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Delta’s Senior Civil Servants Inaugurates New Excos, Prioritizes Workers’ Welfare and Unity

The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, Delta State branch, recently held an inauguration ceremony for its newly elected executives across various units.

The state chairman, Comrade Bolum Martins, led the inaugural proceedings, emphasizing the importance of workers’ welfare, selfless service, and unity within the association.

Comrade Martins urged the new executives to prioritize the interests of the workers and engage in diplomatic negotiations with the government for improved welfare.

He noted ongoing efforts to address issues such as wage disparities and allowances, expressing confidence in the governor’s support.

Martins charged the newly elected executive to always uplift the association by ensuring selfless service to the workers of Delta State. He encouraged them to promote a conducive environment for the workers in the state, stating that peace and progress go hand in hand.

He also advised the executives to always put the interest of the people first, as they were elected to serve the people. He further urged them to carry out their duties with utmost loyalty to both the union and the people who elected them.

Regarding presenting the worker’s needs to the government, the state chairman emphasized the use of superior arguments and diplomacy to negotiate for the welfare of the people. He emphasized that senior civil servants of Nigeria are members of management and, therefore, have more information than people may think.

Comrade Igbokwe Chukwuma Igbokwe, the deputy secretary-general, also underscored the significance of unity in advancing the association’s goals. He noted the role of organized labour in advocating for societal issues amid political transitions and emphasized the importance of holding together for the interest of peace and the members.

Comrade Igbokwe also pointed out that unions now play a significant role in providing leadership and making demands in Nigeria since the opposition parties are nowhere to be found. He urged the association to concentrate on the issues that affect the masses, not on leadership tussles.

The event was a milestone for the Delta State branch of the association, highlighting the return of peace and the need to prioritize workers’ welfare and unity.

Efecha Gold
Efecha Gold
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