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Governor Fubara Shift Focus From Political Conflict to Development in Rivers State

Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers State has taken a surprising turn in the ongoing political crisis, declaring that he will no longer engage in a battle with his detractors. Instead, he has pledged to focus his energy on elevating the leadership standards in the state and improving the socio-economic conditions of its people.

Fubara’s announcement comes amidst a heated face-off between him and his predecessor, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike. The two have been at odds over the control of politics and resources in Rivers State.

Addressing the crowd during the commencement of the Okania-Ogbogoro Road project in the Obio/Akpor local government area, Fubara expressed his determination to rise above the distractions created by his adversaries. He affirmed that his detractors were making concerted efforts to divert his administration’s attention.

Fubara stated, “I have only one request, and that is to ask you to continue conducting yourselves peacefully in the face of all the assaults. They want us to lose sight of our goals, they want to distract us. However, if we engage in a fight with them, we will only be squandering our energy.”

Instead, Fubara emphasized his commitment to fulfilling the promises made to the people of Rivers State. He outlined his vision of setting a new standard of leadership that surpasses the actions of his opponents. By showcasing tangible progress and dedication to the welfare of the people, Fubara aims to demonstrate that his administration is focused on delivering genuine development.

“Our style will be to set a standard that rises above their tactics so that when they come, they will witness the impact of our work. Everyone will see that our purpose is serving the people,” Fubara declared, outlining his approach to leadership.

This unexpected change in Fubara’s stance signals a shift in the dynamics of Rivers State politics. As the governor chooses to rise above the battles and focus on constructive governance, the people eagerly await the visible results of his leadership style. Only time will tell if this U-turn will bring about the desired progress and unity in the state.

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