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Nigerian Army Chief Calls for Media Support, Urges Responsible Reporting at Civil-Military Media Chat

The Nigerian Army recently conducted a Civil-Military Cooperation Media Chat in Asaba, Delta State, where Major-General Jamal Abdusalam represented Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant-General Taoreed Lagbaja.

During the conference, Major-General Abdusalam emphasized the significance of collaborating with the media to improve national security efforts while tackling challenges. This underscores the importance of fostering partnerships between the military and the media, as well as promoting mutual understanding and collective action towards achieving national security goals.

Moreover, Abdusalam emphasized the significance of professionalism, accuracy, and impartiality in media reporting, as well as the complexity of the current security landscape, which necessitates adaptive strategies to address challenges effectively.

Abdusalam condemned the tragic loss of troops in Okuama, Delta State, and urged media restraint in amplifying the activities of terrorist groups. Despite obstacles, he reaffirmed the Army’s unwavering dedication to its constitutional duties and solicited continued public backing.

The Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Maj. Gen. Nosakhare Ugboin, explained that the purpose of the media chat was to elucidate military operations and foster collaboration.

He emphasized the significance of the military-media alliance in confronting security threats and providing clarity on operational impacts.

Dr. Ifeanyi Osuaza, Delta State Commissioner for Information, praised the initiative of the forum and highlighted the role of positive civil-military ties in nurturing societal harmony and safeguarding Nigeria’s borders.

He deplored the tragedy in Okuama and urged sustained cooperation for the military’s advancement.

Malam Jibrin Ndace, Director General of Voice of Nigeria, echoed the symbiotic relationship between the military and media in national security. He expressed hope that dialogue at the chat would fortify this partnership, contributing to Nigeria’s safety and prosperity.

Ndace emphasized the imperative of robust military-media collaboration to realize overarching security objectives.

Overall, the media chat was an essential opportunity for the military and media to converge and discuss issues surrounding national security, with a focus on promoting transparency, accuracy, and collaboration.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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