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FG Bans Lodging of Underage Girls in Hotels to Curb Trafficking

In a decisive move to combat human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of Nigerian girls, the Ministry of Affairs has issued a directive prohibiting the lodging of underage girls in hotels. The announcement came from Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, the Minister of Women Affairs, during the ‘Unlock Training and Grants’ ceremony held in Abuja on Saturday.

The ban comes in the wake of the recent rescue of more than 10 teenage girls who were trafficked to Ghana. Concerned about the increasing incidence of human trafficking, Kennedy-Ohaneye sternly warned hoteliers across the nation against accommodating underage girls in their facilities. She emphasized that those who disregard this directive would face severe sanctions.

As part of the preventive measures, the ministry has mandated hotel owners to prominently display a ‘No Lodging of Underage Girls’ signage outside their establishments. This measure aims to raise awareness and deter potential traffickers from exploiting vulnerable young girls.

Moreover, the minister extended the scope of her warning to proprietors of schools nationwide, cautioning against any form of bullying among students or by teachers. Kennedy-Ohaneye expressed her determination to address the plight of women in the country, stating, “Women have been suffering in this country. Today, we have talked about allowing the poor to breathe in this country.”

Regarding the recent incident involving Nigerian girls trafficked to Ghana, the minister assured the public that action will be taken promptly. “You will hear about our action first thing on Monday morning. That is the first I am going to approach and see what we can do about it,” she stated firmly.

Kennedy-Ohaneye also revealed that her ministry is committed to preventing premature deaths by ensuring that hospitals can no longer reject emergency patients. “And our hospitals will also put a sign of ‘No more rejection of emergency patients.’ These are some of the major issues we have in this country,” she added.

This directive signifies the government’s determination to fight against human trafficking, protect underage girls, and create a safer environment for all citizens. The Ministry of Women Affairs aims to address these pressing issues head-on and hopes that this ban will serve as a strong deterrent, putting an end to the lodging of underage girls in hotels and the exploitation they face.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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