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EFCC Takes Firm Stand Against Naira Abuse: Offers 5% Reward for Whistleblowers

ABUJA – The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has announced its commitment to cracking down on the abuse of the Nigerian currency, the naira. In a recent talk show on EFCC 97.3FM Abuja, Dele Oyewale, the spokesperson of the EFCC, revealed that the commission is offering a 5% reward to whistleblowers who provide credible information leading to the successful prosecution of offenders.

Oyewale stressed the importance of enforcing the law to protect the economy from the negative impacts of naira abuse. He clarified that the reward is a statutory provision under the Whistleblower Act and is intended to encourage citizens to come forward with information that can withstand legal scrutiny.

Spraying naira notes, a common occurrence at social gatherings and events, is considered an offense under Nigerian law. Oyewale emphasized that anyone found guilty of rejecting the naira as legal tender would face the full force of the law.

“The naira is the symbol of our economy,” Oyewale stated firmly. “We are a sovereign nation, with our own territorial integrity, so, whatever is within the ambit of our economy and every transaction in Nigeria must be done in naira.”

Since the formation of the task force on naira misuse and dollarization, the EFCC has achieved a significant number of convictions across the country. Oyewale proudly announced that the commission has secured nearly 50 convictions to date, demonstrating their commitment to combating this crime.

The spokesman urged Nigerians to report any incidents of naira abuse, stressing the importance of credible and non-malicious information. He assured potential whistleblowers that their identities would remain protected, in line with the Whistleblower Protection Act.

As the EFCC intensifies its efforts to curb naira abuse, the commission calls on all citizens to join hands in safeguarding the integrity of the Nigerian economy. Upholding the value of the naira is not only a legal obligation but also a patriotic duty that will contribute to the growth and stability of the nation.

The EFCC remains resolute in its mission to fight economic and financial crimes, and with the support of the public, they are confident in their ability to bring offenders to justice and preserve the sanctity of the naira.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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