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Multichoice Nigeria Faces N150 Million Fine, Subscribers to Receive One Month Free DSTV, GOTV Subscription

In a landmark ruling, Multichoice Nigeria has been directed by a three-man panel of the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal to provide subscribers on the DStv and GOtv platforms with a one-month complimentary subscription.

The tribunal’s decision also includes a fine of N150 million imposed on Multichoice for challenging the jurisdiction of the court, which previously issued an order restraining the company from raising the prices of its DStv and GOtv packages.

Justice Thomas Okosu, leading the panel, delivered the verdict on Friday in the capital city of Abuja. The ruling comes as a response to Multichoice Nigeria’s decision to increase the subscription rates for its DStv and GOtv packages, disregarding the previous orders of the tribunal.

In May, the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal had already intervened, preventing Multichoice Nigeria Limited from implementing the proposed tariff hikes. The tribunal deemed it necessary to protect consumers from unfair price increases and maintain fair competition in the market.

By ordering Multichoice to provide one month of free subscription to its customers, the tribunal aims to rectify the company’s non-compliance with its earlier decision. This ruling serves as a significant step towards safeguarding the rights and interests of Nigerian subscribers, ensuring that they receive fair treatment and value for their money.

Multichoice Nigeria is expected to swiftly implement the tribunal’s decision, granting subscribers the additional month of free access to their favorite channels and content on both the DStv and GOtv platforms. The company will also need to pay the imposed fine, further emphasizing the importance of adhering to consumer protection regulations.

As the news spreads across the nation, subscribers are eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of the tribunal’s ruling and the opportunity to enjoy an extra month of uninterrupted entertainment. The decision serves as a reminder to all service providers that the interests of Nigerian consumers should be paramount, and compliance with regulatory orders is non-negotiable.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as Multichoice Nigeria responds to the tribunal’s ruling and takes the necessary steps to comply with the directives.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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