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578 Nigerian Youths Detained Unlawfully in Benin Prisons – Ohanaeze Reveals

In a significant development, the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), the dynamic youth wing of the renowned Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, has taken a bold step in seeking justice for their fellow Nigerian brethren. The OYC has submitted a comprehensive list of 578 Nigerian youths who have been unlawfully detained in the Republic of Benin prisons to the esteemed Public Petition Committee of the National Assembly.

Comrade Igboayaka Igboayaka, the National President of OYC, expressed deep concern over the plight of these young individuals who find themselves held captive without any legal justification. According to Igboayaka, these 578 Nigerian youths were apprehended by the Republic of Benin authorities and confined within the confines of D’Akpro Misserete & Cotonou Prison.

This revelation comes as a follow-up to the OYC’s earlier disclosure on April 30, 2023, where they revealed the shocking information that a staggering number of 5,000 Nigerian youths were languishing in 13 different prisons across the Republic of Benin.

During the recent hearing conducted by the Public Petition Committee, the House Chairman, Mike Etaba, demonstrated a keen interest in addressing this grave matter. The committee formally adopted the list of detained Nigerian youths, provided by the OYC, as a crucial working document that will aid in the investigation and intervention by the Nigerian government.

However, to the disappointment of all involved, the respondent of the petition, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, failed to appear before the committee during Thursday’s sitting. Previously, they had requested additional time during the initial summon on April 30 to engage with the Benin Republic government to ascertain the exact number of Nigerians within their borders.

In light of this absence, Chairman Mike Etaba has summoned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to appear before the committee at the next sitting. The purpose of their attendance will be to provide prompt feedback on the progress made regarding the letter they claimed to have dispatched to the Benin Republic government, aimed at obtaining accurate figures regarding the detained Nigerians.

Impassioned by the urgency of the situation, Igboayaka earnestly appealed to the committee to expedite their actions and ensure the swift rescue of these Nigerian youths who currently endure unimaginable suffering within the prisons of the Republic of Benin. Time is of the essence, and immediate intervention is crucial to secure their freedom and safeguard their rights.

The OYC, in collaboration with the National Assembly, remains steadfast in their commitment to seeking justice for these unlawfully detained Nigerian youths. Their determination to rectify this injustice serves as a powerful testament to the spirit of unity and solidarity within the Nigerian community.

As the nation eagerly awaits the forthcoming actions of the Public Petition Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hope for a brighter future for these detained Nigerian youths remains unwavering, as justice prevails and their freedom is restored.

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Efecha Gold
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