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Putin’s Safety First: Russian President Adopts Bulletproof Vests Amid Growing Concerns

In response to mounting concerns over potential assassination attempts linked to the war in Ukraine and the rise of global terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly begun wearing bulletproof vests during public appearances. This unprecedented move comes as the Kremlin intensifies security measures surrounding the Russian leader, according to sources close to the government.

Citing two Russian officials and a source within the Kremlin, The Moscow Times revealed that President Putin’s security has been significantly heightened in recent times. “The Kremlin takes Vladimir Putin’s security very seriously. He is protected by a whole army of visible and invisible guards,” stated the anonymous source.

Reports suggest that the 71-year-old leader has been donning body armor at outdoor events since at least 2023, based on the strong recommendation of the Presidential Security Service (SBP), a specialized unit within the Federal Guard Service (FSO) responsible for safeguarding the president.

One notable occasion where Putin was seen wearing concealed body armor was during the annual Victory Day military parade on May 9th. The event, which commemorates the Soviet victory over the Nazis in World War II, features heightened security with snipers positioned on rooftops around Red Square. Footage from the parade showed Putin walking alongside former defense minister Sergei Shoigu, displaying signs of potential discomfort caused by the alleged body armor.

Jade Miller, an independent British hostile environment and high-risk security consultant, analyzed the video footage of the parade and concluded that Putin was indeed wearing a bulletproof vest. Miller noted that the Russian president’s walking appeared rigid, and there were no natural creases at the back of his overcoat. She further observed that Putin’s upper body frame looked unnatural, with wide and square shoulders that lacked the shape of normal back and shoulder blades.

During the parade, Putin’s overcoat seemed to get caught under what could potentially be a ballistic vest, according to Miller’s analysis. Additionally, the British expert pointed out that Putin frequently adjusted his shoulders, displaying signs of discomfort that could be attributed to the way a ballistic vest is designed to sit on the shoulders or collarbone.

While the weight of such body armor may cause discomfort when worn for extended periods, President Putin has taken precautions to ensure his protection remains discreet. He keeps his overcoat fastened up high and appears to check that it is closed, potentially to ensure that no one can catch a glimpse of the undergarment, as observed by Miller.

Given the current political climate and the rising threats faced by high-ranking politicians globally, the decision to wear bulletproof vests reflects the Kremlin’s commitment to President Putin’s safety. As the world watches, Vladimir Putin remains resolute, navigating the challenges of his presidency with an added layer of protection.

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