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Government Taskforce Takes Stand Against Illegal Land Occupation in Delta State

Over 150 Individuals Face Reclamation Action

Chief Frank Omare, Chairman of the Delta State Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands, addressed concerns regarding land encroachment during a recent press briefing held in Asaba.

Omare said that government approval for building does not equate to land ownership, highlighting ongoing efforts to reclaim government lands encroached upon by individuals.

He said the committee’s primary objective is to investigate instances where government lands have been unlawfully occupied and to facilitate their retrieval for the benefit of the Delta State government. Omare revealed that over 150 individuals had occupied government lands earmarked for Dennis Osadebe University.

Before demolition activities, Omare said the committee conducted town hall meetings to educate affected parties. However, allegations of government intimidation and harassment have surfaced, which he also dismissed as baseless blackmail attempts.

Omare accused community leaders and youth of facilitating the illegal sale of government lands to individuals. He stated that despite warnings issued by the Ministry and the taskforce, developers persisted in their unauthorized activities, disregarding official notices.

Moreover, Omare revealed that none of the developers possessed valid Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) for the lands in question. He emphasized that the Encroachers had occupied almost half of the 502 acres of land belonging to the university, underscoring the magnitude of the encroachment issue.

Addressing concerns about investor relations, Omare clarified that the taskforce’s mandate does not entail driving away investors or engaging in witch-hunts. However, he highlighted instances where Ministry officials allegedly approved land allocations to developers without proper authorization.

Omare cites a gazette endorsed by former military administrator Group Captain Ibrahim Kefas over two decades ago, the C of O, and other documents relating to the University land.

He reiterated the task force’s commitment to reclaiming unlawfully occupied government lands, emphasizing the importance of upholding legal procedures and regulations in land transactions within Delta State.

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