging the women physically, mentally to politically, economically,and effectively participate in the limelight of leadership in various capacities in the country.

In other words, making a reliable chance of position for Empowerment to enable women become relevant in the society having known that an idle mind is a devil’s negative thoughts of dwelling. She said.

Nigerian Music Maestro Rexxie Takes the Plunge – Announces Engagement to Chisom

Celebrated Nigerian music producer, Rexxie, has exciting news to share as he revealed his engagement to his beloved Chisom.

The joyful announcement came through a series of heartwarming pictures from their engagement ceremony, posted on Rexxie’s Instagram account.

Expressing his happiness and love for Chisom in the caption, Rexxie announced, “She said YES🥰💍 We have a wedding to plan! 🎉🎉 #CHICHI2025 💕LOVE YOU @officiallychisom ❤️.”Fans and colleagues flooded the comment section with congratulatory messages for the newly engaged couple.

Known for creating the Zanku sound and producing hits like Naira Marley’s ‘Soapy’ and ‘Tesumole’, Rexxie unveiled his debut album, ‘A True Champion’, in 2021. The following year, he released the chart-topping track ‘Abracadabra’ featuring Naira Marley and Skiibii, later dropping a remix with none other than Wizkid.

Rexxie’s career soared to new heights when Burna Boy’s album ‘Twice As Tall’, which he contributed to, won the prestigious ‘Global Music Album’ category at the Grammy Awards in 2021.

In 2022, he earned further recognition for his involvement in Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy-winning track ‘Do Yourself’ from the album ‘Mother Nature’.Last year, Rexxie continued his musical journey by releasing his sophomore album ‘Big Time’, featuring collaborations with artists like Sarkodie, Lojay, and Zlatan.

The talented producer’s engagement marks a significant personal milestone alongside his remarkable achievements in the music industry.

Delta Assembly Targets Herders’ Disobedience, Aims to Enforce Anti-Open Grazing Law


The Delta State House of Assembly has sounded the alarm regarding the ongoing violation of the state’s anti-grazing law by herders, even three years after its establishment.

In response, the Assembly, under the leadership of Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon Arthur Akpowowo and its Legislative Compliance Committee, has initiated a stakeholders’ meeting on Wednesday at the State Assembly Complex to tackle the issue.

Expressing deep concern, the committee observed that violators of the Anti-Open Grazing Law were operating freely on the streets, prompting a commitment to more stringent enforcement in collaboration with the Executive.

The meeting, attended by state security agencies and the Delta State Livestock Management Committee, shed light on disturbing incidents of killings, maiming, and rape perpetrated by herdsmen against farmers and residents.

Despite the existing law prohibiting open grazing, the Deputy Speaker emphasized the Assembly’s unwavering dedication to achieving full-scale compliance. He decried the persistent crisis caused by the unwholesome activities of certain herdsmen in the state, citing recent farmer killings in Uwheru and Abraka.

Rt. Hon. Akpowowo expressed dissatisfaction with the ongoing situation and underscored the necessity for a resolute stance against herders’ activities. He urged security agencies to apprehend and prosecute offenders without exceptions, stressing the imperative of strict adherence to the law to address the challenges of food shortage.

The Committee, led by the Deputy Speaker, unveiled plans to convene another meeting involving critical stakeholders to devise lasting solutions to the enduring challenges posed by herders in the state. Other members of the committee include Emeka Nwaobi, Dafe Emakpor, Perkins Umukoro, Festus Okoh, Bernard Odior, and Hon Pereotu Oloye.

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Electricity Chaos: Minister of Power Issues Stern Warning to DisCos Over Supply Failures


The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has issued a stern warning that electricity distribution companies (DisCos) face potential licence revocation due to ongoing power shortages across the nation.

Despite generation companies (GenCos) increasing power output to 4,000MW, Adelabu expressed deep concern about certain DisCos failing to efficiently distribute the supplied power from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

In a Wednesday message on his X handle, the minister vowed to hold distribution companies accountable, emphasizing that severe consequences, including licence revocation, could be imposed for willful non-performance.

Adelabu also instructed TCN to prioritize repairing damaged transmission towers and power lines to enhance supply in affected regions. Additionally, steps are underway to clear debts owed to power generation and gas supply companies, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and boost power generation nationwide.

Inflationary Fallout: Finance Minister Points Finger at Buhari’s Naira Printing Legacy

The Finance Minister, Wale Edun, revealed on Wednesday that the economic downturn in the country can be attributed to a significant policy error during the past administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said the policy involved freely printing Naira for eight years without a proportional increase in productive activities.

Speaking before the Senate Committee on Finance in Abuja, chaired by Senator Sani Musa, Edun emphasized that this approach led to inflationary pressures, contributing to the nation’s current economic challenges.

He commended the current administration, led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for taking steps to stabilize the Naira against the dollar and implement a more transparent social welfare scheme.

Nigerian Tribune