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Ambassador OVKINGS Launches 7th Edition of OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show in Collaboration with POCACOV

Renowned Nigerian comedian and philanthropist, Ambassador OVKINGS, known for his unwavering commitment to youth welfare and addressing societal issues, has officially kicked off the 7th Edition of the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show.

Partnering with the Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV), this initiative aims to discover, empower, and mentor young talents across Nigeria.

Set for May, the event provides an inclusive platform for aspiring youths to exhibit their skills and talents, with waived registration fees. The project is dedicated to transforming the lives of six outstanding individuals, offering a generous financial reward of N1,000,000 to empower them in pursuing their dreams and contributing positively to society.

Supported by esteemed international media TV stations such as Silverbird Television, Hip TV, and others, the OVKINGS Youth Talent Boost Nigeria Show symbolizes hope and opportunity for Nigerian youth. Ambassador OVKINGS encourages all young individuals to seize this opportunity for personal and societal advancement.

For those interested in sponsoring or supporting this noble cause, inquiries can be directed to:
Contact: 08067378453.

Ambassador OVKINGS
Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
Multimedia Expert, Journalist, and Singer.


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