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Tragic Incident: University Student Commits Suicide After Continuous Failures

In a devastating turn of events, Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student at Ebonyi State University (EBSU) in Abakaliki, was found dead in her dormitory at the Ishieke Campus. The cause of her untimely demise appears to be related to the distressing circumstances she faced after repeatedly failing a particular course.

According to reports, Ugwuka, an English Department student, had successfully passed all of her other courses except one. Allegedly, her lecturer had made a disheartening declaration that she would never pass that specific course. It is believed that the combination of the lecturer’s discouraging statement and her ongoing academic struggles took a toll on Ugwuka’s mental well-being, leading to her depression.

Ugwuka’s grieving mother, in a poignant online video, accuses the instructor of pushing her daughter to the point of suicide. She appeals to the lecturer, saying, “Dr. Enyi claimed he is the best, that nobody can teach like him. Well, he should come and carry my daughter who has taken her own life.”

The circumstances surrounding Ugwuka’s tragic death have sparked outrage and demands for a thorough investigation into the events that led to this heartbreaking incident.

Rex Nwome, an alumnus of Ebonyi State University, shed light on the sequence of events that preceded Favour Ugwuka’s unfortunate demise. Nwome revealed that Ugwuka took her life after facing repeated failures in a specific course.

“Favour was not only my classmate but also my best friend in the English Department. The lecturer in question had vowed to prevent Favour from graduating,” Nwome shared.

He explained that despite passing all other courses, Ugwuka was required to pay an additional year’s tuition to retake the course she had been unable to pass.

“Unfortunately, the lecturer failed her once again. Her depression intensified when she discovered that her name was not included in the recently released NYSC shortlist,” Nwome added.

Nwome further revealed that Ugwuka’s desperation to graduate and participate in the national service contributed to her severe depression.

“She sought help desperately, wandering around EBSU, eager to graduate and serve. These challenges and more ultimately led her to make the tragic decision to end her life,” he expressed with deep sadness.

DSP Joshua Ukandu, the spokesperson for the Ebonyi State Police Command, confirmed the incident on Thursday, May 23, 2024, stating, “Yes, the command received a report of a female student’s suicide.”

This heart-wrenching incident serves as a painful reminder of the immense pressure and emotional turmoil that students can experience. It underscores the need for academic institutions and authorities to prioritize mental health support services and ensure that students facing challenges receive the assistance they require.

May Favour Ugwuka’s soul rest in eternal peace, and may her tragic passing serve as a call for greater awareness and action to prevent such devastating losses in the future.

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