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Installation of Onishe Ezemu, a sacrilege and macabre dance, says Onishe of Ubulu Uku, Chief Emma Ejiofor

In a recent statement, Chief Emma Ejiofor, the esteemed Onishe of Ubulu-Uku kingdom in Aniocha South local government area of Delta State, expressed his unequivocal stance regarding the alleged installation of a new ‘Onishe’ in the kingdom while he is still alive.

Chief Ejiofor firmly asserted that any such installation is a sacrilege and a macabre dance, emphasizing that Ubulu-Uku cannot have two Onishes simultaneously.

According to Chief Ejiofor, the titles within the community are shared based on the quarters, with each title rotating within the kindred. He clarified that none of the titles, except for the kingship which passes from father to first son, are hereditary. The Ubulu-Uku kingdom operates a monarchy system, and the Onishe plays a vital role in the succession of the kingship. Therefore, it is inconceivable to have two Onishes or two kings on the throne concurrently.

Chief Ejiofor further underscored that nobody, even from his kindred, has the right to assume the position of Onishe while he is still alive. He emphasized the sacredness of the title and the repercussions that anyone who dares to assume it will face. The community of Ubulu-Uku prides itself on its traditional values and customs, and the titles held by individuals are indicative of their lineage and position within the community.

In conclusion, Chief Ejiofor called upon the community to stand firm and united, assuring them that they had their rightful king, Umuogochukwu Edward Ofulue II, the first son of Obi Edward Ofulue II. He urged the community to recognize that the installation of a new Onishe in his presence or from another kindred is a violation of the established traditions and a grave transgression against the customs of Ubulu-Uku.

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