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House of Representatives Calls for Landlord Regulation Amid Housing Crisis

The House of Representatives has taken a significant step towards addressing the housing challenges faced by residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by calling for the regulation of house rents and activities of landlords in Abuja.

This resolution, made on Wednesday, was prompted by a motion presented by Rep. Emmanuel Udo (PDP-Akwa-Ibom) during a session at the House in Abuja. Rep. Udo emphasized the need for an inclusive rental system in Nigeria, aimed at easing the housing burden on working-class families and providing affordable options for low and middle-income earners.

Highlighting the current situation in the FCT, Rep. Udo expressed concern over the arbitrary increase in house rents, which he described as burdensome for residents. He cited staggering figures, revealing that one-bedroom self-contained apartments command rents ranging from N1 to N1.5 million, while larger accommodations fetch even higher rates, ranging from N2 to N5 million. These exorbitant rates, he argued, exacerbate the financial strain faced by civil servants and artisans, particularly amidst economic challenges such as fuel subsidy removal, currency devaluation, and tariff hikes.

To address these issues, Rep. Udo proposed the adoption of a monthly rent system, which would provide tenants with flexibility, better cash flow management, and stable income streams. Additionally, he called upon the federal government to take proactive steps in constructing affordable housing units for civil servants in Abuja, thereby alleviating the pressure of high rental costs.

In response to the motion, the House resolved to task the committee on FCT with investigating the arbitrary increases in house rents within the territory. The committee is mandated to propose effective policies for regulating the activities of landlords and to report back within four weeks for further legislative action.

This move by the House of Representatives signals a commitment to addressing the housing challenges faced by residents of the FCT and underscores the importance of implementing measures to ensure affordable and accessible housing for all.

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Efecha Gold
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