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Tinubu’s Message to Nigerian Girls: Dress Responsibly, Embrace Modesty, Shun Nakedness

In a compelling video message shared on X by Arise TV, Nigeria’s esteemed First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has called upon young girls across the nation to embrace modesty and steer clear of revealing clothing. She emphasized that nakedness goes against Nigerian cultural values and should not be accepted.

Senator Tinubu, known for her unwavering commitment to empowering women and preserving cultural heritage, delivered her message with conviction. She underscored the significance of confidence and self-awareness, urging young girls to take pride in their identity without compromising their principles for the sake of fashion.

“The message here is clear: we must safeguard our children,” Senator Tinubu remarked in the video. “We observe the way they dress, often forgetting that in Nigeria, we possess inherent beauty. When we see what is being showcased on screens, we might consider it fashionable, but we must acknowledge what is truly happening.”

Drawing a parallel to the extravagant MET Gala, she pointed out the stark contrast between women’s nakedness and men’s well-dressed appearances. Senator Tinubu emphasized the need for action, stating that it is essential to educate young girls about cultural norms, rejecting the notion that nudity is synonymous with beauty.

“We do not partake in a MET Gala-like event where everyone’s nakedness is on display,” she continued. “We have to address this issue. We must tell them the truth—nakedness is not something we embrace in our culture. It does not align with our understanding of beauty, even though all these young girls are inherently beautiful. They should exude confidence in who they are and remain true to their roots.”

Senator Tinubu’s resolute message serves as a rallying cry to protect the integrity of Nigerian culture and instill a sense of pride among young girls. The importance of preserving traditional values while navigating the evolving world of fashion cannot be understated. By encouraging modesty and self-assurance, she aims to empower girls to celebrate their identity and resist external pressures to conform.

As Senator Tinubu aptly concluded, “We know who we are, and we should never lose sight of that.”

Her heartfelt appeal resonates with many Nigerians, sparking conversations about the influence of fashion on cultural identity and the imperative of nurturing self-esteem rooted in our rich heritage.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
Multimedia Expert, Journalist, and Singer.


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