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Comrade Williams Ugbo Declares Bid for Aniocha North Chairmanship

Comrade Williams Ugbo, a member of the People’s Democratic Party Ward 5 in Aniocha North Local Government Area, has announced his candidacy for the chairmanship position in a bid to address longstanding issues of marginalization and insecurity.

Ugbo made his declaration at the PDP Ward 5 office in Ogbe Akpu, Issele Azagba on Tuesday, where he highlighted the lack of representation for Issele Azagba despite its active involvement in local government affairs.

Citing his management expertise, he pledged to tackle pressing issues such as insecurity, agriculture, healthcare, education, and human resources if elected.

In an interview with journalists, Ugbo emphasized the need for unity within the party leadership to overcome challenges and ensure effective governance. He positioned himself as a candidate with a fresh perspective and a track record of community engagement, underscoring his commitment to inclusivity and open-mindedness.

Ugbo’s candidacy signals a potential shift in leadership dynamics within Aniocha North, as residents look towards candidates who prioritize grassroots development and equitable representation.

With the DSIEC elections on the horizon, Ugbo’s campaign is likely to gain significant traction as he appeals to voters looking for a candidate with a strong vision for the future of the region.

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Efecha Gold
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