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TC Virus Opens Up About Escaping Fatal Boat Accident That Claimed Junior Pope’s Life

Tochukwu Okafor, known as TC Virus in the entertainment industry, has shared his harrowing experience of surviving a recent boat accident that tragically claimed the life of fellow actor, Junior Pope.

The incident occurred on Wednesday as Pope fell into the River Niger in Asaba, Delta State, while en route to a movie set with other actors and crew members.

In a now-viral video, TC Virus can be seen ringing a bell on the boat as it sped along the river. Reflecting on the ordeal in an Instagram live session, TC Virus revealed that he had performed a ritual to honor the water spirits before embarking on the ill-fated journey.

Additionally, TC Virus claimed that filmmaker Adanma Luke ordered his arrest based on allegations from the boat operator, who accused him of causing the mishap resulting in Pope’s death.

While TC Virus managed to escape the tragedy, it resulted in the loss of lives for others involved.

Speaking in Pig in he said “the boat operator told Luke that he blocked his view during the trip”.

“Dem never even see Junior Pope that time. Na me even go Marine police station go report. When me and Shaun Israel came out. Na we rush go report for there because na there we park motor,” he spoke in pidgin English.

“Dem con dey sey why film people dey always do these things. Sey we don tell them sey anytime wey dem come make dem con rent jacket from our station… Sey but because of our (actors) stinginess. Sey we no dey even carry dem with some divers we go think sey we go fit make am alone.

“Me and Shaun con call my guy. As he con come instantly I tell am abeg carry me go back I wan go that marine. My mind no fit rest because this person was my colleague. As I dey talk am finish. The boy tell me sey the police are calling me. I told the boy any police officer who wants to see me should come to me. The next thing the policeman came and told me they had to take me to Onitsha, to the marine extension with boat. I told him with boat wey God just rescue my life.”

“Na Adanma Luke tell them to arrest me that I caused the accident. That as I left the boat guy lied that I stood up from the boat that was why he could not see. As I am slim like this, how can I block your view? You are the pilot. They have not even seen Junior Pope when Adanma sey make dem arrest me. My guys were now shouting at the police and that was how we left the place. Before my chairman came and carried me to the hospital to do scan.”

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