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NLC Strike Hits Delta State: Key Facilities Closed, 95% Compliance Recorded

A widespread strike organized by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has effectively halted operations across Delta State, with the capital city of Asaba feeling the brunt of the industrial action. The strike, initiated on June 2nd, has led to the closure of numerous commercial establishments, including offices, banks, markets, and transportation hubs, across the state.

The NLC mobilized its affiliate unions, including the Trade Union Congress (TUC), to participate in the state-wide strike. The action has brought the majority of economic activities in Delta State to a standstill, with only essential services like hospitals and emergency responders operating at a limited capacity.

Led by Trade Union Congress (TUC) comrade Martin Bolum, the Organized Labour Compliance and Enforcement Team reported an impressive 95% compliance rate with the strike directive throughout Delta State. Notable facilities brought to a standstill include the Federal Medical Centre, Specialist hospitals, banks, the Federal High Court, the State Secretariat, and Dennis Osadebay University.

Speaking to the press, Delta State NLC Chairman, Chief Goodluck Ofobrukun, underscored the necessity of the strike, citing the continued neglect of Nigerian workers by the federal government. Ofobrukun criticized the government’s allocation of substantial financial relief to judges and lawmakers while neglecting the welfare concerns of workers.

“The Federal Government has persistently ignored the pleas of Nigerian workers,” remarked Ofobrukun. “In light of their indifference, we have opted to withdraw our services.”

Responding to inquiries regarding the NLC’s wage demands, Ofobrukun defended their position, highlighting the stark contrast between the generous allowances and salaries awarded to political officeholders and the meager compensation received by workers. “When a senator receives 30 million Naira monthly, with additional perks such as a 1.2 million Naira newspaper allowance, how can the average worker, toiling tirelessly every day, be denied a fair wage?” questioned Ofobrukun.

He explained that the NLC is demanding a minimum wage increase from the current 30,000 Naira per month to 494,000 Naira, as well as improved benefits and working conditions for Nigerian workers across all sectors. He argued that this request is reasonable and long overdue, given the rising cost of living and the disproportionate salaries enjoyed by government officials.

“Our members, who are the backbone of this country, are struggling to make ends meet on their current salaries,” Ofobrukun lamented. “They cannot afford necessities like food, housing, and healthcare, while politicians live in luxury. This disparity is unacceptable, and we will not back down until the government addresses our legitimate concerns.”

In a previous statement, TUC Chairman comrade Martin Bolum had emphasized the monitoring efforts aimed at ensuring complete adherence to the NLC’s strike directives across Delta State.

The NLC’s strike has garnered widespread support from the public, who have expressed solidarity with the workers’ demands for fair and equitable compensation.

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