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Top Politician Jailed, Accused of Corruption With Local Fortune Teller in Agde France Town

The scenic Mediterranean town of Agde, France has found itself at the centre of a bizarre scandal involving a local fortune teller and the town’s mayor.

Agde, known for its thriving swinger community, is now reeling after the arrest of mayor Gilles d’Ettore and fortune teller Sophia Martinez. The two are currently in jail while under judicial investigation.

Ms. Martinez faces charges of embezzling the mayor, while d’Ettore is accused of corruption for allegedly spending lavish amounts of public funds on the fortune teller.

The scandal began when d’Ettore, a former secret service officer and police officer, asked Ms. Martinez to put him in contact with his deceased father. To the mayor’s amazement, Ms. Martinez succeeded, with her voice supposedly changing to mimic that of d’Ettore’s late father during séances.

Over the past four years, it is alleged that Ms. Martinez manipulated the mayor, both in person and over the phone, using remarkable ventriloquist skills. Mysterious calls would come in from “voices” of the dead, including angels, urging the mayor to assist the fortune teller.

This is where the corruption charges come into play. The mayor is alleged to have used public funds to pay for lavish holidays for Ms. Martinez and her family, including trips to Polynesia and Thailand. He is also accused of hiring several of her family members to work for the town council and renovating her home, with local businesses providing the work for free out of fear of losing future contracts.

“It’s a crazy story,” the mayor’s lawyer, Jean Marc Darrigade, said. “It’s incredible because you have a man in politics, mayor and former MP who is very intelligent. And you discover that a man like that can be manipulated by a woman.”

However, Ms. Martinez’s lawyer, Luc Abratkiewicz, has a different perspective. “She has admitted betraying the mayor’s confidence but it’s not a case of manipulation because she has owned up to what she did and other clients including doctors and architects said she had mystical powers,” he said.

The scandal has gripped the town, with locals divided on whether the mayor was truly manipulated or if there were other, more salacious factors at play.

“For me, sex is at the heart of the scandal. Where there is money involved, then it means sex is part of it too,” one local resident remarked.

The far-right Rassemblement National party has seized on the scandal, with one rising local politician calling for the mayor to resign, stating he “has made a mockery out of our town.”

As the investigation continues, the residents of Agde are left to grapple with the fallout of this extraordinary tale of corruption, manipulation, and the power of belief.

SourceBBC News
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