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Air Peace CEO Allen Onyema Argues N200k Salary in Nigeria Surpasses £2k in UK”

Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air Peace, has stirred controversy by suggesting that earning a monthly salary of N200,000 in Nigeria is more advantageous than earning £2,000 in the United Kingdom.

During his appearance on TVC’s Breakfast show, Onyema argued that despite Nigeria’s economic challenges, individuals earning N200,000 in the country are in a better financial position than those earning £2,000 in the UK.

Onyema challenged the conventional belief that the depreciation of the Naira is solely responsible for Nigeria’s economic woes, suggesting that the Nigerian currency holds more value than commonly perceived compared to foreign currencies.

He boldly stated, “In London, earning two thousand pounds a month equates to poverty. The purchasing power of two thousand pounds is equivalent to that of two thousand Naira in Nigeria. Therefore, someone earning two hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is better off.”

Onyema further elaborated his argument by highlighting the lifestyle advantages that come with earning N200,000 in Nigeria, such as the ability to afford domestic help like maids and drivers, which may not be feasible with a £2,000 salary in the UK.

While his remarks have sparked debate, Onyema’s perspective challenges conventional wisdom regarding the comparison of salaries between Nigeria and the UK, prompting a reevaluation of the perceived value of earnings in both countries.

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