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Nigerian Labour Congress Spearheads Effort to Enhance Journalists’ Welfare Nationwide

Abuja, Nigeria – In a resolute move to address the long-standing grievances of journalists, Joe Ajaero, the head of the Nigerian Labour Congress, has launched a fervent campaign for improved remuneration, comprehensive insurance coverage, and dignified pensions for the nation’s dedicated storytellers.

Recognizing their invaluable contribution to shaping Nigeria’s history and democratic journey, Ajaero met with Dr. Chris Isiguzo, President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, in a show of solidarity and determination to advocate for enhanced welfare and protection for journalists across the country.

Ajaero’s poignant remarks highlighted the paradox currently faced by modern journalism. While technological advancements have expanded efficiency and reach, the core principles and well-being of journalists are at risk of being eroded, posing a threat to the very essence of the profession.

“The welfare of journalists is being overlooked. While journalists tirelessly fight for the rights of others, they find themselves without adequate support and protection. Journalists work tirelessly, disregarding weekends, public holidays, and festive seasons, to report on the activities of those who enjoy such privileges,” expressed Ajaero.

Drawing attention to the urgent need for change, Ajaero called for a consultative platform to be established every two years to engage in negotiations with media employers across the country. The aim is to establish a minimum wage for journalists, ensuring their financial stability and security. Ajaero also emphasized the necessity for a pension scheme that all journalists could benefit from upon retirement and stressed the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage to enhance their productivity.

Ajaero further emphasized that the non-payment of journalists’ salaries should be treated as a criminal offense, highlighting the hardships faced by reporters who often spend their meager earnings on transportation to fulfill their professional duties. He firmly asserted that publishers must fulfill their obligations to their employees, particularly in ensuring timely salary payments.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of journalism, Ajaero also called for the regulation of online media practices, urging the inclusion of these media outlets within the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). By accommodating and understanding the work of online journalists, the aim is to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework that promotes ethical and responsible journalism.

Responding to Ajaero’s claims, Dr. Chris Isiguzo, President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, affirmed that the NUJ is actively addressing the abnormalities prevalent in the country’s journalism practices. He assured journalists that the NUJ is in the process of reviewing the Code of Ethics to stipulate the responsibilities and obligations of employers towards media workers. Isiguzo also acknowledged the pressing issue of transparency regarding the union’s deducted dues, vowing to resolve this matter promptly.

With the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Nigeria Union of Journalists united in their pursuit of journalists’ rights, a renewed sense of hope surges through the journalism community. As the nation witnesses this historic effort to champion journalists’ welfare, it is evident that the storytelling heroes are finally being heard and recognized for their invaluable contributions to society.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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