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Ijeh Puts Nollywood at the Forefront, Ensures Asaba Film Village’s Utilization, and Guarantees Governor Oborevwori’s Full Backing for Filmmakers

Sheriffied Nollywood Movement Endorses Governor's Commitment to Film Industry

In a recent meeting between the Delta State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Dr Darlington Nnamdi Ijeh, and the members of the Sheriffied Nollywood Movement, a promise of unwavering support for Nollywood practitioners was made.

Dr Ijeh, the driving force behind promoting the film industry in Delta State, assured filmmakers of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to the growth and success of Nollywood. He reassured the gathering that the Governor would continue to provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to enhance the film industry’s development in the state.

During the courtesy visit, Hon Sam Ukala, the coordinator of the Sheriffied Nollywood Movement, commended the Governor’s efforts in prioritizing the utilization of the Asaba film village and emphasized the importance of continued support from the Sheriffied Nollywood Movement.

Hon Ukala conveyed their congratulations to Governor Oborevwori on completing one year in office and pledged their unwavering support and solidarity to his administration. Furthermore, Hon Ukala endorsed the Governor for his next term, assuring him that the group had the numbers to deliver his mandate.

Elder Emma Umeh highlighted the significance of Nollywood in representing the diverse cultures of Nigeria and praised Asaba as the film hub of Africa. He pledged the group’s dedication to aligning with Governor Oborevwori’s policies and supporting his administration. Umeh also announced a forthcoming program aimed at promoting the Governor’s initiatives.

The Delta State Chairman of the Association of Entertainment and Media Practitioners of Nigeria (ASEMA), Mac Collins Chidebe, echoed the sentiments of the filmmakers, emphasizing their role as influencers in society. He affirmed their commitment to continuously promote the Governor’s M.O.R.E Agenda (Security, Peace, Good Roads, and Electricity) and vowed to continue influencing people positively.

However, the Delta State AGM Chairman, Emma Onyemezie, raised a concern regarding the lack of sufficient representation and opportunities for Nollywood practitioners in government appointments. He appealed for greater inclusion and emphasized the need for a direct impact from the government to address this issue.

Overall, Dr Ijeh’s assurance of Governor Oborevwori’s full backing for Nollywood, combined with the support and solidarity of the Sheriffied Nollywood Movement, promises a bright future for the film industry in Delta State. With the Asaba film village at the forefront and the commitment to create an enabling environment, the stage is set for Nollywood to flourish under the governor’s administration.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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