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Oil Pipelines Surveillance Has Improved Niger Delta Economy – Fuoye

The Vice President of Movement of the Survival of Ijaw Ethics Nationality in Niger Delta ( MOSIEND), High Chief, Thompson Fuoye, disclosed that the administration of President Ahmad Bola Tinubu has done well for the people of Niger Delta by bringing in surveillance jobs to the youths, funding it and renewing it.

Speaking during a press conference in Asaba, He said, the decision of the Government to engage private security agencies such as Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited in keeping surveillance on oil pipelines in the country has been described as the right step in the right direction which has improved the nation’s economy

He also calls for the renewal of the pipeline surveillance contract to Security Services Limited such as Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited and other security companies in the overall interest of oil production in the country.

He said that Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited had done well to be re-awarded the contract and called on President Bola Tinubu to do the needful to support the Niger Delta Nation.

He lauded Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited’s inclusive approach which has seen youths and elders from various communities actively partaking in their security efforts.

He said the practice ensures the safety of oil company workers, facilitating an environment conducive to business.

“With the presence of Niger Delta Security and Surveillance Company (NDSS), Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited and other security companies, the issues of illegal activities of oil pipeline vandals have been checkmated with the engagement of private security companies in tackling the crime and engaging more than 5000 youths of Niger Delta nation”.

The Vice President noted that the Niger Delta youths we’re aware of the complex economic landscape of Nigeria and firmly believe that the surveillance of oil pipelines, particularly within the Niger Delta and Delta State, should not be relegated to entities with questionable backgrounds.

The MoSiEND Vice President said, so far, the security companies have declared zero tolerance for any form of criminality, particularly oil theft and vandalisation of oil pipelines. that with the protection of the pipelines, the nation would be able to improve its output to meet its quota in the international oil market for more revenue generation.

Speaking further Fuoye revealed that the presence of private security companies and other government security agencies has curbed the nefarious oil bunkering activities in the coastlines.

He stated that the organization has performed creditably well in the discharge of its duties and would further strengthen the economy by dislodging saboteurs.

The Vice Chairman, therefore, implored Nigerians to support the fight against pipeline vandals and those perpetrating evil in the country to provide more jobs for the teeming unemployed youths in the country.



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