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Minister Festus Keyamo Exposes Fraud Behind Nigeria Air Project Suspension

Abuja, Nigeria – The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, has shed light on the suspension of the Nigeria Air project, calling it a fraudulent endeavour that lacked transparency. During the Ministerial Sectorial update held on Monday, Keyamo expressed his dissatisfaction with the national carrier, stating that it was anti-Nigeria and not truly representative of the country.

With great candour, Keyamo revealed, “It was never Air Nigeria; it was Ethiopian trying to flag our flag. It was not Nigeria. It only printed Air Nigeria. It was an Ethiopian airline trying to fly our flag. If it is so, why not allow our local people to fly our flag? Why bring a foreigner to fly our flag?” He emphasized the importance of having an indigenous national carrier that would truly benefit Nigerians, rather than a project that would allow 60% of the profits to go to another country.

The Minister firmly stated that the Nigeria Air project remains suspended, as it did not meet the criteria of being wholly Nigerian or providing full benefits to Nigerians. He cautioned against deception, urging the public not to be swayed by false information about the project’s revival.

While addressing other developments in the aviation sector, Keyamo highlighted the resumption of cargo flights between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. He emphasized the significance of the cargo trade market, which accounts for 35% of the world trade deficit and generates approximately $6 trillion annually, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Keyamo expressed satisfaction that Nigeria has regained its position in this lucrative market, having secured routes that were previously missed.

Furthermore, the Minister addressed concerns surrounding the second runway at Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. He assured the public that within just two weeks of his appointment, these issues were addressed, promising enhanced airport capacity and operational efficiency.

As the aviation sector undergoes these changes, stakeholders and the public eagerly await further developments and initiatives that will bolster economic growth and restore faith in the Nigerian aviation industry.

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