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Governor Alex Otti Makes History: Abolishes ‘State of Origin’ Dichotomy in Abia State

Umuahia, Abia State – In a groundbreaking move, Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has declared the abolishment of the divisive “State of Origin” dichotomy within the state. Addressing a crowd at the International Conference Centre during a Thanksgiving service to mark his one year in office, Governor Otti emphasized his commitment to equality and inclusivity.

Under Governor Otti’s administration, residents of Abia State, regardless of their origin, will be treated as equals. The Governor expressed his disinterest in an individual’s place of origin, focusing instead on their competence and dedication to serving the state.

“This administration does not discriminate. We don’t even want to know where you come from within Abia or even within Igboland. Once you reside here, you are a part of us,” Governor Otti proclaimed passionately.

Highlighting his commitment to this principle, the Governor announced the appointment of a Permanent Secretary who hails from Edo State, emphasizing that competence and dedication to service were the criteria for the appointment, not geographical origin.

Furthermore, Governor Otti revealed plans for an ambitious multi-billion naira terminal project, set to be inaugurated in Umuahia. This groundbreaking initiative will consolidate all motor parks and include a railway station, propelling the city’s infrastructural development forward. The Governor’s vision extends beyond Umuahia, as he announced plans for a railway connection from Aba, promising a comprehensive infrastructural turnaround in the next year.

During the Thanksgiving service, Reverend Uma Onwunta of the Presbyterian Church delivered a sermon, reminding the congregation of the importance of expressing gratitude to God. Governor Otti appealed to the citizens of Abia for continued prayers and support, assuring them that his administration would remain steadfast in doing what is right for the state, regardless of opposition or criticism.

The decision to abolish the “State of Origin” dichotomy in Abia State marks a significant step towards fostering unity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all residents. Governor Alex Otti’s commitment to building a cohesive and progressive Abia stands as a testament to his visionary leadership.

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