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WhatsApp Improves Chat Accessibility: Users Can Now Pin Up to Three Messages for Swift Retrieval

WhatsApp users are now empowered to enhance their conversations by pinning up to three crucial messages for durations spanning from 24 hours to 30 days.

These pinned messages transform prominent banners, ensuring effortless accessibility and heightened visibility.

According to the latest update, when multiple messages warrant pinning, the banner efficiently consolidates them, displaying the total count while prioritizing the most recent pin. Navigating through these pinned messages is simplified, with a mere tap on the banner revealing subsequent pinned content.

The pinning process varies across different devices. Android users utilize a long press followed by a selection from the ‘More options’ menu to specify the pin duration. Similarly, iPhone users execute a long press, navigate to ‘More options’, and select the desired pin duration. Meanwhile, Web and Desktop users locate the target message, access the menu, opt for ‘Pin message’, and designate the pin duration accordingly.

Unpinning messages is a straightforward task, requiring a simple tap followed by the selection of ‘Unpin’ to revert their status.

Within group settings, administrators wield authority to authorize members to pin messages. Through adjustments in group settings, admins can regulate who possesses the privilege of pinning messages within the group.

Upon pinning a message within a group chat, a system-generated message disseminates the pin event, notifying all participants of the pinned message and the identity of the individual responsible for its pinning.

Despite these advanced functionalities, certain limitations persist. Participants who join the group post-pinning, those who have cleared their chat history, or those who deleted the message before pinning will be unable to access the pinned content.

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